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Perhaps, could it be a system that has been introduced that accumulates points when you are alone

As much as they thought, they went in and out of the place Irene was until the threshold was worn out.

The first was Otis.

He, who always held out paper flowers to Irene, suddenly appeared with a bouquet the day after she collapsed.

“Irene, are you going to pretend to sleep again today Look at this, I brought fresh flowers today.”

“…Where did you get flowers in this weather”

Ahibalt did the same.

Could it be that spring came while she was lying down Even at the suspicious gaze of Irene, Otis did not give in the slightest and just smiled.

“It was not easy, but the thing in the vase looked withered.”

“I put them in yesterday”

“It seems to be a flower that withers quickly.

Look, the tip is already yellow.”

“Isn’t it originally a yellow flower”

“Do not worry about such a small thing.

The flowers I bought are prettier.”

Is it so

Otis, who smiled sweetly like a flower, took Ahibalt’s bouquet of flowers, threw them into the trash can, and put his own in the vase.

“Every time you see this flower, think of me.”

‘…Well, I cannot help but think that way.’

After such a suspicious bouquet of presents passed once, it was Rodion who came to visit next.

“Really, aren’t you bored when you are alone I brought an animal to accompany me.

This Doberman is very loyal.”

“What a wonderful friend.”

“Right If anyone approaches you, he might bite you and kill them.”

“You are a scary friend…”

‘Including him with an innocent face while talking like this…’

Nevertheless, maybe even the blood of iron-faced blood flows through the genes of this house.

Rodion had an expression that did not care at all.

No, she should say that the atmosphere had changed a bit.

He became a little outspoken… In the past, he would have been hesitant a little after saying this.

“Congratulations, Rea.”

This time saying this, he even bent his eyes slightly.

There was something that pointed to the cause of the sudden change of atmosphere.


‘Maybe he took it out.’


A magical relic that was now known to have disappeared, and the only weapon left to Rodion by his predecessor.

‘To be precise, it would be correct to say that it is a weapon that only Rodion can handle.’

Elios was not strictly a weapon, but the name of the material that became the weapon.

An ancient heritage of magic that flowed into Lavrenti through the black market.

Nevertheless, magic was needed to deal with Elios, and unfortunately, all of the magic had now been lost, and no one could handle it.

Elios, which had almost become such a useless item even to sell, was turned into a weapon by a woman who accidentally visits the previous head of Lavrenti.

‘Edith Lavrenti.’

Rodion’s mother and a genius alchemist devoted to the study of ancient heritage.

She was a person who aspired for higher status and wealth for her studies, and the predecessor Lavrenti required Edith’s studies.

‘And, she wanted a descendant who could handle Elios even if she couldn’t use magic.’

Clearly, Edith’s research was genius.

However, even though she succeeded in processing Elios, she failed to activate Elios even without magic.

In the end, after much trial and error, she came to this conclusion.

— I don’t think it is supposed to be an ordinary person.

We need a special object.

The fact that, in order to activate Elios, an extraordinary ‘someone’ was needed.

And, Rodion was a child born under that interest.

A child born to be able to use Elios.

‘Because of that, he was born thanks to that and his constitution was remodeled.

He hardly ever got out of the room until he was fifteen.’

Under Edith’s insistence of controlling variables as much as possible, Rodion spent most of his life as her mother’s subject, locked in his room.

‘Of course, Rodion doesn’t know this yet, but…’

To be precise, no one knew the truth except for the former head of Lavrenti and Edith.

Others only knew that Rodion was simply too weak to leave the room when he was young and had to drink the potion his mother had made.

It was said that the disease that occurred at that time changed his constitution and became the only body that could handle Elios.

So, it was true that he was almost imprisoned in order to change his constitution, so it is not very wrong.

However, this had one side effect.

That is, his personality can be assimilated into Elios.

‘It was said that after using it, it assimilates into the violence of the weapon and changes its personality a little bit.’

So, on some routes, you could see a completely blackened Rodion.

But, that was the story when you played that route to the end.

‘I do not know now.’

As far as Irene knew, Elios was not used now.

‘Is it just my mood that he feels a little different’

The part that was not revealed much in the game’s story was hard to understand, no matter how many times she had been in this game for six years.

Nevertheless, she could not openly ask if he took out Elios.

In the end, Irene decided to demonstrate the spirit of an office worker after much deliberation.

If she has to strip down from the top, she will do it.

Irene decided to use ‘praise’ for Rodion—

—Which was stroking his head.

Needless to say, the effect was incredible!

“…Did I say I was stabbed then If that was the case, we could lie down together.”

…It was as though she had heard some kind of terrifying murmur.

In any case, thanks to these two, Irene came to realize just how uncomfortable it was to lie down in front of her employers.

No, in fact, up to this point, it was somewhat still a level that she could tolerate because the two of them were friendly to her as usual.

Moreover, they seemed to feel guilty about the fact that she was in bed because of Veronica’s work.

With that in mind, she was not at all unacceptable, Irene thought.

And so, three days passed just like that.

“…First Master”

“What is going on, Irene”

“Excuse me, but what are these desks and papers all about”

“I am going to work here from today.”


…Ahibalt moved his office.

As Irene’s eyes widened, unable to find her words, Ahibalt smiled loosely and continued.

“I heard that this place is such a busy place.

Does everyone come to this place before going on their way to work So, I thought that it would be better for me to get work here, too.”

“Still, the office…”

“I do not think you would accept my brothers but not me.

Irene, I would be quite sad.”

‘…That was exactly what I was trying to say.’

When Irene, who was stabbed in the face, did not answer.

Ahibalt’s eyes narrowed.

“I want to be by your side, too.

Will you allow me”

Irene could see countless emotions intertwined in the smile that asked the question.

She could not quite figure out what it was, though she knew one thing from her senses and experience.

It was the fact that Ahibalt was patient about something.

However, what is it… He certainly wasn’t like that when he came the night she fell.

Irene pondered over the time he had visited earlier.

That day, Irene tossed and turned while Otis went out and thought for a moment, before falling asleep due to the effect of the relaxing medicine.

Though when she opened her eyes, she saw something rustling in the middle of the darkness.

It was also the silhouette of an adult male with a fairly large physique.

The moment she checked, goosebumps appeared all over Irene’s body.

‘Who is it’

In retrospect, this place was Knox.

Even though she was used to it, it meant that it was not unusual for an assassin to wander around one or two times.

Irene, unwittingly tightening her body, hurriedly ran her hand under her blanket.

‘Something to attack.

Don’t I have anything worth hitting at all’

It would be great to have a knife that someone accidentally left behind, Even if it was an injection needle.

‘Even a needle, please…!’


Perhaps, seeing the bed move, the silhouette turned towards Irene.

Thousands of thoughts ran through her mind in that brief moment.


“Are you awake”

At the sound of the ensuing voice, she felt all her tensions melt away at once.

“…First master”

She could see the person in front of her tilting his head to the side slightly at the call.

It was the person she knew well.

Was it just her feelings that the cold, frozen air in the room felt warm in an instant

Irene slowly got up and grabbed the blanket tightly without realizing it.

Meanwhile, Ahibalt approached and asked a question.

“Is your body okay Now, the words seem to be coming out, right”

“Ah… Yes.”

“In the afternoon, Otis told me that you had woken up safely.

He said you woke up after we left.”

As it was a little later, saying so, Ahibalt lit the gas lamp next to her.

At that, the room lit up in an instant with the sound of a sharp flick of the match.

Since she fell asleep as the curtains were pulled up, Irene could see the scenery in the room as it was.

A man with a sharp atmosphere surrounding him was standing obliquely against the scarlet light, in a familiar, yet unfamiliar room.

Irene quickly recognized the cause of the strangeness.

“…It looks like there are flowers in this season as well.”

…The presence of a vase placed on the closet next to Ahibalt.

At her words, Ahibalt smiled softly and affirmed.

“I think you liked flowers quite a bit, Irene.”

‘Did I like flowers…’

While she was suddenly questioning that, Ahibalt went closer to the bed and drew the curtain behind her back.

“Looking at what you like helps relax your mind, doesn’t it The doctor said it is important to calm you down.”


Irene pondered for a moment if she needed stability again this time.

Unlike a while ago, the answer came quickly.

“I am fine.”

“That is the word I have heard the most since getting to know you.

I think it is time to stop listening to it.”

At the subtly yet resolute urge, Irene slowly laid herself down again.

She did not forget to glance at Ahibalt after putting her head on the pillow.

Fortunately, he seemed satisfied.

Perhaps, his only purpose was to leave flowers in her room.

He did not talk to her further and just carefully covered her up thoroughly again.

No matter how much she thought about it, it was not just kindness to a servant.


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