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Neither the bride nor the bridegroom were young anymore, so they didnt have many activities on the wedding day.

The male members of the Tang family gave everyone in Gu Nings house a red envelope before they picked Gu Man up.

At 8 am, the bride left her home for the Tang familys house as planned.

While Gu Ning and the others followed.

Chu Peihan, Su Anya, and Yu Mixi sat in Gu Nings car, while Leng Shaoting drove.

Although there wasnt much space in a sports car, it could still accommodate several slim girls.

Hao Ran and the other boys shared the MPV that was driven by Qiao Ya, while Gu Qing and the others sat in another MPV that Gao Yi was driving.

Gu Qingshi and Gu Yinyin were a little unhappy because they couldnt drive in Gu Nings sports car, but they didnt show it on their faces.

Wen Yulan noticed their reaction, and criticized them for a short while.

Today was their aunts wedding day, and they should be happy.

Jiang Xinyue, on the other hand, was a very considerate girl, and listened to her familys arrangement.

When they arrived at the Tang familys house, they were all shocked by the spacious and beautiful house.

“Wow, boss, how rich is your father” Hao Ran asked.

They were in City B now, and the housing price in this city was absurdly high.

Although they werent downtown, this area had to be the super-rich peoples living area given its layout.

Given the size of the Tang familys house, normal rich people could hardly afford it.

It cost at least a billion yuan, and even the fee for its annual cleanup could be over a million yuan! It seemed like Gu Nings father should have wealth of over ten billion yuan.

“Tell us more about your father!” the others also asked curiously.

Since they already came to attend the wedding, there was no need to keep it a secret from them anymore.

“This house is owned by the richest family in City B, the Tang family, and my father is its heir.

People call him Lord Tang, and hes also the chairman of Tanghuang.”


“The richest family in City B”

“The chairman of Tanghuang”


They couldnt be more shocked now.

They had all heard of the famous Tang family and Tanghuang in City B, but they were surprised to find out that the chairman of Tanghuang was Gu Nings biological father.

Although Gu Ning had told them that her biological fathers surname was Tang, and that the Tang family was very rich, they didnt connect it with the number one richest Tang family in City B, because it was totally unbelievable!

“Now I know why I felt that the bridegroom looks so familiar! Ive seen his face on the cover of a famous finance magazine before,” An Yi said.

He was astonished to meet such an important figure in person, and the man turned out to be his bosss biological father.

“Well, in that case, that gentleman over there must be the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of City B, right” Hao Ran turned to look at Tang Yunhang.

He didnt recognize Tang Yunhang, but had heard his name before.

The first son of the richest family in City B was also the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of City B.

“Yes,” Gu Ning replied.

Everyone was amazed.

Gu Qing and the others were also stunned.

They couldnt believe that Gu Man married into such a powerful family in City B.

Nobody in City B dared to annoy the Tang family.

After hearing that, Gu Qing and the others got super nervous.

They didnt even know how to behave and talk in the following hours.

At the same time, they were also worried about Gu Mans position in the Tang family.

It was common knowledge that even a normal rich family cared about a marriage between families of equal social status, let alone those super-rich families.

In normal cases, it was impossible for Gu Man to marry into the Tang family.

Those who were worried about Gu Mans position in the Tang family didnt know about all of Gu Nings companies and wealth, so they thought that Gu Man wasnt qualified to be a member of the Tang family.

Although Gu Nings property was barely comparable to the Tang familys, it was enough for Gu Man to be accepted by the Tang family.

Actually, even if Gu Ning and Gu Man were still dirt poor as always, Tang Yunfan would take the responsibility as a father and a husband.

Tang Yunfan had a say in his own marriage, so he could decide which woman he wanted to marry.

Because he was in charge of the majority of the Tang familys property now, the Tang familys business corporation had rapidly grown under his lead.

Nowadays the Tang family was the well-known number one super-rich family in City B.

“Ningning, its too unbelievable!” Gu Qings voice was trembling.

“Im so nervous now.

What should I say or do later” Wen Yulan said.

Gu Ning was amused by their reaction.

“Relax, just behave normally,” Gu Ning said to comfort them.

She was already used to getting along with the Tang family, so she thought that it was easy.

“Its not as easy as you said.

We cant relax at all!” Gu Qing argued.

Wen Yulan added, “Right, the Tang family is the richest family in City B, and it must be very influential around the country too.”

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