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Chapter 992 The Heiress of the Han Family

Chairman Tang, don\'t be so nervous! Are you afraid that the bride might misunderstand our relationship Han Wenling laughed a little.

It sounded as if she thought that it was amusing.

After that, her sight fell on Gu Man, which made Gu Man feel uneasy, but Han Wenling showed obvious disdain.

The bride is indeed very beautiful, but behaves like a coward.

Han Wenling was a strong successful businesswoman, so ordinary people were barely comparable to her.

Gu Man was just an ordinary woman, so she felt stressed when facing Han Wenling.

Gu Ning only squinted at Han Wenling, but said nothing.

Tang Yunfan, however, protected Gu Man behind his back without delay, which hurt Han Wenling\'s feelings.

Miss Han, my wife is just an ordinary person.

She isn\'t as competitive as you.

Since you didn\'t come here to share the happiness with us, you should leave now, Tang Yunfan said.

He was chasing her away.

In fact, Tang Yunfan did his best to stay polite to Han Wenling.

If it hadn\'t been his wedding day today, he would have been violent.

He only looked gentle and kind towards his family.

If anyone else dared to hurt someone he cared about, he could be aggressive and cold-blooded in an instant.

Han Wenling felt quite hurt, but still pretended to be fine on the surface.

Chairman Tang, relax.

I\'m not going to fight against you.

I\'m merely curious about what kind of woman you would marry, and I\'m surprised to know that your wife is just an ordinary woman.

She still despised Gu Man.

Although Tang Yunfan loved gentle and kind women, Han Wenling despised that kind of woman, and was a strong woman whether it was on the exterior or in the interior.

In Han Wenling\'s eyes, weak women could only rely on men to live their lives.

She didn\'t think that men were reliable, and believed that women should be independent.

Han Wenling had tried to be a gentle weak woman when she fell in love with a man back in her university.

In order to protect the man\'s self-esteem, she kept her family background secret.

However, the man thought that she was too poor to be his girlfriend, and turned to a rich girl.

Once she revealed her real identity, the shameless man came back to her and begged her to forgive him.

She obviously wouldn\'t accept him.

The unpleasant experience left a scar in her heart, and she didn\'t fall in love again until she met Tang Yunfan.

She didn\'t fall in love with Tang Yunfan at first glance, but over time.

She thought that he was a very outstanding man, and believed that they could be a perfect match.

She was already used to being strong, and hated to please a man by pretending to be weak.

She only wanted to attract a man with her own charm and ability.

However, they had competed against each other for nearly five years, but she still failed to get Tang Yunfan to pay more attention to her.

I don\'t care whether she\'s successful or not as long as I love her, Tang Yunfan said with determination.

Hearing that, Gu Man felt touched, but Han Wenling was hurt again.

Very well. Han Wenling finally lost control of her emotions.

Tang Yunfan, I\'m curious why don\'t you like me at all I don\'t think your bride has any features that are better than me.

You know that I\'m the heiress of the Han family, and we could be a perfect match!

Han Wenling couldn\'t accept the fact that Tang Yunfan didn\'t choose her even though she was so good and outstanding.

What The heiress of the Han family

People around them were all shocked.

They had all heard of the Han family, but not many of them were aware that Han Wenling loved Tang Yunfan.

Even if Han Wenling loved Tang Yunfan, it wasn\'t something that people couldn\'t understand because Tang Yunfan was handsome and super-rich.

However, Han Wenling made an abrupt appearance today, so it was quite shocking.

Why should I choose you just because you\'re outstanding Tang Yunfan said with impatience.

Miss Han, I think you better leave now on your own, or I\'ll have to tell those bodyguards to send you out.

If Han Wenling still refused to leave now, he would be violent.

You… Han Wenling was heartbroken.

Since Tang Yunfan became violent, there was no need for Han Wenling to stay here any longer.

She was a proud woman, and she could still live her life well even though she couldn\'t get the man she wanted.

Many of her admirers were also one in a million.

She had plenty of good choices.

Fine, I will leave right now.

Tang Yunfan, I admit that I like you, but you aren\'t the only one I want.

I never lack quality men around me! Han Wenling said, then turned around striding away.

Although it seemed like she didn\'t care about it at all, she wouldn\'t have come here if she really didn\'t care about it.

Han Wenling didn\'t lack quality men, but she didn\'t have a man she really loved.

Han Wenling wasn\'t invited, but was still able to get in here without anyone stopping her.

Tang Yunfan understood she must have gotten in here with the help of an invited guest in the hall, but he didn\'t bother to investigate it since she already left.

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