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It was a stupid question, but Irene always answered without hesitation.

“Of course.”

As often as Otis puts a paper rose in her pocket, Ahibalt would ask that question.

‘Do you believe me, Irene’

‘I believe you, First Master.’

If she answered like that, Ahibalt would turn around, saying he knew she would.

However, today he added something else.

“What if I betray your faith”

Ahibalt rested his chin loosely on his fingertips.

“…Would you still believe me, Irene”

‘What… is he trying to ask’

For the first time, the repeated question felt heavy, like her repeated life.

She thought for a moment before answering.

“I believe you are the one who will never betray my faith.”


* * *


Irene thought something was wrong.

No matter how dull she was in the world, she could now notice.

“I wish I could keep it like this, Miss Irene.

Even if you draw it, no one will believe you.

Although If I was them, I would have thought the same.”

…No, she had no choice but to notice.

“A rose blooms in winter! Isn’t it so amazing! Tomorrow, the sun will surely rise from the west!”

Because there were so many strange things happening over and over again to these so-called ‘special events.’

‘Is this really a coincidence…’

Irene turned to look at Louise, who was running all over the place, saying that the rose bloomed in winter.

Even though Louise was loud and cheerful as usual, she was a little different.

The fact that she always had her twinkling eyes slightly blurry, and that Louise could not make eye contact with her.

Besides, she was even more unnecessarily excited today.

“Miss Louise.”

“Yes, yes”

“You are not hiding anything from me, are you”

“Of, of course not!”

‘She is surely hiding something…’

Seeing Louise answering her bravely, Irene just nodded her head.

“By the way, roses in winter are really strange.”

“Right This must be a miracle of someone’s love!

Well, that is an enlarged interpretation…

Irene listened to Louise with the back of her ear while she looked at the rose a little closer.

‘Even if this is a game, there is no way you can ignore the basic laws of physics.’

A rose in winter Besides, just one of these No matter how you look at it, it seemed artificial.

Thinking so, she grabbed the rose branch and tilted it.

‘That is right…’

It was not that the roses suddenly bloomed in winter—it was a blooming rose pinned onto a frozen branch.

The rose was attached to the rose branches very skilfully, even though she does not know who did it.

‘If I had just passed by and looked at it, I would have thought that a rose was really blooming on this branch.’

Irene thought that Louise was hiding had something to do with this, so she decided to pretend she did not know.

“It is a mysterious rose, so let us leave it as it is.

There might be more roses blooming.

“Aren’t you going to take it”

“Yes, everything in the mansion belongs to the Lavrenti.

Employees cannot tamper with it.”

She could not talk about the fact that the flower would hurt if you pluck it since it also has a life, though she was saying that she could not pick it up because it was not hers.

Others would have squinted, but Louise’s eyes were shining with a deeply impressed expression.

“As expected, Miss Irene…!”

Respect and envy from the depths of her heart fell on her face.

From Louise’s point of view, there was no other maid as cool as Irene.

It was not just that she saved herself from several crises.

Of course, there was no cannot guarantee that the effect would be negligible, but Irene was a wonderful maid to anyone.

No matter how messy it was, if Irene touched it, it became as clean as new.

She knew how to spread out wrinkled clothes, and Irenea knew how to put down a pen neatly.

None of the maids Louise had ever seen while visiting various mansions was as cool as Irene.

‘She is a little quiet, though.’

But, would it be strange to say that it seemed rather attractive

Louise, with her gleaned eyes like a puppy in front of its prey, stared at Irene’s face.

She is not only good at her job, but she is also a very neat person—from indifferently opened eyes, to a straight nose, to neatly closed lips…

She looked more like a doll than a person.

‘Because she is such a person, I am sure that was why Master Otis seems to like her, too, right’

Louise’s heart was pounding.

It was very similar to the heart-pounding feeling of opening the first page, after just discovering a very romantic and exciting romance novel.

A love secretly bloomed in the mansion!

A beautiful young master who fell in love with a maid who was always by his side.

However, she was a wonderful maid who does not know her heart and only works quietly!


Louise felt a pink glow just by imagining it, and stamped her feet inside.

Last night after Irene went out, Otis said to her.

— Irene does not know romance.

It is a pity that if she had known, wouldn’t she have noticed about my heart right away

‘Surely, Miss Irene is a woman of reasons.’

Louise shook her head and listened intently to Otis again.

— What Miss Louise has to do is not that difficult.

Just give it a little wind from the side, and if something happens, let me know.

And, from now on, I would like Miss Louise to clean my room before going to bed.

— Me

—Yes, so that we can talk naturally.

— Aha…!

Louise nodded her head as if she had just figured it out.

Seeing that, Otis added with a satisfied smile.

— Please take a good look at the rose garden with Irene tomorrow.

She thought there was something special, however, a rose that bloomed in winter! She did not even think of this.

‘I thought he might make a heart out of candles.’

If Irenea had heard that, she would have been honest and said that she does not think that is good.

However, unlike Irene, who was so devoid of romance, Louise was filled with romance.

So, Louise would not have realized that if Otis really made a heart out of candles, the fire could spread to the lawn in the garden.

“Miss Louise, come here.

Do not stay in the garden too long.”

“Ah, yes!”

When Irene called for Louise, who had fallen behind in thought, she also ran to her hurriedly.

In fact, the Chambermaid’s work was confined to the inside of the mansion.

Since the housemaids do miscellaneous chores, it is common for chambermaids to serve their owners.

Hence, they did not have time for long contemplation in the rose garden.

They have to return to the mansion quickly.

Louise quickly followed Irene and opened her mouth.

“I think this is the prettiest place I have been to.

How long have you been here, Miss Irene”

“Seventy… No, ten years.”

‘Did she just say seventy’ Louise tilted her head.

Of course, it could not be that long.

‘I must have heard it wrong.’

Because she thought she could not do anything right, Louise told herself must have heard it wrong this time, too.’

‘It is not the first time I have felt something strange.’

Let us forget about it as usual.

Throwing away the doubts from what she had heard for a moment, Louise approached Irene again with a grinning smile on her face.

“You have been here for so long! Did you say you are twenty-five now So, you have been here since fifteen”

“Yes, my parents are not here.”

Irene replied in a gentle way.

She had a life that could be said to be quite grotesque if heard, but she had little thought about her past, because it was someone else’s business in the first place.

Irene was set up like that in the character setting.

Her situation was similar to Louise’s.

Unable to pay off her colossal debt, her mother ran away and her father was killed by Knox.

The man who then went to collect the debt — Otis’s appointment — was a man without blood or tears.

Because he thought of bringing the child to work instead of the debt.

That is how the fifteen-year-old Irene entered the Lavrenti mansion.

Every time she watched the ending and regressed, she would return to the point in her first possession.

…Fifteen, when she first came into the mansion as a servant.

When she first entered the game, she had a bit of a hard time adjusting to it.

There were many complaints about whether it was too difficult for a fifteen-year-old to do it.

Nonetheless, since her second regression, she has been proficient, and Irene quickly made her way from a handyman, to housemaid, to the chambermaid.

When she returned seven times, the chef was rarely able to stop her from roasting the chicken.

It was Otis’ eighteenth birthday, and Henrietta, who learned that the chicken was burnt, ordered the chef to be killed.

So, in the end, she saved the chef’s life.

Of course, no one knows that much.


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