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‘Maybe Louise is someone who gets scared easily…’

It was rather obvious, but anyone in Knox would think that way when they just see them barely holding another person’s neck.

Moreover, it was not in a situation where the person caught by strangulation was choking and crying.

‘How can she let her imagination run wild like that just because there was a hand on my neck’

Is that also the talent of the heroine

As Irene was admiring Louise’s creativity, Otis dropped his head down with a look of shame and buried it in his hand, before opening his mouth.

“I am sorry, Miss Louise, but it is not how you think.

I have no intention of killing Irene.”

“Then, why are you holding her neck in front of the fireplace It is dangerous!”

“I did not know that the maid could question her Master’s behavior”

The cool pressure returned.

Otis pulled his face away from his hand that had buried his head, and stared coldly at Louise.

He was instantly taken aback by the interruption of his time alone with Irene, as well as the fact that Louise’s high-pitched screams had indeed startled him to unintentionally strangle her.

Even more, he hated the fact that Henrietta was the one who sent her, because she was loved by Irene.

She was even arguing with him, so naturally, Otis could not help but get annoyed.

“If you do not want to get fired, shouldn’t you keep your mouth shut No one wants to hire a maid who screams like that on her first day.

Why is the sound so high pitched again…”

“Oh, I have learned vocal music before.”

“…I did not ask for that.”

Looking coldly at Louise, who was standing in front of Irene, Otis then suddenly turned his gaze to glance at the door that had just opened without knocking.

“Besides, opening the door without knocking—Are you crazy”

When Louise, who had been in high spirits, was pointed out for her faults, she quickly became depressed.

“…I did not know you were here.”

“It seems that Irene did not teach you properly.

When entering a room, it must be common sense to knock unconditionally, whether the room is empty or not.”

‘No, that is not true…’

Irene was terrified at the sudden sorrow that dropped on her.

‘I mean, Louise is going to keep opening the door without knocking for a month from now on…’

The shortest is one month, and the longest is three months.

‘It is not that she has a bad memory, but I would say that it is a characteristic of a lump’

Louise was always ahead of herself.

So, even if her brain knew, her body was already committing the action.

Thus, for at least a month, Louise would always open the door and shout, “Hey! Irene, I just opened the door again!”

Of course, thanks to that, the route progress with the male protagonists was also rather easy.

For example, because Louise opened the door of the male protagonist who had just showered and put on a towel, it suddenly moved to a high-level scene…

‘Come to think of it, I do not think I should be here…’

Irene suddenly realized.

This was not just a devastating otome.

It was an otome game that only adults could buy, which means that nonsense stories like romance in the name of punishment are pervasive in this game.

Obviously, there are also romances, in the name of giving rewards.

She does not know why rewards and punishments are somewhat the same.

However, one thing she knew is that Otis Route started with a punishment every time.

Because Otis hated Louise.


A garment that reveals a well-muscled body by pulling only one string… No, can we even call that clothes That was more like just cutting a piece of cloth.

She knew that they used to quarrel like this in the first place, and then all of a sudden, they got into the mood and spent the night.

‘It was difficult to walk through the hallways on the fourth floor.’

Irene did not want to be an extra that could ruin the mood for nothing, so she worked hard and avoided it as much as she could.

“Miss Irene taught me, well… I forgot.”

“Is that so”

A dry voice flowed from Otis’ mouth.

“Then, you should be punished.”

Ugh. Irene flinched at the word ‘punish.’

Obviously, this is an Otis Route progression.

”I have to get out of here.’

There is nothing good about being in an atmosphere that will soon become dense.

‘…Louise, I’m sorry.

Even though you are going to have a hard time, I should really get going.’

Irene slowly grabbed the brazier.

All she has to do is put this brazier filled with charcoal under the bed and leave.

She quietly began to move her steps.

That was until Otis called her.

“Where are you going, Irene”

‘Why is he calling me I am nervous.’ Irene replied, only pausing her steps slightly.

“…I have to finish my work.”

“Put it under the bed and come here.”

‘…Why haven’t I ever missed a feeling of uneasiness’

Instead of answering, Irene quickly put the brazier under the bed and steadily approached Otis and the sullen Louise, who was smiling kindly.

“Irene, I have no choice but to scold you for your poor management.

Do you understand”

“Miss Irene…”

Louise, in tears like a puppy that got caught by the nape, gazed at Irene as if she could be a savior.

She felt sorry for Louise, but even Irene could not go against her master.

“…As long as the Young Master wishes.”


As he answered coolly, Otis picked up the iron skewer that she had been holding a while ago.

It is an iron skewer that was heated in the fireplace.

“You need to watch this punishment as Miss Louise’s predecessor, Irene.”

Wait a minute—

“If I leave a mark on the back of your hand, you will think before opening the door in the future.

Isn’t that right, Miss Louise”

Wait, wait.

‘ That cannot really be the case.’ Irene thought as she squeezed the hem of her skirt tightly.

The ‘punishment’ she thought was something that would set the pre-romance mood, not literally corporal punishment.

‘Is this how it is supposed to be…’

No matter how much she thought about it, there was never a story about Louise getting burnt on the back of her hand.

“Of course, the wrongful employees should be punished, but those who have been fired could not be punished.

Do you understand me”

“…I cannot get fired.”

“Is that so I wonder how far your resolution will go.”

Otis said so and took Louise’s trembling hand.

Louise thought it was better to endure a burn than to be fired, so she bit her lip with a tense expression on her face.

‘미친 건가.’

‘Is she crazy’

The heated iron skewer was getting closer to the back of Louise’s hand as she was trembling, seemingly shaking pitifully.

‘It was not like this in the first place.

Why did this happen all of a sudden’

Of course, Otis is a person whose job is to torture.

However, it was extended to only the category of work.

Irene had never seen someone who enjoyed this kind of sadism.

Obviously, this should not happen, but what is going on right now

‘Should I just wait and see again’

Irene silently watched Louise fall into the abyss of desolation.

Because she was just an extra, she wanted the game to proceed smoothly.

Maybe if she sees the ending, she herself might be able to return to reality.

That’s why she saw Louise’s death three times.

She stood by her side, disguised as her soldier, watching Ahibalt stab her Louise, and even worked as a maid by her side when Otis imprisoned her, just watching quietly.

The same was true for Rodion’s Die Ending.

Though, of course, there had never been a time when Louise was mentally and physically healthy just because it was a Love Ending as well.

There were times when Louise was all caught trying to escape and was unable to run away for the rest of her life, and there were times when she came to regard a daily thing when her wrists always bounded.

‘I mean…this, too, is only a devastating part of the game.’

Again this time, Louise will get hurt, cry, tattered her body and mind, and fall into the hands of the main character or die… And, once more, she will appear again, saying, “My name is Louise, and I will be working here from today!”

After all, we have been playing this game for a while.

The game will be played again from the beginning, anyway…

“Young Master…”

Irene grabbed Otis by the wrist that was holding the iron skewer.

It was quite awkward for her to do something she had never done before, so Irene frowned her face involuntarily.

“Do not do this.”

‘…Since the game will start over again anyway, wouldn’t it be okay to avoid injuries that were not in the original story’

In addition, to the old-fashioned sentiment.

It was all because of that.

Not because Irene was sorry that she was sitting on the sidelines for Louise, who had to lead a devastating life six times.


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