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Before joining the variety show, Liu Shuyi has always been the focus of envy of others in the circle of celebrities.

But it is not the first time that she has been compared to Ning Xiaoyu since she joined the variety show.

She was originally arrogant and was robbed of the limelight twice in succession.

Her temper which she had deliberately suppressed was a little out of control.

Before coming, her father especially reminded her not to have a confrontation with Ning Xiaoyu.

It’s Ok if She doesn’t have a conflict with Ning Xiaoyu, so it doesn’t matter if she conflicts with others, does it

The staff of the program team drove the nanny car over.

When they invited her to get in the car, she put her hands around her chest and stood in the same place without any intention of getting in the car.

Liu Shuyi raised his chin slightly, “I only take Rolls Royce.”

The staff looked at each other and said, “But… we don’t.”

Where can they change a Rolls Royce for her now Pei Xin looked at her in embarrassment, “Liu Shuyi.”

Liu Shuyi said with a smile, “I don’t want to hear nonsense like ‘no’ and ‘no way’!”

Others can, why can’t Pei Yi and Pei Xin Are they not at the level of Lu Jingdu Can’t they think of other ways She was the one who was envied by others before! Pei Yi hesitated for a moment, and finally went to the side to call Gu Siyan.

After a while, Peiyi came over and said, “Lui Shuyi doesn’t have any Rolls Royce, but a friend of Brother Gu happened to be nearby, and he has a sports car to lend us.”

Sports car The sports car Lu Jingdu passed this afternoon! It’s already out of date! What’s the use of driving sports cars now!

Pei Yi had to remind her, “Lui Shuyi, it’s almost seven o’clock now.

Brother Gu has left for Fengshan.”


They had an appointment with Gu Shiyan at 8:00, and it would take about an hour to drive to Fengshan.

Gu Shiyan didn’t like others to be late.

Liu Shuyi looked at Pei Yi, who had been talking beside him, and said coldly, “Yi, I’m really disappointed with you.”

Pei Yi’s face turned ugly when he was said to his face.

However, he did not contradict Liu Shuyi’s words because of his perennial habits.

By this time, Ning Xiaoyu and her colleagues had already driven a short way.

Lu Jingdu happened to meet a one-minute red light.

He looked over at Ning Xiaoyu and said, “Do you want to eat snacks”

The light of red light came in from the front, making the tear mole at the corner of his eye look more alive.

If the former movie stars were cold and indifferent, just like the flowers of the mountains, then Lu Jingdu is like a painting in thick ink, with abstinence and enchantment mixed together strangely.

Ning Xiaoyu didn’t like to eat snacks in the car, so she declined this proposal.

The love system sighed aside, [There is snacks in the movie star’s car, he specially prepared a lot for you, but you directly refused!]

Lu Jingdu turned sideways and took out a small bag of dates and melon seeds from the small cabinet in the car.

“You like them.”

After saying that, he did not know where to take out a small trash can that could be put on his leg.

“This is new and usable.”

Lu Jingdu has prepared so carefully and thoughtfully that Ning Xiaoyu is too lazy to refuse.

It happened that she hadn’t eaten melon seeds for a long time, and she missed them a little.

She put the trash can on her lap, opened a bag of melon seeds and said, “Thanks.”

Lu Jingdu smiled softly, “No need.”

He did not forget to greet the two people in the back seat, “The snacks in the cabinet are at your disposal.”

Shen Yueyue and Xirui were flattered and said, “Thank you.”

When they got to Fengshan, it was already 7:45.

There is only one Hong Kong-style restaurant nearby, and four people have entered the restaurant.

They waited for the other two teammates to arrive while blowing the heat.

The indoor heating is fully on.

Lu Jingdu takes off his suit, coat, and vest, leaving only a white shirt.

He pulled his tie with his right hand.

After loosening the tie, he unbuttoned the top button of his shirt.

[Ah ah ah, is this the benefit of watching Hi, My Friend]

[The sense of abstinence suddenly disappeared, but… it seems that… more… more domineering.]

Shen Yueyue and Xi Rui look down at the menu and dare not even look up.

Men are confusing.

Unfortunately, this man is destined not to belong to them.

Therefore, it is better to look less.

A quarter of an hour later, a large group of guests poured in.

They all arrived at the same time because they took the nanny car provided by the program group.

As soon as Shi Chao arrived, he shouted, “I’m starving.

Have you ordered yet”

Lu Jingdu closes the menu and gently nods his head Seeing Lu Jingdu’s amazing face, Shi Chao subconsciously avoided looking.

That tear mole is too bright to be ignored.

The movie stars take the lead.

They are ordinary insiders who have no way to live.

People sometimes have to admit their mediocrity.

Shi Chao decided to lie flat.

When he lowered his head to add food, Liu Shuyi walked in, holding Gu Siyan’s hand with a smile on her face.

Other guests were also able to see Liu Shuyi’s brother for the first time.

He is indeed Liu Shuyi’s elder brother, who has been mentioned repeatedly.


Gu has a good face.

Although one or two points inferior to Lu Jingdu, it is enough to kill all the other men in the place.

In the winter, Mr.

Gu only wore a thin pink shirt, which was more than half opened, and his tie was loosely tied around his neck, revealing a lazy atmosphere.

[Who is ugly must be embarrassed! Anyway, it is definitely not the movie star who is embarrassed.]

[But to tell you the truth, this Gu Ge really suits this style, and feels a bit astringent.]

[Today’s live broadcast is really exciting!]

Gu Siyan and his colleagues sat at the table beside Ning Xiaoyu.

In addition to Gu Siyan, their group also had a young man with blond hair and blue eyes.

This person should be a friend of Gu Shiyan, who came to play with him.

According to Liu Shuyi, this young man is called Qiao, and he is of mixed race.

Because Ning Xiaoyu and her friends ordered dinner first, they finished dinner earlier.

After eating, a group of people went to the scenic spot of Fengshan Mountain to see the snow scenery.


When the group of Liu Shuyi came out after dinner, clusters of fireworks suddenly blew up over Fengshan Mountain.

The colorful fireworks lit up the whole night sky, which was very beautiful.

Different from the urban area, there is no fireworks ban in Fengshan.

If you want to set off fireworks, you can come to Fengshan at any time.

Gu Shiyan put his hands in his pockets, looked up at the fireworks in the night sky, and his voice was a bit of Gu’s style.

“Who released it”

Pei Yi went to ask, and when he came back, he directly gave a personal name, “Lu Jingdu.”

The answer is not unexpected.

After all, when they were eating in the restaurant, there was the sound of fireworks outside.

Common people don’t keep it that long.

Liu Shuyi held Gu Siyan’s arm and shook it several times.

She said in a sweet voice, “Brother, I want it too.”

Gu Siyan said, “I see.”

So, Fengshan two scenic spots in the second place began to explode fireworks.

The same fireworks style.

The same fireworks are falling.

The same wealth and boldness.

The fireworks lasted for more than twenty minutes.

By this time, they had no intention of stopping.

The tourists here don’t know why.

They only know that there are free fireworks to watch.

They take out their mobile phones and start recording.

Some also started to contact friends and relatives, telling them that there are free fireworks here.

Ning Xiaoyu looked up at the fireworks in the sky.

After a while, she felt her neck was sore.

She couldn’t help asking, “How long will the fireworks last”

Lu Jingdu didn’t give a clear reply, just asked, “Not pretty”

Ning Xiaoyu told the truth, “That’s not true.”

After saying this topic, she looked at Lu Jingdu beside her and asked her innermost doubts, “Are you cold”

Lu Jingdu thought for two seconds and replied, “It’s OK.”

It has just snowed in the mountains, and the temperature is very low.

The snow on one side has already accumulated well.

Lu Jingdu is still wearing his afternoon suit, but the button he unfastened in the Hong Kong-style restaurant has not been buckled back.

Ning Xiaoyu felt cold just looking at it.

These cold winds should be easy to blow in along that side, right Is it really just “OK” Anyway, she is afraid of the cold and wears a warm down jacket.

The love system tutted aside and said, “Our movie emperor’s competitiveness has been completely aroused.”

Who said that only girls can compete with each other Obviously, men can do the same thing! Why didn’t the movie star button up Why didn’t the loosened tie be fastened again

Why haven’t the fireworks stopped in the two scenic spots This is a silent contest between two strong men.

It depends on who should step back first.

How to say, this kind of contest is actually a secret one.

It is conducted in the dark and has not been put on the bright side yet.

But everyone knows.


Gu only wore a small number of clothes, which made him look very angry.

The movie star has already worn more than his partner.

If he fastens the button back, it will show that he is more afraid of the cold than his partner.

Sometimes, details determine success or failure.

Attention must also be paid to the details.

Shen Yueyue took the initiative to greet Ning Xiaoyu and said, “Xiaoyu, come here.

You won’t get a sore neck if you sit here and watch the fireworks.”

The salted fish king was not clear about the situation in her surroundings.

She didn’t understand, but she was too lazy to understand.

Shen Yue is about to knock sugar silently.

Now, it’s time for two strong men to compete with each other.

Anyway, in a word, he doesn’t want to lose!

Ning Xiaoyu crosses her legs on the chair and eats melon seeds.

It was the first time for her to eat melon seeds with fireworks in the whole sky.

Anyway, the other guests didn’t say anything, so naturally, she didn’t want to say anything.

When the fireworks were set off for three hours, the staff looked for them with a bitter face and said, “Well… the fireworks are out of stock.”

Their inventory was not much.

The two scenic spots put fireworks together for three hours, and they were all put out.

Lu Jingdu nodded, indicating that he knew.

On the other hand, Gu Siyan also learned the news from the staff.

This is not really good news for him.

Although on the bright side, the fireworks on both sides stopped at the same time.

But in fact, Lu Jingdu set off fireworks earlier than he did, and he set off more fireworks than he did.

In other words, he lost this game.

Gu Shiyan uttered a tut.

Forget it.

Anyway, there is still a chance.


And the term “fireworks in the mountains” also rushed to the front row of hot search.


#Sisters, today, the fireworks over Fengshan Mountain have been set off for more than three hours.

The person has been silly.

To be honest, I never thought that one day I would be tired of watching fireworks.

Really, the whole sky over Fengshan Mountain is full of fireworks.

It started at about nine o’clock and lasted until early in the morning.

I guess I don’t want to see such fireworks anymore in the near future#


[It’s true that he is playing in Fengshan Mountain.]


[I don’t know who is so rich and generous and has set off fireworks for so long.]


[Hi, my friend] Death loyal fans passed by, and I said that the answer was in the variety show! Welcome to watch the live studio to find the answer!]


Because of some audiences’ Amway, many netizens entered the live group of Hi, My Friend that night.

Therefore, they soon knew the answer, and who were the two victims who were rich and generous and had set off fireworks all night!


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