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That falling white shadow was Mu Xiyun.

When Mu Xiyun fell from the stone platform, a huge burst of spiritual power threw him directly into the water.

Before he could take a breath, the turbulent water engulfed everything in a vengeful manner, and hit the platform again.

The remaining magic circle formed a huge vortex, spinning and sucking everything around.

Mu Xiyun was caught in the running water and returned to Lingshan.

The huge impact produced by the eruption of spiritual power on the high platform made Mu Xiyun’s meridians almost shattered, and his hands and feet were so weak that he couldn’t move.

When he appeared in the cave, he was instantly hit by the flowing water and fell off the cliff.

It was said that when a person was about to die, he would recall his whole life in an instant.

The moment his body was falling in mid air, Mu Xiyun thought blankly, “Ah, right, that boy was called Wu Ying.”


The child turned around from the cliff, glanced at Mu Xiyun’s grasped wrist, and said in surprise, “You are amazing! Do you know, you are a level behind that snow demon, how can you last so long!”

Gu Qingqiao had already let go, frowned and said, “What’s so great Is the gap of one realm interesting If I’m not around today, are you going to be eaten by her or fall from here”

Mu Xiyun opened his mouth, but before he could answer, the young boy spoke first, “Senior brother, don’t be so fierce, the immortal is about to cry because he was scolded by you.

Mu Xiyun suddenly hated him a little, because he definitely wasn’t crying because he was being scolded.

That night, all three of them stayed at an inn in the city.

The boy kept pulling Mu Xiyun curiously, and looked at him carefully, from head to toe.

“I’ve never seen an immortal disciple like you,” he said shyly, “Brother Mu, are all the disciples of Moyun Mountain as good-looking as you”

“Brother Mu, how did you meet my Senior brother”

“Do you know, my Senior brother is very kind to me.

When the master asks us to work, the Senior brother always lets me rest and he would also pick the dirtiest and most tiring work for himself.”

“I like going out with Senior Brother the most!”

Mu Xiyun had already forgotten how he had answered that time, he only remembered that he was full of excitement of their reunion after the long separation, but he had to suppress his mood, smiled and listened to the little boy talking to himself.

Gu Qingqiao didn’t say anything, just sat on the porch and watched the moonlight.

After the moon was high in the sky, he turned his head and said to the two of them, “It’s getting late, Wu Ying, let the Immortal Gentleman Mu rest.”

It turns out that his name was Wu Ying.

Hearing the words “Immortal Gentleman”, the fire that had been suppressed in Mu Xiyun’s heart all night suddenly burst into flames.

He got up and gave a stiff salute, and walked towards the room without saying a word.

Behind him, Wu Ying asked in a low voice, “Senior brother, Brother Mu seems to be a little angry, did Wu Ying say something wrong”

Gu Qingqiao’s voice came, “Good boy Wu Ying, it’s none of your business.

Go and have a rest.”

Mu Xiyun closed the door heavily.

Early the next morning, Wu Ying came to look for him.

“Brother Mu, let’s go to the barren mountain outside the City again!”

“Why Are there still snow demons there”

“The snow demon is gone, my Senior brother said that the Snow Demon killed yesterday was quite high-level, if that is her lair, maybe we can find something valuable inside.”

“Where’s your Senior brother”

“Senior brother received a summons from the master last night.

He said that he would go to that mountain when he came back, Wu Ying knew that the senior brother worked very hard every day, and even with such small things, Senior brother would always help Wu Ying .”

Mu Xiyun was somehow angered when he heard the last sentence said by Wu Ying.

Mu Xiyun and Wuying came to the side of the mountain, and they searched the snow demon’s lair all the way up, but found nothing.

Soon, the two came to the top of the mountain again.

 Under the sunshine of March, the body of the Snow Demon had already disappeared without a trace and a snow-white bead had fallen in the grass.

“Ah, demonic bead!” Wu Ying ran over happily, picked up the bead, and waved happily.

“Brother Mu, come and see, this bead is so beautiful”

Mu Xiyun walked over.

There was not much space on the top of the cliff, and because Wu Ying squatted in the inner position, Mu Xiyun could only stand on the edge of the cliff.

Holding the demonic bead high in Wu Ying’s hand, he suddenly stood up happily.

Following his movements, the rocks under Mu Xiyun’s feet unexpectedly shook and collapsed, just like the stone platform just now….

Time seems to be stretched.

Memories turn back and forth but only for a moment.

The whistling wind was still wailing in his ears, and the rapid fall bulged his wide sleeves and robes.

Mu Xiyun turned his face to the sky, watching the cave as it appeared farther and farther away quickly.

It’s great that the water has gradually diminished.

The source of the originally rushing water was cut off after that burst of spiritual power, and the wide waterfall at the beginning quickly shrank into a small stream in a few breaths.

Mu Xiyun tried his luck, but after experiencing the collapse of the high platform, the impact of the water flow, and the friction when he was rushed out of the cave, his whole body suffered from major and minor injuries; to make matters worse, the spiritual explosion from the crystal platform had also impacted his sea of ​​consciousness, the backflow of spiritual power in the meridians of his whole body caused him severe pain, and his whole body lost strength.

Mu Xiyun had no choice but to gather what little spiritual energy he had, and set up a simple defensive array behind him to resist the impact of the landing.


The defensive array was shattered upon impact, and his back hit the ground heavily, stirring up a cloud of dust.

Mu Xiyun instantly spat out a mouthful of blood, his vision gradually blurred.

When he opened his eyes again, it was already dusk.

Pieces of burning clouds floated in the air, and the rocks in the valley were dyed bright red.


Mu Xiyun raised his head with difficulty and looked around.

The huts, stone walls, and waterfalls all disappeared without a trace.

There was only a large piece of dry and barren stone land in front of him and the sharp stones made my body ache.

There was a feeling of familiarity in his heart, and the scenery here seemed to him like something he had seen before.

Mu Xiyun slowly sat up and silently checked his condition.

Numerous flesh wounds on his body were still oozing blood, and the more serious ones were two broken ribs, dislocated left hand, and displaced internal organs.

The spiritual energy in the body was also almost stretched to its limit

Mu Xiyun held his left wrist with her right hand, gritted his teeth, then pulled it hard–his wrist was reset.

The severe pain made him see black spots, and he took two quick breaths.

Mu Xiyun took out the Qiankun bag, trying to find if there was any elixir that could be used.

He scanned the bag with his consciousness, and he couldn’t help being stunned.

In the corner, there was an exquisite medicine box, and there were about twenty small porcelain bottles neatly stacked inside the medicine box.

There were pills for treating internal injuries and replenishing spiritual energy, medicinal powders for treating trauma, stopping the bleeding and promoting muscle growth, potions for enhancing physical strength and enhancing spiritual awareness…..There were all kinds of them.

Suddenly, he remembered that person’s advice.

“Don’t push yourself too hard when you enter the mountain, don’t put yourself in danger for others; if you get hurt, don’t be stingy with medicine……”

Mu Xiyun lowered his head and smiled.

“It’s really not worth it for him to worry about me too much.

I don’t know how he is doing now.” 

He casually took the elixir for wounds and ate it, sat cross-legged in meditation, and used his spiritual energy to drive the effect of the medicine and to slowly repair his body.

When he opened my eyes again, the sky was already full of stars.

The wounds on his body had stopped bleeding, the ribs were connected but still aching, the more troublesome thing was the damage to the meridians, the tingling pain that was incompatible with the body when he just woke up once again covered his whole body.

Mu Xiyun endured the pain and stood up, looked around, and walked forward to the right by instinct.

Turning around at the foot of a mountain, a bamboo forest suddenly appeared in front of him.

That’s right, Mu Xiyun finally understood where the familiarity just now came from.

This was the place where he came into when he joined the Taosim discourse of Lingshan.

Mu Xiyun of the previous life met two senior brothers after entering Lingshan Mountain.

The three of them broke through the barrier and entered the illusion.

They were attacked by a huge snake monster.

In the fierce battle, a senior brother fell to the ground seriously injured and was about to be killed by the snake monster.

Mu Xiyun rushed forward to protect his senior brother, but was bitten on the shoulder instead by a huge snake.

The tusks went deep into his muscles, but Mu Xiyun endured a sharp pain and stabbed the snake near its head.

After the death of the giant snake, strong winds blew, it carried dust and sand hit their faces, making it hard to keep their eyes open.

After waiting until it cleared again, the two senior brothers had suddenly disappeared.

At that time, Mu Xiyun staggered aimlessly with a shoulder injury, and finally saw this bamboo forest at sunset.

Remember passing through the bamboo forest, there would be a small building ahead.

In the previous life, he was poisoned by the snake venom and his vision became blurred.

When he struggled to finally arrive downstairs,  he had completely lost his sight.

In the darkness, a warm hand held his wrist, led him upstairs slowly, helped him to bed, and prepared medicine for him.


Mu Xiyun walked slowly through the bamboo forest, and the small building really stood beside the bamboo forest.

“Oh,” Mu Xiyun lowered his head and smiled secretly. 

I really don’t know how likely it is that in the second life, I still would encounter the same illusion Or, is it because the soul was the same, therefore the illusion will be the same

This was a question that will not be explained in any “Lingshan Treasure Book”.

The moon had risen, and the bright moonlight covered the starlight, coating the bamboo building with a layer of white frost.

In the bamboo building, a lamp was like a bean, and a black figure sits in front of the lamp.

Who is that

Mu Xiyun stood in the bamboo forest, and mottled bamboo shadows covered his whole body.

There seemed to be a sound approaching rapidly in the distance.

Mu Xiyun subconsciously glanced at his Qiankun Bag.

Right, he had Huzi’s stone that had the effect of concealment.

He took it from the bag, held it in his hand to input spiritual energy, it lighted up slightly, and a layer of slightly fluctuating enchantment immediately enveloped Mu Xiyun’s whole body.


Two black shadows passed by quickly, one of them stopped suddenly, and turned back.

With the help of the moonlight, Mu Xiyun saw that it was a big gray wolf.

“What is it” The other, which was a smaller creature, had a woman’s voice.

The gray wolf sniffed in Mu Xiyun’s direction, and then stood up with a kick of its hind legs.

Under the bamboo shadow, the mane on the wolf’s face fell off, and a tall and strong man appeared in front of him.

It was actually two transformed demon cultivators!

“There seems to be someone here, can you see it” The man sniffled and walked two steps forward in doubt, almost in front of Mu Xiyun.

Even though he knew that the cicada barrier was very reliable, Mu Xiyun still subconsciously held his breath.

“Come on, big dog, the Valley Master is waiting!” the woman urged, “I don’t want to offend him for being late.”

“Smelly fox, don’t call me a big dog!” the man growled.

After sniffing the air again, he finally gave up and turned to chase the woman.

After a few ups and downs, the two went up to the small building.

Mu Xiyun’s hand with the cicada shook, and then he sneaked towards the bamboo building.


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