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Chapter 991 Han Wenling

A while later, Tang Yunrong and some relatives of the Tang family, including Tang Zhiyu and her mother, walked over to chat with Gu Ning.

They were all females.

Tang Zhiyu and her mother felt quite uneasy facing Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting now.

Gu Ning clearly noticed that Tang Zhiyu already gave up the idea of stealing Leng Shaoting away from her, so she didn\'t show any dislike towards Tang Zhiyu.

Since Tang Zhiyu already gave up, there was no need for Gu Ning to make an enemy.

They chatted with Gu Ning for a short while, then walked away.

Several young noble ladies came to talk with Gu Ning too.

Some of them were very kind, but some kept glancing at Leng Shaoting.

Gu Ning felt displeased, but said nothing, because they did nothing, nor did they try to strike up a conversation with Leng Shaoting.

They were attracted to Leng Shaoting, but they were more afraid of Gu Ning\'s family background now.

Tang Haifeng and several seniors left the party halfway, because they needed to have a rest.

After they had left for a short time, an unwanted guest came into the hall.

She was a gorgeous woman in her early thirties, and she dressed herself up in quite a noticeable way.

Therefore, people couldn\'t help but glance at her when she showed up, but they didn\'t know that she actually just came inside.

There were hundreds of people in the hall after all.

The woman walked towards Tang Yunfan, but Tang Yunfan frowned with dislike the second he saw her.

Why is she here

Chairman Tang, why was I not invited to your wedding It breaks my heart! the woman said to Tang Yunfan once she walked near.

It sounded like they had a secret relationship with each other.

Many people\'s sight fell on the woman\'s body, and she deliberately raised her voice when she talked to Tang Yunfan, so a lot of guests in the hall paid attention to her and Tang Yunfan now.

The next second, they turned to look at Gu Man to see her reaction.

Gu Man trusted and loved Tang Yunfan, so she wasn\'t suspicious of him and stayed calm.

Tang Yunfan, however, was worried that Gu Man might be annoyed.

He gave her a glance, then relaxed a little when he saw that she was calm.

Gu Ning also trusted Tang Yunfan, and she understood that this woman came here to cause trouble.

She wouldn\'t interfere in it, because it was more suitable to let Tang Yunfan handle it.

However, if the woman dared to annoy Gu Man, Gu Ning would teach her a lesson.

I don\'t think that you should be invited given the Han family\'s relationship with the Tang family, Tang Yunfan said.

Hearing that, the woman wasn\'t mad at all.

You\'re right, the Tang family has many conflicts with the Han family in business, but it shouldn\'t affect our personal relationship.

Many people didn\'t know the woman\'s family background until now, and they were all surprised.

The Han family was the richest family in City Q.

Although it wasn\'t as rich as the Tang family, there was only a small gap between the two families\' wealth and influence.

Han Wenling was the well-known Miss Han, who was talented at running businesses in the Han family, and she was 34 now.

Although Han Wenling was a woman, she was the sole heiress of the Han family.

And precisely because of her importance, she was still unmarried.

The Han family wouldn\'t force her to marry a man she didn\'t love, but she fell in love with a man she shouldn\'t be in love with.

The man was Tang Yunfan.

It wasn\'t a secret that Han Wenling admired Tang Yunfan and that she had chased him for a long time, but Tang Yunfan never paid much attention to her.

Han Wenling and Tang Yunfan had competed against each other in business many times before, but Tang Yunfan was always the winner after overcoming difficulties.

In the beginning, Han Wenling simply regarded Tang Yunfan as a strong competitor, but she slowly fell in love with him.

Han Wenling also had many admirers, but she only cared about Tang Yunfan.

To her astonishment, Tang Yunfan got married at short notice, which was unacceptable in her eyes.

Nobody had told her that Tang Yunfan was going to be married so soon.

She had been abroad a while ago, so she missed the news that Tang Yunfan had already proposed to Gu Man.

Therefore, it was too late when she flew home once she heard the shocking news that Tang Yunfan\'s wedding was held today.

The wedding hadn\'t begun yet when she arrived at City B, but she needed time to dress herself up because she was reluctant to be less noticeable than the bride.

Even though Tang Yunfan didn\'t love her, she still had hope that he might change his mind.

She was also curious about the woman he married.

When she saw Gu Man, she had to admit that Gu Man looked very attractive and gentle.

It was obvious that Tang Yunfan only loved gentle, kind women.

Miss Han, please don\'t say something that might cause misunderstanding here.

I don\'t have a personal relationship with you.

If you came here to share our happiness, we\'re glad to have you, but I\'m afraid that you can\'t stay here if you plan to cause us trouble, Tang Yunfan said in a cold tone.

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