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Gu Ning also sensed that Chu Xuanfeng must have arrived earlier, and that they were both worried about Situ Yes injuries, so she told him to come over right away.

She would wait for him at the gate of Huafu Hills.

Several minutes later, Gu Ning reached the gate, and Chu Xuanfeng soon appeared in her sight.

Gu Ning gave him a porcelain bottle with 10 power crystals inside, then told him how to take the pills.

Chu Xuanfeng repeatedly thanked Gu Ning, and gave her a box as a small gift from Situ Ye.

Gu Ning understood that it couldnt just be a small gift.

Situ Ye was reluctant to take her pills without paying, so he sent her a gift.

Since it was a gift out of Situ Yes kindness, Gu Ning took it.

After Chu Xuanfeng was gone, she opened the box, and there was a cats eye gem the size of a quail egg inside.

Cats eye gems contained optical fibers that allowed the stones to change hues as they captured light, and were one of the five most precious stones in the world.

Gu Ning understood that Situ Ye was very generous, but she was still surprised when she saw the cats eye gem.

She also knew that a gem was no different from a stone in a mans eyes.

If Situ Ye cared about the worth of this cats eye gem, he wouldnt send it to her.

Gu Ning put the cats eye gem into her telepathic eye space before she went back to her house.

Gu Qing and Gu Qinyangs family were coming to City B to attend Gu Mans wedding today.

It wasnt a secret that Tang Yunfan had proposed to Gu Man, so they werent shocked by the news that the wedding would soon be held.

Around 9 am, Leng Shaoting called Gu Ning and they chatted for a while.

Gu Ning didnt keep it a secret that Situ Ye had called her, because it had something to do with the Evil Practice.

“Shaoting, if you encounter members of the Evil Practice, you must let me know,” Gu Ning said worriedly.

She was worried that Leng Shaoting might be hurt by them.

Even though Leng Shaoting was outstanding, he was a normal human after all.

Gu Ning at least had magical power and the help of the jiao, so she was confident that she was more likely to win the fight against members of the Evil Practice than Leng Shaoting was.

If it was possible, she was willing to send the jiao to protect Leng Shaoting, but it was just her wish.

Leng Shaoting didnt have a place to store the jiao, nor the magical power the jiao needed for its inner discipline.

“I will,” Leng Shaoting said.

In fact, he had the idea to deal with the Evil Practice himself, because he was also unwilling to see Gu Ning be hurt by them.

However, Gu Ning had reminded him many times to take good care of himself, so he needed to listen to her.

When Gu Ning was about to leave her home at 10 am, Quan Mingkai called her.

He told her that the set of blue gem jewelry was already done.

Gu Ning had previously asked Quan Mingkai to hire an internationally famous jewelry designer to make a set a blue gem jewelry for Gu Man.

Although there were several jewelry designers in her company, she still decided to prepare a luxurious set of jewelry designed by the most skilled international designer for Gu Mans wedding.

Gu Ning was going out now, so she would pick it up at the Tanghuang Groups building.

Quan Mingkai told Gu Ning to call him when she arrived so that he could arrange someone to welcome her.

Gu Ning drove her shiny Lamborghini to the Tanghuang Groups office building, then got out and entered its front hall.

The moment she walked inside, she took out her phone to call Quan Mingkai, but a person knocked into her from behind and her phone fell on the floor.

The person was a stylish woman in her late twenties, and she was wearing designer brands.

However, she didnt apologize to Gu Ning, but glared at Gu Ning as if she was blaming Gu Ning for standing in her way.

Besides, she got jealous when she noticed Gu Nings outstanding beauty.

If she apologized, Gu Ning wouldnt mind, but she was very rude, which annoyed Gu Ning.

“Please apologize to me,” Gu Ning said to her.

“Apologize to you Do you know who I am How dare you ask me to do that” The woman sounded arrogant, and clearly didnt think that it was her fault at all.

Since she said that, she must be from a rich or influential family, but Gu Ning didnt care.

“I dont care who you are; you must apologize to me after knocking into me and making my phone fall on the ground,” Gu Ning said.

“Im Miss Qiu of the Qiu family, and you cant bear the result if you annoy me,” the woman said.

She thought that she was superior to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning, however, just cocked her eyebrow.

“The Qiu family Isnt Qiu Yuxin the only Miss Qiu of the Qiu family”

The only super-rich Qiu family in City B was Qiu Yuxins family, and she was the only daughter in her family.

Gu Ning was aware that Qiu Yuxin had an uncle, so this woman could be her younger cousin.

Although Qiu Yuxins uncle was also a part of the Qiu family, people only acknowledged Qiu Yuxins family as the well-known Qiu family.

“You…” Qiu Lili was furious, because she hated hearing others mention Qiu Yuxin as Miss Qiu of the Qiu family.

Whenever she heard that, Qiu Lili always blamed her father for it.

If her father hadnt made that mistake, her grandfather wouldnt have split their family wealth and made her an outsider of the Qiu family.

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