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Both of them were aroused as the kiss went wild, and began to undress each other.

Leng Shaoting understood that Gu Ning had to go back to Huafu Hills a while later, and that she would be very busy tomorrow, so he was struggling against his desire.

However, it was extremely painful for him to do that.

Gu Ning understood the feeling very well, because she wanted to have sex with him too.

Without hesitation, she completely undressed Leng Shaoting, so it was impossible for them to not make love now.

After having sex for half an hour, Leng Shaoting felt satisfied, and Gu Ning was also out of strength.

She went to take a shower, and saw that it was almost 12:30 am, so Leng Shaoting drove her back to Huafu Hills.

He was reluctant to separate from her, but Gu Ning had to go home.

“Ningning, I didnt know what gift I should send to your mother on her wedding day, so I bought a diamond necklace.

Do you think its a good choice” Leng Shaoting said.

He had never sent others a wedding gift before, so he didnt know much about it.

He had sent Gu Ning many gifts before because he knew what she liked.

So this diamond necklace was the most suitable wedding gift in his eyes.

“Of course.

It doesnt matter what it is; your good wishes matter the most,” Gu Ning said.

She understood that it had to be very expensive, but it was out of Leng Shaotings kindness, so she wouldnt talk about its price.

“Great!” Leng Shaoting felt relieved.

When they were back in Huafu Hills, Leng Shaoting didnt leave until Gu Ning disappeared from his sight.

It was almost 1 am and the others were all asleep now, but Gu Man walked out of the kitchen with a glass of water in hand.

“Mom, its very late now.

Why are you still up” Gu Ning asked.

She thought that Gu Man must be very nervous.

It was quite understandable.

“Well, I just felt thirsty.

Go to bed now.

Its very late,” Gu Man said, but didnt tell Gu Ning the truth.

Gu Ning smiled and walked towards Gu Man.

“Mom, I know that you must be super nervous now because your wedding is tomorrow, but you should have a good sleep.

You need to start putting on make-up at 6 am tomorrow.

What if you feel tired tomorrow because you dont have enough sleep tonight Youre the bride and youre supposed to be the most beautiful woman tomorrow.”

Actually, with the help of Gu Nings magical power, Gu Man would be full of energy tomorrow even if she didnt sleep at all tonight.

However, it would mean that it would be a long night for Gu Man.

“Well,” Gu Man was amused, “youre right, but Im still too nervous to fall asleep.”

“Dont worry, let me give you a head massage, and youll soon fall asleep,” Gu Ning said.

“Great!” Gu Man followed Gu Ning upstairs.

Gu Ning massaged Gu Mans head, and secretly put her magical power into Gu Mans body.

Before long, Gu Man felt sleepy and fell asleep.

Seeing that Gu Man was sleeping, Gu Ning went back to her room.

At 6 am the next morning, Gu Ning woke up, so did the others.

The make-up artist arrived at 6:10 am, then began to help Gu Man put on make-up.

Leng Shaoting also came at 7 am with a white paper gift bag in his hand.

In it was the wedding gift he prepared for Gu Man.

None of Gu Nings relatives had met Leng Shaoting before, except for Gu Qing, so they were all stunned by his outstanding appearance, but they had no idea who he was.

They thought that he might be a member of the Tang family.

“Hi, Shaoting, welcome!” Gu Qing greeted Leng Shaoting the moment she saw him.

“Nice to see you again, Aunt Qing,” Leng Shaoting said politely.

“Come here and have a seat.

Let me pour a cup of tea for you,” Gu Qing said with a broad smile.

“Thanks,” Leng Shaoting said.

“You dont need to thank me.

Were a family after all,” Gu Qing said, then walked into the kitchen.

Hearing that, the others in the living room were surprised.

At this time, Gu Ning noticed Leng Shaoting and walked towards him.

She pulled him over and introduced him to her relatives.

“Please let me introduce you, this is my boyfriend, Leng Shaoting.”

Hearing that, everyone was astonished.

What Boyfriend

Gu Ning already has a boyfriend

Before they could say something, Gu Ning introduced them to Leng Shaoting, “This is my Uncle Qinyang, Uncle Xu, and Aunt Yulan.”

“Its so nice to meet you all!” Leng Shaoting greeted them politely.

“Oh, nice to meet you too!” They stood up with one accord and greeted Leng Shaoting together.

They were curious why Gu Ning already had a boyfriend at such an early age, but it wasnt a good time for them to ask that question now.

In addition, since Gu Ning invited him to come here, and Gu Qing was also familiar with him, Gu Man must be aware of it too.

If they all approved of their relationship, there was no reason for them to disagree.

Although Gu Ning was still very young, she behaved like a mature, independent woman, so she must know what she was doing.

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