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Gu Man wasnt used to the title of Mrs.

Tang yet, so she felt a little nervous when others addressed her in that way.“Im 39 this year,” Gu Man said.Gu Man understood why other women were curious about her age.

Although the others already knew that Gu Man must be around 40 now because Gu Ning was 19 this year, they were still surprised to hear that Gu Man was 39.

“Really You look much younger than your real age.

How do you take care of your skin”

None of those rich wives and noble ladies could believe it.

They thought that it probably had something to do with Kamei Beauty Salon or Kouzi, but they still wanted to hear the answer from Gu Mans mouth.

Gu Man felt happy that others were complimenting her.

She smiled and said, “I only use Kouzi, and my skin has gotten better and better over time after using it.”

She wasnt advertising Kouzi; it was the truth.

However, she didnt tell them that she was taking power crystals at the same time, because Gu Ning told her to keep it a secret.

Gu Ning didnt want others to turn to her to buy magical power for their appearances, because magical power was more useful and meaningful to save ones life.

Even though she had a lot of magical power now, she wasnt sure when she would run out of it, so she preferred to use it to do some meaningful things.

Kouzi alone was enough to satisfy their need to get prettier.

Although Kouzi wasnt as effective as the magical power, it was still excellent at anti aging.

Knowing that it was Kouzi, those rich wives and noble ladies couldnt wait a second to try it.

They refused to age, even though it was unstoppable.

Unfortunately, they were at an important party now, so they couldnt leave.

The party would be over around 7 pm, and they planned to buy a set of Kouzi tonight.

Thinking of that, they got excited.

“Hey, boss!” Hao Ran, Pan Zirui and the others said while walking towards Gu Ning.

When Pan Zirui and Hao Ran heard each other call Gu Ning their boss, they were struck dumb for a second.

“Hi, let me introduce you, this is Pan Zirui, we met in City B.

These are all his friends, Guan Bin, Zhou Guangrui, Hu Hao and Zhou Yongkang,” Gu Ning said to Hao Ran and the others.

Afterwards, she turned to Pan Zirui.

“Theyre all my good friends from my school.

Hao Ran, Mu Ke, Chu Peihan, Qin Zixun, Yu Mixi, Su Anya, An Yi and Zhang Tianping.”

They greeted one another, then casually chatted together in a group.

Du Yujian stood afar and felt jealous of them.

He wished that he could be Gu Nings friend.

After a while, Pan Ziruis parents and his older brother also walked to Gu Ning.

Pan Ziruis older brother was almost fully recovered, and he was able to move all on his own, which shocked the medical field of City B.

If Gu Ning hadnt told Pan Zirui to tell the doctors that it was impossible for them to find out the formula of the medicine, those doctors wouldnt have given up studying it.

Many medical experts had tried to figure out why the medicine was so effective, but they all failed.

“Miss Gu, Im so surprised to hear that youre Lord Tangs biological daughter,” Pan Ziruis father said.

“Well, it wont make any difference.

Ill still be me,” Gu Ning said airily.

She had no intention to gain benefits with the help of the Tang familys influence.

Actually, she would rather keep it a secret, because it would be more convenient for her to run her business without too many people paying attention to her.

However, if she did that, Tang Haifeng and Tang Yunfan would be disappointed, so she could only set a condition that the media couldnt be involved.

Given her fame now, it would go viral within a short time once the media reported her real identity.

A super-rich family like the Tang family would normally invite the media to show up at parties.

Gu Ning hoped that there could be fewer people who knew her real identity.

Tang Haifeng agreed with Gu Ning on that, because he understood that Gu Ning didnt want to attract too much attention.

“Ha-ha, right,” Pan Ziruis father said and laughed.

He admired Gu Nings confident attitude.

“I was thinking of greeting you just then, but you were very busy.

I havent gotten a chance to thank you in person yet!”

Gu Ning had saved Pan Ziruis older brothers life after all.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much for your help!” Pan Ziruis older brother said.

“Since Pan Zirui is my friend, Im glad to help you.

Its not a big deal, and we can drop this topic,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

“Alright, Miss Gu, if you need us in the future, feel free to let us know,” Pan Ziruis father said.

Although Pan Ziruis father understood that it wasnt very likely that Gu Ning would need his help in the future, he was showing with his attitude that he sided with Gu Ning.

“Thanks, and cheers!” Gu Ning smiled, and they raised their glasses with one accord.

When the others saw the Pan family chatting with Gu Ning with a broad smile, they knew that the Pan family had a close relationship with her.

People who were invited to join todays party all had a certain relationship with the Tang family, but mostly only for benefits.

Therefore, many of them got jealous of the Pan family because the Pan family could have a close relationship with Gu Ning.

The Pan family didnt chat with Gu Ning for long, and soon walked away.

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