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Side Story 5 (2)

It is the situation again.

So-young narrowed her forehead with her arms folded.

Come to think of it, Tae-kyung used to have a natural talent of affecting So-yeong in the past.

Intentionally or not, he provoked her until her desires crossed her threshold, and eventually made her immortalize her madness.

It was a situation where she felt a sense of deception.

Even though almost half of the vacation we spent together had passed, Taekyung somehow didn’t touch So-young.

Every night they went to bed together, his erection pressed So-young’s back, but he smiled and ignored his desire.

So-young, who couldn’t stand it, circled around and signaled that he was okay, but Tae-kyung only shook his head firmly and replied that she should take care of her own physical condition.

What kind of unexpected monastic play is this

So-young was now on the verge of even feeling the pain as the days of no touch were repeated.

“Are you ready”

When Taekyung entered the bedroom in his coat, So-young stood up with a big smile as if she had thought of something.

He kissed her almost habitually and bent his lips at an angle.

“Why are you so pretty today”

She got out of her pajamas intending to go out, but she didn’t put on makeup.

With her hair tied up high, a loose coat, loose knit dress, Chelsea boots, and a nose covered, the muffler could not have been pretty.

Nevertheless, Taekyung couldn’t take her eyes off So-young.

She felt embarrassed rather than happy at the praise of her man, who had just popped out of the picture.

“Don’t make fun of me.”

“I’m always serious, but I’m sorry if you don’t believe me.

The taxi has arrived.

Shall we go out for now”


Only after being convinced that So-young’s physical condition had improved to some extent did Taekyung start to go out with her little by little.

They didn’t have any plans just for today.

After having a late breakfast at a famous brunch cafe, the two went shopping around Soho, rested at the cafe and watched people.

And for dinner, they stopped by the liqueur shop as So-young intended to have a drink at home.


So-young headed to the whiskey section without hesitation.

When she grabbed the whiskey she had heard of, Taekyung, who was agonizing over a few bottles of wine, narrowed his forehead.

“Whisky You don’t usually drink much.

What’s the occasion”

“Well, I thought I’d be all right today.”

It’s not for me to drink.

So-young swallowed her answer and smiled.

She was going to have a candid conversation with Taekyung today.

And alcohol would certainly help him to be a little more honest.

Tae-kyung, who did not know what So-young was thinking, shrugged his shoulders and took the whiskey with some bottles of wine she chose.

After returning home, they prepared dinner together.

A sparkling view of Manhattan Midtown unfolded like a picture out of the blinded barrel, and romantic jazz melodies flowed from the audio speaker.

So-young blushed when she saw Taekyung cutting asparagus.

Unlike in Korea, where he always arranged his hair with gel, Taekyung did not fix his hair in New York.

He looked younger than usual thanks to his black hair covering his forehead naturally.

Under the raised eyebrow bones, there was a dark shade over the eyelids, and the high nose and curved lips were full of three dimensions, as if they were carefully engraved.

The blue veins stood out on his forearms, half rolled up black knitwear, showing off his masculinity.

He was so handsome that she couldn’t help but admire him.

It’s been quite a long time since they’ve been together, but So-young still admired Taekyung’s beauty.

Her heart trembled helplessly when he smiled pleasantly.

“Why are you looking at me like that”

Taekyung, who turned his head obliquely as if he felt So-young’s gaze, rolled up the corners of his mouth.

“It’s just that we look like a real married couple.”


Taekyung still looked smiling, but there was a difference in his exclamation.

And So-young could understand the reason with her subsequent words.

“I guess you didn’t really realize we were married before.

Is it because we’re too far away”

So-young shook her head so that Taekyung wouldn’t misunderstand.

“No, more than that, I think it’s really good to be together.

In this house.

So far, I haven’t been able to get out of the feeling of living alone, but since you’re here, it feels a bit like my home.

Anyway… All I want is to stay like this with you.”

“Is that so”

“Yes, I’ll stick next to you while we’re together.”


Only then did Taekyung smile with a radiant face.

His expression was still gentle, but his erection suddenly increased its size.

It was hard to tell which part he was excited about, but it was not a bad sign for So-young.


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