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“That is not allowed! If you get rid of it, how will I earn—”

“Didn’t I tell you not to do nonsense The next thing to disappear will not be the district, but your head.

Behave well.


At that, Otis closed the door and left.

The slick shoes climbed over the bodies scattered on the stairs.

They were the people who died while trying to stop him from blindly stepping into Lichpen.

Thanks to this, by the time he left Lichpen, the bloodstains were even more and more strewn along the path Otis passed.



Standing in the garden, he gazed up at the dark sky and caught his breath.

Whenever he faced Henrietta, he was always frustrated.

Even though he does not hate her to the fullest, he could not accept her as his mother, either.

It has always been on his side, weighing down his own feelings.

— It is said that emotions engraved in childhood are not easily forgotten even when grown up.

So, it is possible for the Young Master to do so.

Otis swept away the voice from his childhood that abruptly came to him, then frowned and wiped his face harshly.

‘Would she wake up by now’

Suddenly, he felt he wanted to see her.


* * *


About half a day ago before the current time.

So, just before the silence enveloped the infirmary room where Irene was lying.

“Ah, it’s been a while since I hunted.”

“Be careful not to get hurt anymore, Rodion.”

“If I get hurt more, can I lie down with Rea”

“Do you really think you can, now Stop talking and go.

If you are too late, it will be difficult to meet the time.”

“Okay, I got it… I will get some weapons.

Hold on.”

“Do not come back here again, meet outside.

Unless you plan to target Irene again.”

At Ahibalt’s words, Otis’ gaze turned back to the curtain again.

The black eyes, not knowing what they were thinking, were quickly removed.

“…Well, I see.

Then, I will clean up some papers and go out while Rodion prepares.”

“Why don’t you let a servant do it”

“Well, it is not a big deal.”

Otis shrugged with a leisurely smile.

It meant he would do it himself.

Ahibalt, who did not want to stop him, just shook his head as if to take care of himself and left with Rodion.



As the door closed, a familiar silence began to revolve in the room.

Otis’ shoes turned round and he opened his mouth.

“Now, there are only the two of us left.”


“Are you done pretending to sleep, Irene”

There was no answer, perhaps understandably.

“Are you still thinking of pretending to be asleep”

The moment he took the steps to pull the curtain back…

“…I did not mean to pretend I was sleeping.”

The answer came.

Maybe the paralysis did not go away completely, or the muscle relaxants my doctor gave Irene were doing too good of a job.

Her words were still a bit slurred.

However, the answer that came back was fine.

Contrary to what the attending physician feared, she did not lose her memory, nor was there any damage to her head.

Otis was pleased with the fact.

What should he compare this relief to

As she was pretending to be asleep like that, he intentionally said something mischievous just to elicit a reaction.

It was because he was worried something might go wrong with Irene.

He has been worried all along.


A thin smile appeared on Otis’ lips.

It was a face that would never be seen beyond the curtains.

The gentle face that no one, including Irene, or even Otis himself, knew well.

Without realizing that he was smiling, he pulled the round chair onto the bed.

There were a few paper cranes at his feet, though he did not care.

After the rustling of the paper and the sound of the wood being dragged, Otis again took the square piece of paper and sat down by the curtain.


The sound of folding paper broke the silence between them.

“Then, Irene.

May I ask why you were as quiet as a mouse in a barn”

“Well, my tongue has not warmed up yet.”

“One of us would have noticed if you only raised your hand a little.”

After saying that, Otis unfolded the paper with a straight mark and added.

“As I said before, I am asking because it is an occupational disease for a maid like you to stay quiet.

Usually, there are a lot of rats.

I do not mean to interrogate you, so answer comfortably.

Besides, you have not heard anything you should not hear.”

“…Didn’t you just say that I looked like a mouse hiding in a barn”

“Mouse, how cute is it Cute, and quick.

You are always like that.”

“Um, so.

Are you sure you do not want to question me”

“Of course.”

The answer was cool, but Irene sighed in secret behind the curtain.

‘As expected, he thinks I am being suspicious.’

The problem is that, as Otis said, there was no proper excuse for deliberately pretending to be asleep and staying silent like that.

Obviously, Irene had her own reasons.

The first is that the timing of her waking up was not very good.

— They told me to get married.

It was something else to open her eyes the moment Ahibalt said that.

The three brothers are getting together, putting their heads together, and exchanging gossip about the one who is the mother of the family register.

From there, Irene could not get up and break the situation.

And, the second reason.

‘But, I cannot say that it was because of the game story…’

The place where Irene is now was a scene from a game episode.

If there were one other thing, it would be that Louise was the one who had to lie down here, not her.

This is how the story in the game flows.

First, due to the appearance of Veronica, Louise was harassed by her.

At this time, she was not only afraid of her, though she also feared that if she did something wrong, Veronica would treat her like a toy.

‘So, Veronica left, and Louise panicked for the first time.’

Louise thought she had escaped Lichpen and ran away from Veronica’s grasp.

So, how could she not be terrified when Veronica came back like this and even called herself out

Because of that, she fell into a panic, and the male protagonists administered sedatives to her.

Then, they gathered in the room where Louise was asleep and opened Henrietta’s letter.

The important thing here is that this episode should not be taken lightly.

‘…A turning point in the Ahibalt Route.’

Louise woke up while the main characters were chatting.

At this point, if Louise entered the Otis route safely, she was given two options.

Whether that she would toss and turn to let them know she was awake

Or, will she be silent…

‘If you choose the latter, you will enter the Ahibalt’s Route.’

That was how the current situation was unfolding.

Ahibalt, who noticed that the person behind the curtain was not asleep, sent the others out and started talking.

So, if there is one difference from now, it would be that the people who should have been here originally were Louise and Ahibalt…

However, because of how things were unfolding right now, Irene was rather puzzled.


‘I definitely chose to keep quiet because I thought the First Master would notice…’

Instead, the only one who stayed behind was Otis.

One thought that popped up in Irene’s head when she realized that she had fallen into the middle of the episode instead of Louise was…

‘The game will be back, anyway.’

Tomorrow, the sun will rise and the stage will continue regardless of her will.

Irene was not just a beginner who would make a fuss because the storyline was slightly different from the original.

After all, an extra who almost overturned the whole story with the story of her resignation a few days ago, and the experience of playing the game six times…

It was her.

Now, most situations could not embarrass her.

So, she calmly rolled her head.


‘The game went around in the midst of that mess.’

No matter what the variables were, the game would somehow advance to the next episode.

Towards the love and death of the heroine, Louise.

Therefore, there was nothing special about the extras falling in the middle of the episode.

If she thought about it a little more carefully, the reason would eventually appear.

Because of that, Irene lay flat on her back and blinked her eyes, thinking.

‘In this life, it definitely means she is in Rodion’s Route.’

One condition was required in order to select ’Keep Silent’ at the Ahibalt junction.

She would not have entered the Rodion Route right away.

The reason is unknown, but when entering the Rodion route, Louise was not even given a choice in this episode.

It was only in the story that she interrupts the conversation of the main characters by letting them know that she is awake.

In other words, it meant that this episode was not treated as important in the Rodion Route.

‘That means that there must have been a possibility that I might get involved as an extra.’

It was good news.

Irene was deeply concerned about the case where Louise could not proceed with Rodion’s Route.


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