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Chapter 989 The Owner of Kamei Beauty Salon

I know, but I\'m willing to give it up, Gu Ning said in a serious tone.

Grandpa, I also need to ask you for a favor.

I would rather keep my current name because I\'ve used it for nearly 19 years, and I don\'t want to change it.

She was already used to her surname, and disliked the family name Tang.

There is no need to include me into the Tang family\'s family register, but include my mom.

I\'m doing that for a reason, but I\'m afraid that I can\'t tell you all right now, Gu Ning added.

Hearing that, everyone was stunned, including members of the Tang family.

It was understandable that Gu Ning preferred to keep her current name because she had used it for nearly 19 years after all.

However, it was confusing that she was unwilling to join the Tang family\'s family register.

No matter how curious those guests were, they couldn\'t ask that question as outsiders.

As for members of the Tang family, they chose to agree with Gu Ning on that.

Anyway, it wouldn\'t change the fact that she was Tang Haifeng\'s biological granddaughter.

Fine, since it\'s your decision, we\'ll listen to you, Tang Haifeng sighed with disappointment.

He still felt a little hurt that his biological granddaughter was unwilling to join their family register.

Afterwards, Gu Ning, as the daughter of the newlywed couple, had to give a speech to her parents.

Dad, I\'m going to attend the National College Entrance Examination, and the Capital University is my target.

From now on, I won\'t have much time to stay with you, so please take good care of my mother.

She\'s a great mother and she has been through a lot because of me.

If you don\'t treat my mother well, I\'ll take her away from you, Gu Ning said.

I won\'t give you that chance! Tang Yunfan made a serious promise.

He was deeply in love with Gu Man, and it was impossible that he would treat her badly.

Male members of the Tang family were all loyal to their partners.

Tang Yunhang and Jiang Lihua were a loving couple too.

Great, I trust you, Gu Ning said with a smile.

After that, Gu Ning said to Gu Man, Mom, you should also take good care of yourself and my dad.

Grandpa, and everyone in the Tang family, I wish you all the best.

As long as Tang Yunfan and the other members of the Tang family took good care of Gu Man, Gu Ning would be grateful to them and also care about them.

Don\'t worry about me.

I will, Gu Man said.

In the following minutes, the newlywed couple needed to serve Tang Haifeng a cup of tea.

Gu Man called Tang Haifeng father and Tang Haifeng gave each of them a red envelope for luck to finish the part of this ceremony.

Afterwards, the members of the Tang family had to present their gifts to the bride.

They had all prepared great gifts, and Gu Ning was the last one who showed her gift to her mother.

She took out a jewelry case and handed it to Gu Man.

Mom, happy wedding day.

This is a set of blue stone jewelry, and…

Saying that, Gu Ning turned to look at the lawyer.

The lawyer walked over, then gave Gu Ning a folder along with a pen.

Gu Ning handed them to Gu Man and said, Mom, this is the contract of shares transfer.

Once you sign this, you\'ll be the owner of Kamei Beauty Salon.

When people heard that Gu Ning sent a set of blue stone jewelry to Gu Man, they weren\'t surprised at all, because Gu Ning was very rich.

However, everyone was astonished when they heard that Gu Ning was going to give Kamei Beauty Salon to Gu Man.

In addition, they were also shocked that Kamei Beauty Salon was owned by Gu Ning.

It seemed like Gu Ning indeed had more companies under her name without people knowing about it at all!

Gu Man was aware that Gu Ning was going to give Kamei Beauty Salon to her, so she happily signed her name on the contract.

People under the stage began to discuss it again.

No way! Kamei Beauty Salon is also Gu Ning\'s property

Jesus, she\'s a talented businesswoman!

I\'m short of words now.

Well, since Mrs.

Tang is the owner of Kamei Beauty Salon now, we can apply for membership to form a good relationship with Mrs.


That\'s a good idea!

I agree!

Many rich wives thought that this was a good chance for them to form a good relationship with Gu Man, because she just married into the Tang family.

Given the Tang family\'s influence, Kamei Beauty Salon would attract more super-rich consumers.

Gu Ning also had the intention to let those rich wives and noble ladies know that Gu Man was now the owner of Kamei Beauty Salon.

It was a win-win for everyone.

After signing the contract, the party began, and everyone started to enjoy it.

Gu Man was always kind and gentle even though she just became Mrs.

Tang, which left a good impression on others.

Many people thought that Gu Man would be arrogant once she married into the Tang family, but she did the opposite.

In fact, nobody liked arrogant people, and no one would be willing to please an arrogant person except for benefits.

The members of the Tang family also kept a low profile, and they were polite to others all the time.

It wasn\'t difficult to be acquaintances of them, but it was very hard to be their friends.


Tang, May I know your age a noble lady asked Gu Man curiously.

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