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After Gu Ning got back, both Gu Man and Gu Qing dropped the vegetables they had been washing, and talked to Gu Ning for a long while about the new car.

Gu Ning felt like laughing.

When they went back to cook, Gu Ning finally had time to tell Jiang Xu about the registration.

Gu Ning only told him that she had turned to a schoolmates father for help.

She had a good relationship with that schoolmate, so his father kindly helped with this as soon as this afternoon.

Gu Ning also revealed a little about the deal of supplying the construction materials.

Her classmates father was doing real estate.

If Jiang Xu was willing to be the dealer of the construction material, he would cooperate with him in the future.

Knowing that, Jiang Xu was excited, but he also felt ashamed that Gu Ning had dealt with everything for him.

Although Gu Ning had said that she wouldnt interfere in his business, Jiang Xu didnt mind what she had done today.

Besides, everything Gu Ning had done was a big obstacle to him.

She had helped a lot.

It was a Friday, and the monthly test was about to begin.

Gu Ning and her friends gathered together at the football field as usual, but they didnt run.

They were simply chatting while walking around.

“I hate tests the most.

They wont make any difference.

If my family didnt force me to come to school, I really would like to drop out,” Hao Ran said with annoyance.

Studying was a hateful nightmare to him.

“Me neither, but I must keep on studying,” Chu Peihan said.

That was the reason why she still could get good scores even though she missed a lot of classes.

She played hard, but also studied hard.

Moreover, some people were born intelligent.

They spent much less time on learning but gained much more than ordinary people.

Chu Peihan was one of them.

Actually, Hao Ran and the boys were smart too.

Otherwise they couldnt run their bar so well.

They just werent interested in studying.

If they had been willing to study hard, they would have been good students as well.

Their scores were better than the old Gu Ning anyway.

They remained in the worst classroom, the seventh classroom, only because they liked playing, and causing trouble.

“I think its better to keep on studying in school, even if you have a good family background, and you dont lack anything.

Your parents cant support you for a lifetime.

In the future, you have to inherit their enterprises.

If you dont have the ability, youll be eliminated, or replaced by the strong.

Ability requires rich professional knowledge, social experience and an extensive network, and the university is the best place to learn knowledge,” Mu Ke who was always an excellent student said.

“Mu Ke is right.

University is important,” Gu Ning agreed.

“Im absolutely going to a university, and Ill work hard to achieve a lot, so that my family can live a good life.” Yu Mixi had great hope for her university.

She so badly wanted to change her and her familys lives.

“You will!” Gu Ning encouraged her.

Gu Ning wouldnt let Yu Mixi stay poor after all.

She would help Yu Mixi to grow up and be successful one day in the future.

She would wait until her business empire was established.

They went back to their classrooms separately.

The monthly test was almost the same as a usual test.

The first was a Chinese test in the course of two classes, a hundred minutes in all.

One could hand the paper in half an hour after the test began, but no one had ever done that before.

Even if they didnt know the answers, most people would not hand the paper in until the time was over.

Gu Ning spent the time of a class to finish the Chinese paper.

She handed the paper in, then left the classroom.

Everyone was surprised to see that.

It was beyond their imagination that Gu Ning would be the first one.

She had always been the last one to hand the paper in in the past.

Everyone knew she wasnt good at studying, so they assumed that she must not know the answers at all, so handed the paper in earlier.

It was acceptable to hand the paper in at that time, so the teacher didnt say anything.

However, when she saw Gu Nings paper, she was shocked.

The paper was well done in good handwriting, and all the answers were right! The writing part almost got a full score for her outstanding skills.

Of course, the teacher wouldnt give a full score to the writing part.

One or two points would normally be deducted.

Because Gu Ning had helped Yu Mixis studying these days, Yu Mixi knew that Gu Ning had improved her studying, she was even better than her.

Thus she knew Gu Ning must had done a good job.

Gu Ning went to the garden after she had handed the paper in.

She was used to being alone, so she didnt feel bored at all.

However, only five minutes later, Hao Ran and his bros came to her.

They had an agreement to come to the garden once they finished the test.

Hao Ran and his bros couldnt finish the paper at all, so they handed the paper in early.

When they saw Gu Ning, they were all astonished.

They had heard that Gu Ning was bad at studying, so they believed that Gu Ning had been in the same situation as them.

Thinking of that, Hao Ran asked, “Boss, did you finish the paper, or did you barely know the answers”

“I finished it!” Gu Ning said.

“Wow! What score do you think you will get” Qin Zixun asked.


To get 90% you had to get above 90 points.

Hao Ran and his bros were all amazed.

“Are you sure” Hao Ran found it unbearable.

Who said that Gu Ning was bad at studying

Gu Ning obviously knew why they were shocked.

When she had helped Yu Mixi with her assignments, Yu Mixi was surprised too.

“Youll know when the results are out.” Gu Ning didnt explain further.

“Fine.” Since Gu Ning didnt want to tell them, they stopped asking.

Then, Hao Ran said, “Boss, today is Friday.

Lets go have some fun in our bar tonight!”

This was the second time Hao Ran had invited her.

It wouldnt be appropriate if she rejected again.

“Sure! When and where Ill come to you.”

“After the test, we can have dinner together, then we can go there together,” Qin Zixun said.

“Not today.

I have to eat at home.

Ill be a little late,” Gu Ning replied.

“Okay! It is in Yongle Road, the V5 bar, its the letter V and the Arabic numeral 5.

Its the mighty homonym, and is also the meaning of mighty, ha-ha!” Hao Ran said.

“Wow! I like the name,” Gu Ning complimented.

Although Hao Ran and his bros were all proud of the name, they felt a little shy when Gu Ning complimented it in front of their faces.

Mu Ke and Chu Peihan arrived 25 minutes before the test ended.

Although they were both academic, it was rare to finish the test within 75 minutes.

Besides, they barely wrote down wrong answers.

Gu Ning was faster than them only because she had her special power.


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