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The lady, who was still pretty and lovely, was staring down at her with contemptuous eyes.

— An abomination.

If I become the Hostess of Lavrenti, you will be fired immediately.

— ….

— I am Charlotte Eunice.

Henrietta Lavrenti’s niece, who will be the hostess of Lavrenti.

I am here to see who will be my fiancée, Ahibalt Lavrenti, the owner of Lavrenti, to let you know.

— ….

— Did you become deaf after being hit once

— …Haha, no! First of all, I will have to check and confirm the Master’s schedule.

Uh, yes… Tea room! I will take you to the tea room.


After that, there were only gibberish memories.

Louise did not remember when she took her to the tea room.

It seemed that she only had the thought that Charlotte was a guest and that she should be taken care of.

Still, she smiled at the thought that if she cried here, she would cause trouble for Irene again.

Thankfully, she caught a male servant who was passing by and asked him to guide Charlotte into the tea room.

Then, she immediately ran to Irene.

Even though Louise felt that this time, she must have dealt with it quite well.

However, in the end, she still ended up not doing anything right this time on her own.

It felt like she was going to fail no matter what she did in the future, so the tip of her nose frowned as if she had eaten mustard.

But, she quickly shook it off.

‘This is not the time.

First of all, you have to do what Miss Irene asked for.’

Being scolded and beaten for not being able to work was something she had experienced a lot in her previous jobs.

There was nothing new.

Louise rubbed his dry eyes with her sleeve for nothing before moving on again.

If she did something wrong, Irene could end up being punished like her.

So, before that, she had to hurriedly go and fulfill her request.

Irene’s request was simple.

First, go to Rodion as soon as possible, and convey a message.

With that thought, she hurriedly ran into the annex where Rodion was.

While holding the hem of her skirt up high and running as fast as she could, the animals in various places cried excitedly, though Louise did not care.

“The Youngest Master!”

“Huh, what”

Bang! When the door opened loudly, Rodion’s head turned around.

In front of him was a black cat drinking milk.

“You surprised the kids.

What is going on”

“Ha, haa—! Miss Irenea asked me to tell you this!”

“What did Rea say”

“Yes! She needs a hound!”

As soon as Louise finished speaking, Rodion’s expression changed.

After stroking the cat once, he got up and approached her before asking.

“Where is she”


“Where Rea is.

Where is she”

“Ah, the tea room in the greenhouse.”

“Really Okay.”

Rodion answered, tying the ribbon on his shirt that had been untied.

Glancing, his gaze crossed Louise once and he tilted his head as though wondering.

“Your face looks a little swollen”

“Yes, what It is not.”

“It is more subtle than when I saw you before… Hmm…”

He then crouched his upper body down a little to be at the same height as her.

After a moment, he shrugged and stood up again.

“Well, if not then never mind.

Do not go anywhere and get hit.

By the way, I gave the cat milk just like you said, so take a look.

I am leaving.”

“Oh, yes…”

Eventually, the door closed softly after her words, and the sound of Rodion moving away could be heard.

Only after the sound disappeared, Louise stumbled back one step at a time without realizing it.

Since the door had steps higher than the floor, the revision was higher, so Louise staggered back down the stairs and slumped down on the marble floor.

The animals that Rodion was raising in the annex came to her side.

A whining puppy wagging its tail pulled Louise’s skirt with its mouth, and a parrot flew in and sat on her head.

She could feel the cat’s tail slightly wrapped around her feet.

In a place where there was no human voice and only animals that could not speak, Louise buried her face in both hands.

Only then did she cry a little.


* * *


’I need a hound dog.’

If she said that, he would understand.

And, even though she looked like that, Louise was quite fast, so Rodion would be coming soon.

Irene was confident and hurried to the greenhouse.

Her plan was simple.

‘Let’s send Charlotte back as soon as possible.’

If it had been other times, the story would have been different, such as trying to use this variable, but the game was already progressing quickly.

‘Because I have already come this far.

I have to be careful.’

If she made a mistake, she might end up stuck in the mansion until the seventh round.

The episode of 「 A Blood Stained Portrait 」 was where the kind of prelude where love and death begin in earnest…

Irene’s goal was to finish this episode well and leave the mansion.

Because after this episode began, it would be very difficult to get out when the other episodes start to swirl in full motion.

‘After tea time, the painter would be arriving at the mansion.’

So, when the painter came, she had to prepare for the first episode of Otis.

What was the episode in between…

A Letter to Lichpen A Broken Music Box

All the basic episodes were the same until a few turning points were passed, although the progress would be different, depending on who the main male protagonist was.

In addition, even though the content was the same, the rest of the parts were fluid, so Irene had to keep an eye on all the variables at all times.

Otherwise, she may miss something important.

Therefore, the existence of a variable at such an important time meant one thing…

Whatever it is, it needs to be removed quickly.

So, Irene called Rodion.

There were three reasons.

The first reason was Charlotte’s weakness.

The so-called counter in game terminology was the main protagonist of the route.

‘And, in this life, I am proceeding with the Rodion route.’

Thus, in theory, Charlotte likes Rodion, so she was stuck with him.

The problem was that it was not yet clear if she truly liked him.

‘However, if I just the First Master as Charlotte wants, that would just prove that I am a completely incompetent maid.’

The servant who brought in an unwanted encounter to the employee was the height of incompetence itself.

Besides, Otis was not in the mansion now, so the only person she could call was Rodion.

That was the second reason.

And, the third one was surprisingly simple…

— I will be Rea’s hunting dog.

Call me anytime you need me, and I will go and give you everything.

Because Rodion had a promise with Irene when he was young.


* * *


In this life, Irene’s daily life in Lavrenti as a child could not be said to be smooth, even with empty words.

Of course, it was great that there were no difficult chores she was forced to do as she was in a place where there was no harsh labour for young children.

Rather, it was due to the harassment and bullying among the servants.

“Hey, Irene.

Give me a button.

Look, mine is all gone.”

“But, I do not have a spare either.”

At her words, a boy from the stable standing in front of her grumbled.

“Then, take what is in your clothes and give it to me.

You can get it by rubbing your palms with the Masters, right”

The uniforms given to the servants of Lavrenti were all made of high-quality products compared to other mansions.

In particular, the price of the uniforms went up because the button decoration with the emblem of Lavrenti was made by processing opal stone.

Obviously, it was nothing compared to gold buttons, which are really high-end products, though it was more salutary to collect and sell buttons than the additional allowance that was often given.

As a result, servants often broke the button and secretly sold them.

And, when this was discovered, a new rule was established in the Lavrenti mansion.

If you do not fully button up your clothes, you will be disciplined.

So, if you do not want to be punished, you have to pay a lot of money to buy a button.

Therefore, servants of Irene’s age often took advantage of this to steal buttons from her.

She was hired here because of her parents’ debt, so she had no money to buy her buttons.

“When we walk around to clean the floor, you sit down with the Masters and play leisurely.

Then, would we be the only ones to get disciplinary action”

“I sit down and work, too.

Other times, I work no differently than you do.”

“Still, it does not change that things are better for you, right Even if you get disciplined, if you show some tears, they will release you right away.”

“Yeah! So, do not talk anymore and give it to us!”


Irene was pushed by the hands of a big boy.

At that time, it was common for her to be beaten in her daily life.


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