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The love system doesn’t agree with the comments at all.

They don’t understand.

How can they call the King of Salted Fish the wrong guy This is clearly idiotic! After Gu Siyan joined the fireworks display team, Lu Jingdu naturally extended the fireworks display time, which is also in line with his current bully.

After all, Mr.

Lu will never admit defeat! It doesn’t care what other people think.

Anyway, it is knocked by itself.

Sugar! Super sweet!

After three hours of fireworks, Ning Xiaoyu knocked down two small bags of melon seeds, a small bag of red dates, and a small bag of hawthorn.

Maybe they were afraid of the cold, so after the fireworks went off for a short time, some staff sent some warm patches and small heat packets.

Ning Xiaoyu is blowing warm air at the top of the mountain.

It’s not cold at all, but she wants to sleep.

Seeing that the staff said that all the fireworks in the stock had been put away, she picked up the plastic bag on the side and asked.

“Can we go back”

The staff looked at the other guests and replied, “Yes.”

Ning Xiaoyu yawned.

She was sleepy after sitting here for so long.

“Let’s go.” After that, she took the lead to the nearby hotel.

Because it was late, the program team helped them reserve a room here.

As a tourist attraction, there is no shortage of hotels.

Moreover, with the increase in popularity, the program staff is becoming more generous to guests.

Previously, two guests had a room, but now guests can have a room for one person.

Ning Xiaoyu turned on the heat the first after she entered the room reserved for her by the staff, and then she went to the bathroom to take a hot bath.

After the bath, she was comfortably ready to go to bed.

At this point, it’s getting late.

It was really time to go to bed.

On the other side, after Lu Jingdu and Gu Siyan returned to their rooms, they drank a cup of cold medicine to prevent colds.

Their physical quality is really good, and they are still young now.

They have a good physical foundation, but their necklines are wide open and they have been cold wind at the top of the mountain all night.

Unless they are supermen, ordinary people still are easy to get sick.

Gu Shiyan, in particular, was extremely poorly dressed.

His clothes are good, pink is also good for his temperament, but it’s really cold.

Lu Jingdu’s agent looked at him mockingly.

The cold medicine was specially sent by him after he received the news from Lu Jingdu.

“I watched fireworks for three hours at the top of the mountain.

You really outdid it.”

Lu Jingdu pinched the tip of his nose and the cold wind blew all night.

Now his head is slightly dizzy, like drinking wine.

“I really did something wrong tonight.”


Lu Jingdu holds the cold medicine in his hand.

“Fireworks can be put on, but people can go back to the room to rest first.

I let her stay outside with cold wind all night.”

In fact, Ning Xiaoyu didn’t get cold.

She had a lot of clothes on previously.

In addition, she had a warm patch and small heat packets, and she wore a hat with a down jacket on her head.

The cold wind just couldn’t get in.

The agent quipped, “You sent someone to bring the warm patch, but you didn’t paste it yourself”


Lu Jingdu coughs softly, “Not suitable.”

The agent burst into laughter.

In the past, Lu Jingdu was too cold.

Now, Lu Jingdu, who will think about this and that, has a little bit more fireworks.

Seeing that Lu Jingdu had finished his cold medicine, the agent left with great insight and did not disturb his rest.

Gu Siyan also quickly drank a bowl of cold medicine.

The next day, when Ning Xiaoyu had breakfast on the first floor of the hotel, other guests also went downstairs.

A group of people took self-service breakfast and sat down at a table near her.

In a short period of time, Ning Xiaoyu heard several coughs.

These coughs come from two different people, Lu Jingdu and Gu Siyan.

If the two of them had not taken cold granules when they came back to their room last night, they would have been more seriously ill today.

Even though they had tried to suppress it, the cough could not be suppressed at all.

Liu Shuyi looked worried at Gu Siyan and said, “Brother, do you have a cold”

Gu Siyan immediately put down his hand, which was blocked in his mouth, and said with a light face, “No.”

If he did not cough twice immediately after saying this sentence, it would be more convincing.

“Brother, have you taken any medicine”

Gu Shiyan waved his hand.

“It’s nothing, just a small matter.”

The love system tut twice, [Look at his appearance of being stronger than he is capable.

Is that all]

When they talked, Ning Xiaoyu ate breakfast on her own without saying a word.

Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with her.

At this time, the voice of the love system broke her heart.

[Girl, the movie star now has some mild colds, not serious, but cough.

Even Gu Siyan has Liu Shuyi’s concern, but you don’t care about the movie star at all! He was for your fireworks yesterday! Gu Siyan has it, but how can the movie star not have it At this time, you can——

A: Deliver medicine to the movie star.

B: Dissolve the medicine and feed it to the movie king.

C: Do as Liu Shuyi asks directly, “Brother, you have a cold”]

In fact, Ning Xiaoyu said that it was all done.

With so many guests, only Gu Siyan and Lu Jingdu have caught cold.


Because they wear the least.

Yesterday, the wind was very strong and the temperature in the mountains was very low, but they opened their necklines and let the cold wind blow.

If it doesn’t catch a cold, that’s a rarity.

It’s good to cough!

The love system said in a deep tone, [Girl, you don’t understand a fight between two strong men.

How can a man say he is afraid of the cold How can a man not Girl, you don’t understand the good intentions of the movie star.]

Ning Xiaoyu: Why does this involve good intentions

[You see, Liu Shuyi openly and secretly shows off in front of you and wants to suppress you.

Gu Siyan is obviously on her side.

They are from the same side.

The movie star and you are from the same side.

He doesn’t give a penny to Gu Siyan, which is to support you!]

In the past, movie stars could never wear such little clothes in winter.

In the past, the movie star never went over his head.

He spent three hours setting off fireworks.


Although Ning Xiaoyu is salty, she is not an unknown person.

The movie star took the initiative to prepare fireworks for her and set them off for her to see.

She didn’t know anything about it.

She is not unaware of the comparison between the two.

She is just too lazy to think and answer.

Last night, Gu Shiyan was just a follower, and they were really a little better.

Ning Xiaoyu took another look at the options while there were still more than ten seconds to make a choice, and then chose a B.

C is impossible to choose.

It’s really not her style to call her brother.

A is actually an option.

But A and B At the moment, she is more inclined to choose B.

After the election, Ning Xiaoyu asked the love system, “Where’s the medicine”

The love system said sweetly, [Girl, it is worth 1 love coin.]

Ning Xiaoyu now has a lot of love values.

After the system upgrades, she has 5~10 love values for one task.

She bought a cold medicine in the system store, and then left temporarily with the excuse of soaking in hot water.

When she came back, she held a bowl of steaming hot water.

After returning to her seat, she scooped up the medicine in a bowl with her right hand and said to Lu Jingdu, “Lu Dalang, I have bought some medicine.”


[It’s so funny.

Ha ha ha.]

[President Ning expressed her opposition.]

[How tyrant suddenly became Lu Dalang hahaha.]

[What is this Look good… What is it]

Lu Jingdu is stunned for a moment.

Then he stretches his head slightly and says, “OK.”

As soon as he leaned over, the rouge-colored moles on the corner of his eye became more and more obvious.

Tear moles with his light brown eyes complement each other.

Ning Xiaoyu clearly remembers that Lu Jingdu used to have dark black pupils, but now his pupils are light brown.

Light coffee color, better match his tear mole.

So, he not only wore a pair of gold wire frame glasses but also wore contact lenses inside The love system suddenly sang a song at this time, [This is love]

Lu Jingdu never dyed his hair or brought invisibility before, but now he has done all these things he hasn’t done before.

For whom

It’s no use asking.

There is not much medicine in the bowl.

Ning Xiaoyu feeds Lu Jingdu two mouthfuls and then finishes it.

“Lu Dalang, finish it.”

Ning Xiaoyu intentionally called Lu Jingdu so as to remind him not to be so childish in the future.

It’s not worth it to catch a cold for men’s sake.


Shen Yue was eating melons and watching a play.

“Well, Xiaoyu, what’s in the bowl”

Ning Xiaoyu replied, “Cold medicine.”

Shen Yue asked about it.

This bowl of cold medicine looks like a real ghost animal.

It looks black like it’s burnt.

As a result, the actor drank without saying a word.

The most important thing is that the movie star doesn’t even ask one more question! Maybe it’s a prank However, the salted fish king should be too lazy to play tricks.

Anyway, this bowl of cold medicine could not be drunk by her.

After Liu Shuyi saw Ning Xiaoyu’s move, she followed her eagerly.

After a while, she came over with a bowl of cold granules and said, “Brother, I have brought the medicine.”

No matter what she did later, there was always a suspicion of imitation.

Of course, Liu Shuyi is also good for Gu Siyan.

The little princess who was the master did it herself and gave him cold medicine.

But after Ning Xiaoyu made Lu Jingdu a bowl of cold medicine, she did so again, which made her look inferior.

It seems that she is learning from Ning Xiaoyu.

Some comparisons are always made invisibly.

It can only be said that in the second invisible fight the winner is still of the movie king.

In fact, Gu Siyan was impatient to drink cold medicine in front of so many people, which made him look very weak.

However, Liu Shuyi is his sister who has spoiled by him for a long time.

He can’t bear to forget Liu Shuyi’s face.

He still drank the cold medicine.

When Liu Shuyi fed Gu Siyan cold medicine, the former half-breed named Qiao seemed very interested in Ning Xiaoyu.

He came to greet him and said, “Hi, hello.”

Ning Xiaoyu gave a random hum.

“I’m a designer for Dior fashion brand.

I think you have a talent for mixing in the fashion circles.”

In fact, Dior is an internationally renowned luxury brand, but Ning Xiaoyu is not short of money now, so she is naturally lazy to communicate and have a good relationship with the other party.

She said, “You feel wrong.”

Joe, “No, no, no, I really feel we can work together.”

Ning Xiaoyu, “No, no, you really feel wrong.”

Joe, “I believe in my vision.”

Hearing what Qiao said, Liu Shuyi immediately interjected, “Joe, what’s wrong with you Didn’t you say I was your muse”

Then she rolled her eyes gracefully.

Qiao whispered, “But you can have two Muses, right Besides, I think she is more suitable than you.”

Liu Shuyi hurriedly moved the soldiers to save them.

He was coquetry and said, “Brother, look at him!”

Gu Shiyan said quietly, “Joe, don’t make trouble.”

Ning Xiaoyu is too lazy to get involved in the affairs of Qiao and Liu Shuyi.

Therefore, when Qiao kept pestering her and said that she wanted to talk about cooperation, Ning Xiaoyu was too lazy to pay attention to the mixed-race son.

As it happens, after breakfast, guests can return to their rooms for a rest.

After finishing the repair, they can check out.

When Ning Xiaoyu came out again, she didn’t wear the long down jacket that she wore yesterday but changed into another dress.

While she was waiting for the stairs, a passing cleaning aunt stared at her for a long time.

A clink.

The elevator arrives.

Ning Xiaoyu enters the elevator and clicks on the first floor.

By the time she got out of the elevator door, she was the latest guest, and other guests were waiting for her.

It took her a lot of time to buy clothes online just now, which caused her to go downstairs late.

At the sight of Ning Xiaoyu’s appearance, many guests did not recognize her at first glance.

Only when they saw Lu Jingdu walking towards her did other people make a noise.


“Are you Miss Ning”

Ning Xiaoyu nodded, “It’s me.”

At the moment, Ning Xiaoyu was wearing a bright red scarf on her head, showing only a little face.

She wore a cotton-padded jacket, cotton-padded trousers on her legs, and a pair of black cotton shoes on her feet.

She looked like a village flower.

But very special!First-class eye-catching ability! Isn’t Liu Shuyi eager to cooperate with Qiao Aren’t you afraid of being cut off by her Ning Xiaoyu tells them with practical actions that the salted fish king only wants to be alone and does not want to cooperate with them! What you want, the salted fish king is not interested!


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