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In the meantime, he picked up a black cat.

It was not the first time he picked up a cat that looked injured or in a difficult situation, though it was the first time he had such a black cat.

The moment he turned his head to the sound of meowing and their eyes met, Rodion recalled a memory from his past.

‘I think the Young Master resembles a cat the most.’

‘Really Everyone says that I’m like a puppy, but you think so’

‘Of course, you look a little more like a dog, though.’

‘There are many kinds of cats.

The kittens were particularly ugly.

Are you trying to say that I look like that’

‘Do you think I’m trying to say you resemble them’


At that time, Rodion used to grumble at Irene’s words.

Still, her calm and playful purple eyes just made it difficult for him to do so.

This has never happened with anyone else in his life, so it was strange.

‘I’ve seen a black cat with thick fur before.

The Youngest Master looks like that cat.’

‘Was it a bad cat It’s not like there’s a spot in the fur or a big scar or something like that, right’

‘It was a very cute cat with no scratches except for being a little dirty.’

After she said that, he just let it go.

Suddenly, a cat appeared in front of him that was exactly the same as Irene’s description at that time.

Was that why It occurred to Rodion that if he took this cat, she might tell him a story that was dwelling in her mind.

Now that he thought about it, it was a really baseless idea…


“Yes, Young Master.”

As always, a quick answer.

Rodion slowly got up, before opening his mouth with his eyes closed.

“No matter how much I think about it, I think I need Rea.”

It was the first thing Rodion brought up.

Even If the other person dies, what can he do if he does not bring up his feelings Thinking that, he decided to express his feelings first.

Ahibalt believed in Irene’s trust and asked directly, but Rodion could not do the same.

…Because he had never been so sure about their relationship.

“Anywhere I go, I need Rea.

I don’t think there’s anything that can replace Rea.


“Young Master.”

Irene cut off his words.

Raising her head, she could see a look on this face that she had never seen before.

He had an expression on his face that was neither happy nor sad.

What does that mean…

“There is nothing in the world that cannot be replaced.

You will soon get used to life without me.”

One thing was certain, Irene had no intention of bending her mind about leaving.

It was as if Rodion could hear the sound of something breaking inside him at that firm attitude.

The moment when his mouth was about to open unexpectedly…

Ding, ding.

The bell hanging on the door of the greenhouse rang clearly.

Then, a familiar Footman came in and found Irene.

“Miss Irene, the painter has arrived.”

“Oh, it’s already been that long”

Irene raised her body up before moving a couple of steps away from Rodion.

“He came a little earlier than expected.

William asked if the studio was ready.”

“It’s done.

I’ll bring the painter inside, so Mr.

Miller, please ask Mr.

Beckins to prepare the First Master.

He’ll be in the office.”

“Yes, Miss Irene.”

At the expert instructions, the Footman nodded and left the greenhouse with a large stride.

Irene, too, also greeted and left, saying that she would soon call someone to clean up the greenhouse.

There was no one left by Rodion’s side.


Not like the feeling of being left alone, he hurriedly left the greenhouse as well.

On his way out, he blankly thought.

‘After all, animals are better than people.’

If you give affection to them, they will love you back, and you can keep them by your side as much as you want.

If you put shackles on them and put them on a leash for wanting to keep people around, you will be criticized.

Though it is all right to use leashes on animals.

So, animals are better.

Animals are better than people who will leave him someday.

The sudden feeling of sadness caused by loneliness made the mansion seem too wide.

In the mansion, everyone else was human, and only he felt like an animal.

A rather lonely animal that longed for affection and wanted someone to be around…

As he walked back to the annex, Rodion could see the animals he had left behind and someone in between.

“Oh, the Youngest Master!”

A silver-haired maid wielding a toy fishing rod to a kitten.

She smiled cheerfully as usual, though the tip of her nose and the corners of her eyes were red.

“As you said, I was watching the animals!”

Rodion frowned at that lively greeting.

“Did you… cry”

“Can you tell I thought it got a little better.”

“That’s amazing.

I heard you got hit.”

“Oh, that’s true, but it’s okay.

It doesn’t hurt too much.”

“But, are you crying You could’ve watched them just for a little before going back.”

“This kid kept holding on to me, so I couldn’t get my feet off.

I’m hanging around with such a cute face, so could I leave it I have a leash in my hand.”

Louise then laughed as she said, “I even shed tears when we were together.”

Seeing that, Rodion felt as if he was hit.

What Louise said a while ago stuck with him and did not fall off.

“…That’s right.”

If only he was an animal, and everyone else was human.

So, if they leave him easily…

…All you have to do is keep them from leaving.

Animals also cling onto their owners.

While their hands are on the leash, animals just need to hold on to the skirt with a sad face.


‘That is how I need to do it.’

After realizing what he should do, Rodion’s black eyes shone dexterously.


* * *


Charlotte cautiously entered Lichpen.

Unlike Lavrenti’s mansion made of relatively light wood and marble, Lichpen’s mansion, which gave an old-fashioned and heavy atmosphere by using ebony everywhere, still lingered in the characteristic quietness.

That meant that it was utterly impossible to get in without showing any signs of presence.

Tak—As soon as her shoes entered the mansion, a voice was heard.

“Are you here, Charlotte”

“Oh, yes!”

She looked up to see Veronica leaning against the railing on the second floor, smoking a long pipe.

Perhaps, she went out today since her unique cerebral and decadent atmosphere stood out even more.

It also meant that she was in a good mood.

Because Veronica, who has a fiery temper, used to show her mood through her outfit.

This gave Charlotte, who had been constantly anxious about what had happenedLavrenti, feeling relieved.

Fortunately, she hoped that Veronica would never hit her.

Going up the stairs, she opened her mouth and asked Veronica.

“How about Madam Henrietta and Madam Edith”

“Henrietta is out.

Edith is in the lab as usual.”

As she answered, Veronica mumbled, “That crazy woman can’t sleep,” before laughing lightly then a sip of her pipe.

“Well, what about Lavrenti Did you make a fuss”

“There wasn’t any fuss.

However, the mansion is very beautiful! I was envious of Lady Veronica, who has grown up in such a place, all over again.

It was so amazing!”

Veronica, who was now in a good mood because of Charlotte’s praises, smirked.

“Isn’t it pretty I used to play with my brother in the garden of the mansion.

Now, that’s all memories.

What else What about the kids”

“Well, that’s… Actually, I haven’t seen anyone other than Young Master Rodion.

He kicked me out because a visitor was coming soon… Sorry, I’m sorry—!”

Veronica would definitely throw a fit.

With that thought, Charlotte shut her eyes tightly.

Though for some reason, even though she waited, nothing happened.

Rather, there was loud laughter instead.

“Ahaha! Of course, it is!”

“Ye, yes…”

‘…What’s going on’

When Charlotte asked back, Veronica waved her hand and laughed.

“They aren’t fools.

Do you really think they will just accept you that easily Of course, they will kick you out.

Besides, as far as I know, today is the day Henrietta’s painter arrives, isn’t it”

“Oh, was the guest they were talking about the painter”

“Of course.

I sent you on purpose before the painter left.

That way, the person I planted will be able to move while you are being beaten to the door.”

It was then that Charlotte understood the meaning of Veronica’s words.

It was a reasonable excuse to come and check her movements, and the truth was that the spy she planted needed bait to divert everyone else’s so that they could move.

In short, it was all on Veronica’s palm.


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