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Irene’s question was somewhat distressing.

However, when Louise heard the question, she tilted her head as if she did not understand the English language.

“I like Miss Irene, and I want you to get well soon, right Of course, that was also a gift for helping me all this time.

I heard that if you eat well, you will get better faster!”

Louise smiled cheerfully, bending her arms like someone trying to show off her muscles.

However, Irene was rather impressed by the appearance.


She is really a fool.’

That smiling face, and acting bravely even though it was obvious that it would be difficult to do the work alone… It was all foolish.

Irene knew Louise and this mansion well.

Originally, it was Louise who collapsed in this episode because she was very afraid of Veronica.

Will it not hurt her just because she became confident this time

In retrospect, when she collapsed, Louise curiously questioned her condition.

— Oh, my God! Young Masters, what if Miss Irenea dies like this! What if her body hardens like this and becomes as stiff as a plaster and turns into a stone!

You might think that it was just a worry from good imagination… But, rather, it would be more correct to say that it was because she had seen cases like Irene many times.

After all, Louise was also a person who came from Lichpen.

Irene recalled the tearful face of Louise, whom she had seen as she collapsed and her vision was constantly dulling.

‘At that time, she was really surprised.’

So much so that she could not help but worry about it.

So, when Rodion came to visit, Irene asked carefully.

— Youngest Master, may I ask you one thing

— Huh What is it Ask me anything!

— Thank you.

It is about Miss Louise.

At that time, Rodion had a visibly disappointed expression on his face.

Though obviously, Irene was not the kind of person who cared about such things.

— I am a little worried because Miss Louise seems to have been very surprised that day.

Is she all right

— …I do not know either.

I had some work to do that day.

I am not free enough to care about a maid.

Why are you asking me that

— Because the Youngest Master seems to be close to Miss Louise.

To be precise, it was because Louise has now entered the Rodion’s Route.

Rodion, unaware of the circumstances, looked quite heartbroken.

— You can ask the butler about that.

Is that all you have to ask me

— The butler does not come often.

‘And, it is difficult for me to ask other Masters.

So, I am sorry if it is rude…’

— …Rea, does that mean that I am more comfortable to you than my brothers

— Well, yes.

When Rodion asked the question, Irene agreed without hesitation.

If she had to pick the person she was most comfortable with among the three male protagonists, it was definitely Rodion.

Even though he was obviously emotional and hard to say that he was gentle, that made him easier to deal with.

Because his feelings are more clearly revealed than Ahibalt or Otis, whom she could not quite understand their feelings.

Besides, there were many areas where she wanted to hug a young man, who still felt like a child.

Maybe, it was because Rodion often asked Irene for ‘commendation.’

Whatever the reason, she was comfortable with Rodion.

At that fact, Rodion’s crumpled heart looked like it had been ironed cleanly.

Immediately after that, he lit up his black eyes and confided all of the current situation of Louise that he knew.

So, since she heard the story, it was even more difficult for her to receive Louise’s favor.

According to Rodion’s story, Louise sometimes grabs her fingertips as if he was surprised.

As if trying to make sure it was not solid yet.

How could she come to check up on her when she was trembling like that herself…

“I do not understand anymore.

How do you even say that I might throw it all away…”

“But, Miss Irene, you never locked the door to your room.”

‘…If you did not want me to come, you could lock the door.’

“So, how can I not come to see you”

In the end, Louise said so and smiled broadly.

Her beautiful face, loved by her male protagonists, became even more beautiful in the moonlight.

Looking at her face, Irene thought.

It was really hard not to love someone who deserves to be loved.


* * *


Even though it was so hazy now that she could not even remember, Irene was not that indifferent in the beginning.

There were happy days and sad days at the beginning of the return—on those days when she would be angry, and on days when she beat her heart from sadness.

Of course, she was also close with Louise.

No matter what, Irene liked a good-natured character like Louise, and regarded her as a friend in Knox, who had no one to be attached to.


That was the case until her third regression.

It was not until one day that she realized that, even after seeing all the Love endings of Louise, she could not return to reality.

Failing to return to reality in the previous three play-throughs meant one thing…

That she had to go back to reality through Louise’s death.

In order to return to reality, she had to drive Louise into her tragedy.

She hesitated, but she eventually did it.

Irene saw Louise twisted, broken, and in despair.

Nevertheless, she still could not return to reality.

Irene drove her back, again and again, into her destined tragedy.

…Consequently, she killed Louise three times.

And now, she was about to leave the mansion, leaving her on this two-way road, love and death.

Irene vowed in her heart that she would never spare Louise again, and that she would never get close to her.

Though… are there times when things go as you desire

She eventually gave Louise half the bed that night.

The bed here was much softer than what Louise and Irene originally used, and the blankets were excellent as well.

“Miss Irene.

I suddenly wanted to get sick.”

“That kind of thing… do not say it.”

“Of course, I am joking!”

It seemed half-serious, but she decided not to argue.

Meanwhile, Louise rubbed her cheek against the silk duvet and smiled broadly.


This feels like we are having a pajama party! I used to do it a lot when I was younger.”

Irene knew that, too.

Louise’s pajama party.

The few sparkling memories of her childhood that she cherished.

“When I first saw Miss Irene, I thought you were a little scary because you did not smile very much.

Although now, I know that Miss Irene is kind.”

“…That is too much of a compliment for me.”

“Not at all! I am always indebted to Miss Irene.

I get a lot of help.”

It was not like that.

Still, she did not even want to be humbled by the truth, so Irene quietly listened instead of answering.

Louise’s words were mostly what she had been saying—

—How wonderful of a maid she was, and how lucky she was herself to be able to work with the same shooter as Irene.

And, how surprised she was when Irene collapsed.

“I was with the Young Master Rodion at that time, and I was really startled! I was impatient about what to do if something went wrong with Miss Irene, but everyone was so calm…”

“Anyway, it is all right since I am still alive.”

“That is right.

Though at that time, I thought…”

“What were you thinking”

“I hope Miss Irene is happy.”

It was an extension of the idea that made her bring her own meals, Louise said.

“When you eat something delicious, you feel a little bit better! When I am full, it is easier to think.”

Of course, she had the intention to eat well and be healthy, but she thought that Irene would be happy even a little bit after eating this, so she said that she was happy even though she was hungry.

As she listened to those heartfelt, sincere affections, Irene felt somewhat lighter.

She then patted Louise, who fell asleep as she thought so.

‘As much as you wish for my happiness, I wish for your happiness as well.’

Even if our lives are constantly spinning in the same place.

‘I hope that you, who deserve to be loved in every moment, are happy.’


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