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To think that Victoria actually rejected Jordans offer to attend her wedding!

Jordan already had to gather a lot of courage to decide to attend his exs wedding.

He didnt expect Victoria to not want him to be there to wish her well.

Moreover, there was a hint of xenophobia in her words.

She felt that Jordan was not from the Mutant Tribe and was not qualified to enter the Immortal Lake.

This upset Jordan very much.

Jordan was a rather rebellious person.

The more others did not want him to do something, the more he would want to do it.

However, Jordan did not express such thoughts to Victoria.

Instead, Jordan said, “Alright, since Ill just make things awkward with my presence, I wont ruin your wedding.

I wish you and Uncle a happy marriage and a hundred years of happiness.”

Jordan forced himself to be more magnanimous.

After all, he was the one who dumped Victoria.

It wouldnt be good for him to insist.

Victoria marrying his uncle might be the best outcome.

After all, Randall had a noble status and was a very upright person.

Moreover, he was a member of the Steele family, so Jordan was very assured.

“Thank you.

Ill convey your blessings to your uncle.

However, before I marry him, I really want to know why you dumped me.

Now that Ive awakened my ability at Immortal Lake, I can control peoples minds at will.

I often think that if we didnt break up, I can be by your side to protect you.

No matter where you go, I can follow you.

It wont be like before.

When you were dealing with Shaun and the eight great families, I could only stay in the capital and worry about your safety…”

Jordan was very touched by Victorias words.

“Victoria… sigh, its all my fault for not being magnanimous enough.

If I had to choose again, I might not have done this.”

Jordan now blamed himself for being so bothered by Victoria and “William”.

He was William.

Victoria didnt actually sleep with another man!

Victoria said, “Stop talking about this.

Im going to be your aunt soon… I dont expect you to call me that the next time we meet, but I hope you can respect me as your elder.

Dont… dont have any other thoughts about me.”

In return, Jordan said, “Alright, youll be Uncles wife soon.

Dont worry, I wont be disrespectful to Uncle.”

Victoria replied, “Yes, its very late now.

Im hanging up.”

After hanging up, Jordan couldnt fall asleep for a long time.

The thought of Victoria marrying Uncle made him feel very upset.

At this moment, he had a strong desire to go to the wedding venue to stop Victoria and Randalls wedding, just like how he stopped Victoria and Russells wedding back then.

However, he knew that it was impossible for him to do that.

Randall did not complain about Jordan killing his capable subordinate.

Since he was a young boy, Randall doted on him so much that he couldnt be ungrateful now.

This was also what troubled Jordan the most.

If it was anyone else who dared to marry Victoria, with Jordans record of disrupting an exs wedding, he would definitely not be able to resist ruining it.

Just like that, a few more days passed and it was the day before Victoria and Randalls wedding.

This morning, Jordan came to the courtyard early and sat on the rattan chair in a daze.

In the room.

Lota said, “Lauren, Jordan is still in a daze today.

Hes sitting in the courtyard.

He woke up even earlier than before.”

Lauren replied, “Sigh, tomorrow is Victoria and Randalls wedding day.

Our husband will definitely feel terrible.”

Lauren saw the changes in Jordans mood over the past few days and understood what he was thinking.

Hence, Lauren and Lota walked to the courtyard and sat beside Jordan.

Taking out a deck of cards, Lauren said simply, “Jordan, lets play poker together.”

Lota clapped.

“Alright, alright.

Lets race! Or play memory games!”

Jordan glanced at the two of them and smiled.

“You ladies go ahead and play.

I want to sit for a while.”

Lauren tugged at Jordans arm and said, “Hubby, play with us for a while.

If you continue to be in a daze, Ill be worried that youll become senile.”

Lota agreed.

“Thats right, thats right.

We have to use our brains often, or our minds will become dull!”

Jordan chuckled.

“What are you talking about How can I be dull Im just… Alright, I wont hide it anymore.

Victoria is getting married soon so Im not in the mood to play games now.”

Lauren said, “We know you are not in the mood because of Victorias wedding.

However, were really worried that your mind will become increasingly dull!”

Jordan was confused.

“Worried that my mind will become dull Worried that Ill become senile Lauren, are you serious Im a Deity.

My mental strength is extraordinary.

Im smarter than you guys and Ill age slower than ordinary people.

How can I be like what you said”

Lauren said seriously, “But I really think your mind hasnt been working well in the past six months.

Moreover, your memory is showing signs of decline.”

Lota nodded vigorously.

“Yes, yes.

If you dont believe me, lets play a memory game! Ill place all the cards face down here.

Each player will flip over two cards every turn.

If the two cards match, the player gets a point.

Lets play together.

I lose to Lauren every time we play this! But Jordan, I think I can beat you!”

Jordan ignored Lota.

He was not in the mood to play games now.

However, Jordan couldnt help laughing when he saw how seriously Lauren questioned his mind.

“Hahaha, Lauren, are you saying this on purpose to make me laugh My memory is deteriorating Im a Deity.

Im not even 30 years old.

Even if Im an ordinary person, its impossible for me to deteriorate at this age, right”

Lauren continued seriously.

“Thats right.

I dont understand why either.

Perhaps its the aftereffects of your Mirakuru serum Or is it because you traveled back in time”

Jordan became serious.

“Why are you so sure that my memory has deteriorated”

Lauren said, “Do you still remember that when Victoria just woke up, you called Helen to your room and asked her to remove the idea you planted in Victorias mind”

Jordan nodded.

“I remember.

I did do that back then.”

At that time, Jordan had already planned to break up with Victoria.

Therefore, he wanted to remove the implanted idea so that she could leave Jordan and fall in love with someone else.

At this moment, Jordan regretted doing this!

If he hadnt done that, Victoria wouldnt be marrying Randall so quickly!

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