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Chapter 97

When Peaceful Times Cease To Exist : The Fairy And Great Beasts Of The Prairie, Part 8 — The Girl And The Great Beast

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


「Are you hurt, men of the Stone City」


Alfiris was petrified until the girl came in front of her and called out to her from her horse.

If the girl had been so inclined, she could have had her head chopped off right here and now, and she would have been unable to put up any resistance.

But still, it’s a voice that echoes in the wind.

She was sure that she’s not making her voice too loud.


「Ah… y–yes! Or that there are no injuries from any of us!」


Caught off guard and flustered, Alfiris unintentionally uses honorifics with the younger girl, and also utters strange words.

The girl’s face didn’t change at all, although her companions looked bitter at the sight of her.


「Is that so, I’m glad to hear that.

By the way, I would like to invite you to my home, would you accept it」


「What do we do, Alfie」


Alfiris comes back to herself with a word from Miranda.

It seems that she hasn’t yet returned to reality from the strange sensation.


「Eh, umm… I’m glad to hear that, but why」

「From the looks of it, you all have no water or food.

I thought that might be a problem.

I am charged with protecting those who wander into this prairie.

If there is hope, I am not stingy to send you to that place.

You can go back or you can go on.

But if it’s not too much trouble, let me apologize for the disrespect shown to those who live in the same prairie.」

「No such thing as an apology…we are the ones who should be thanking you for helping us.

I’m sorry I didn’t thank you first.

I couldn’t help but admire you.」

「Admire me…」


This time the girl looked surprised.

That face changed to one of dismay at Alfiris’ words.

Seeing this, Alfiris was relieved to realize that the girl had feelings appropriate to her age.


「To be admired by her… are you one of those『yuri』types that are all the rage in the outside world」

「『Yuri』 What’s that」


Alfiris looks at Lisa without thinking.

At that moment, Lisa’s eyes sparkle.


「Alfie,『Yuri』is a compliment used to refer to a person with excellent aesthetic sense.

It’s often used to acknowledge a woman’s beauty, especially by women, and can be considered a compliment.

If someone says to you,『That’s a Yuri,』if you don’t acknowledge it, you’re belittling their compliment and inviting bad feelings, you know」

「Really …Something doesn’t add up, but okay.」


Then, turning to the girl, Alfiris reiterates again.


「Errm… I am probably a Yuri, I guess」

「Hmmm… well, tastes vary from person to person.

I won’t argue with you about that, but I’ll pass.」

「…What do you mean」

「Kuh, kukukuh…」


Behind her, Lisa and Euthy were struggling to hold back their laughter.

It would take a great deal of time to clear up the girl’s misunderstanding, but Alfiris was unaware of this.

At that moment, a girl looked at the sky and changed her complexion.

Then she spoke to Alfiris and the others in a rather hurried tone.


「By the way, if they are no longer needed here, I would like you to use their horses to guide you to my place of residence.

I suggest we hurry.」

「Are they going to send reinforcements」

「It’s even worse.

There will be a tornado soon.

Hurry up.」

「All right, we’ll go with you.」

「I think it will stay in my abode for a while as it is.

Storm season is going to come as it does.」

「Eh, already」


It was Euthy who was surprised.

Seeing Euthy’s state, the girl calmly replies.


「Yeah, I’m surprised, too.

Half of the month goes by faster than usual… I’ve never done this before either.」

「Then by all means, I’ll be happy to help!」

「Let’s do that.

Get ready fast.」


By the way, my name is Alfiris, what’s yours」

「My name is Aerial.」


The girl said in a voice that was still clear and clear.

The name and the sound of her voice played a strange melody that seemed to sink into Alfiris’ heart.




A few moments of being guided by Aerial.

The sun is already setting.

But because of the borrowed horses of the cavalrymen, they could travel quite a distance.

At that point, Aerial turned around and called out to all of them.


「You should look behind you.」


Everyone looked behind them to see what was going on, but what they saw was a black pillar soaring high into the sky.


「What the hell is that!」

「What a sinister sight…」

「It seems to suck everything in…」

「I think that was… what you call a tornado」



Aerial answers Alfiris’ question.

The tornado is originating in the area where Alfiris and her group would have been attacked earlier.

Its thickness and size are extraordinary, and a small town would drink it in one gulp.

Alfiris and her team weren’t horrified at the thought of being swallowed by that tornado.


「During the storm season, tornadoes like that are randomly occurring throughout the Northern Prairie.

In the worst cases, you can fit a dozen or more tornadoes in your field of vision.

No creature on this Prairie can survive being caught in that tornado.」

「I see… so we were just in the nick of time.」

「That’s what I mean.

You are very lucky.」


Aerial that breaks the face with a “nit”.

She is beautiful when she smiles like this, Alfiris thought, but at the same time, she doesn’t have the kind of personality that would be pleased with all the beautiful words being said about her.

Nia also wears the aura of a warrior, but she is from a civilized country, and because she is a member of the military, she must be able to relate smoothly to others, so she is more or less easy to get along with.

But Aerial also has the same warrior vibe as Nia, but exclusive at the same time—— At best, she is a lone warrior.

She has a whiff of wildness about her, which in turn makes her look more beautiful without makeup.

She doesn’t have the air of a person who can talk to others without hesitation, as if she was equipped with invisible blades.

Perhaps this atmosphere is also felt by the other members of the group, who seem somewhat reluctant to talk to each other, even those in the Alfiris group, who are rarely shy.

Aerial gives such an impression, but Alfiris doesn’t seem to be bothered by it at all.

In fact, she is talking to her more and more without any concern.

Aerial does not seem to dislike Alfiris’ attitude either, and although she is basically expressionless, she does smile from time to time.

From the side, they seemed to be good friends.

Sometimes, Euthy would join in the conversation.

It was the first time for Euthy to see Aerial in person, and she was very interested in it.


「Where are we headed now, by the way It’s kind of getting all rocky.」


As Euthy pointed out, looking around, there is little grass to be seen underfoot and more craggy rocks.

Taller and taller rocks are also increasing, and although it is supposed to be a grassland, the visibility is getting narrower.


「We are almost home.

You can almost see the cave from here.」

「I heard that there is an awesome Magical Beast called the Flame Beast around here… is it safe」

「The Flame Beast Ahh, it’s alright.

The Flame Beast will not attack us.」

「Is that so Hmmm.」


Euthy was somewhat confused, but Alfiris didn’t seem to mind.

The reality is that even if they cared, they would have to let Aerial guide them.


「Here we are.」


Aerial pointed to a large cave near the top of the crag.

The height of the entrance alone was about the height of three Alfiris.

It seems to be spacious enough to live in.

Aerial slips into the dwelling, regardless of Alfiris and the group who are looking at the surroundings curiously.


「Speaking of which, does Aerial have a family」

「Yes, I live alone with my father.」

「Your father must be here.

Well, I guess we should say hello then.」

「Alfie, Lisa thinks it’s premature to gain the blessings from her father.」

「…I’m not marrying her.」



Alfiris, who had no idea what Yuri meant, had no idea what Lisa and Aerial were talking about at all.


「So where is your father」

「He should be inside… Father! It’s Aerial, I have returned!」


Aerial called out from near the entrance of the cave.

Soon after, there was a reply from the back.

It was a deep voice, as if echoing from the depths of the earth.


「…You’re back, Aerial… are they perhaps guests」

「Yes, I saved them from being attacked by the people of Sadika.

Apparently the Prairie is going through the storm season and I would like to have them live here until the storm season is over, if that is okay.」

「I’d be the bad one here if I said no… they can stay.」

「Thank you very much.」

「Well, I must say hello to them as well.

Good grief… when was the last time I exposed myself to the public」


As soon as the voice broke off, a loud thud… a thudding sound, and I knew that something huge was walking toward me.

At that moment, Lisa clings to Alfiris, and Nia is on alert with all her hairs standing on end.

Miranda’s expression tightens as she realizes that this is no ordinary event, and she reflexively pulls Fenna and Kazas behind her.

However, only Alfiris remained strangely aloof.


「(This is… the same feeling I had when I saw Miliazar before.

Isn’t it pretty bad)」

「(All the hairs stand on end… Something terrifying, something terrifying is coming!)」

「(An Archfiend… No, it’s even stronger)」

「(Why is everyone so wary I’m not afraid of them.)」

「(Could this sign be…)」


The thoughts are varied.

Soon after, the owner of the footsteps appears.


It was a huge beast that suddenly appeared from behind a rock.

Its red mane trails down its entire body, which looks like flames.

It looks like a lion, but it has eight limbs and a three-pronged tail.

More than their appearance, the aura of vitality and overflowing energy they radiate is extraordinary.

The sense of intimidation alone is enough to crush all of them.

Even the arrogant Euthy was teary-eyed and shaking as if he was about to drop it.

Only Alfiris and Aerial were looking cool.

Euthy, who is trembling, manages to open her mouth.


「T–T–The F–F–F–Flame B–Beast… P–Pha… lanx…」

「Hmm, People call me the Flame Beast… I think my name is Phalanx, but that is correct.」


Phalanx answers in a low voice.

Then Aerial gets down on one knee and greets Phalanx.


「I have safely returned, Father.」


「Eh, Aerial’s father is, this person」


People or not, Alfiris looked up at the Great Beast in front of her.

There was Phalanx staring at Aerial with narrowed eyes.


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