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Irene has realized something through the experience of a total of six lives.

The fact that being emotionally involved with the main protagonist was something that made it difficult only for her in one way or another.

Because they already have a predetermined destiny and love, the conclusion is the same after squeezing through that gap for a while.

But, Irene knew…

She knew that she would have come to a similar conclusion even if she had not known about the game.

The reason is simple.

It was because she was a maid who had been sold for debt, and not a partner.

“The Young Master may have many things if he stretches out his hand, though I have only one.”

So, she herself was the only one whom she could cherish the most.

Even though in the fourth life, she fell into the temptation of Otis because she was nearly exhausted from desperation, now, it was not like that.

And so, Irene decided to bring back the lie she had told the other day.

“Once again, I have someone I love.

I want to do that with someone I love.”

“…Oh, that love.

About Louise Orpen.”

She could see Otis’s lips crooked saying that.

That was his consistent expression whenever any mention of love appeared.

That was why Irene deliberately brought up ‘love’ to change her topic.

“I didn’t know you were still fooled by a pun like love.”

It was a little ridiculous for him to say that with a face that would not be strange even if he whispered love right away just a moment ago.

Otis’ face turned cold and stiff.

“You said you loved her enough even to decide to leave… Although you don’t seem so affectionate, so I thought this would cool off quickly.”

“It’s because I’m the type of person who doesn’t show the outside even if I have a crush.

Besides, if I show my feelings, wouldn’t it be uncomfortable for Louise”

“…I didn’t think you would be so foolish.”

Otis smirked and covered my mouth with his hand.

He had never trusted Irene’s love, except shortly after she announced her resignation.

No matter what others may think, at least, that was what Otis thought so.

It does not matter how he looked at it, Irene’s attitude towards Louise was too dry to be that of her beloved.

Of course, he could not deny that Irene treated Louise a little special.

He knew Irene, who was more like a sharp knife than she looked, because she used to react particularly bluntly to Louise.

‘Sometimes, she looked anxious.’

But, that was all.

There was no longing or passion in her gaze towards Louise.

Rather, she seemed a little apologetic and even sympathetic to her.

That was why Otis thought that her heart was not that deep or that her love had quickly grown cold.

Louise Orpen certainly had a beautiful appearance, no matter what anyone said.

If Irene had that kind of taste, he would have been able to beat her.

And that she might get tired of her terrible work ability or get sick of the endless innocence.

Either way, it was quite possible.

For Otis, it was already a foregone conclusion that Irene’s love was no longer there.

So, when she mentioned her love for Louise out of her mouth, he could not help but be embarrassed.

…Not anyone else, Irene, who had never had the slightest bit of affection for others like himself, really discussed love

If she had loved someone, would it not be him who was on her side, rather than the maid whom she had only known for less than a month He had been with her since she was young, so would it not be better to love him if he has a special bond with her…

How could she refuse his temptation and say her love to the maid who was so hollow in her head

Otis really could not understand.

“If you say that, will she get to know your feelings at all It’ll be like pouring water into a broken cup!”

“It doesn’t matter.

I’m not asking her to know.”

On the other hand, Irene was calm.

For a person who would not normally say the least of lies, Irene was proud of the lie in a strange way.

Especially in this kind of situation, she felt like she was coming out more smoothly.

‘…Louise, I am sorry.’

Irene continued her words, expressing a deep apology to Louise in her heart, and continued, “Someone told me… Unrequited love is like a sunflower.”

Unrequited love is like a sunflower.

In fact, this was part of the dialogue from the game.

A line used to explain how unrequited love was an act that does not ask for anything in return.

“People who have unrequited love will always look at their partner, but from the other person’s point of view, it’s only when they look back or make eye contact once in a while.”

How difficult is it for the sunflower to gaze at the sun under the scorching sun, so that the sun would look back and recognize it…

However, the reason the sunflower looks to the sun is not to announce its existence.

It was because they can be satisfied with themselves.

For sunflowers, that means happiness.

“Even if there’s no price, that’s enough.

Unrequited love.”

“It’s enough without any price… Don’t you think it’s even more stupid Your mind will change someday.

Nothing changes as easily as the human mind.”

“It’s precious to change.

No one cares about things that don’t change.”

Immutability seems to be very great and sublime, though its essence lay in emptiness.

Life is made up of many changes, and when something becomes too ordinary without changing too much, it is easy to forget its value.

As if the present Irene did not value her life, and the male protagonists did not value her until she announced that she would leave the mansion.

“If it doesn’t change, it loses its value.

In the end, in a sense, nothing doesn’t change.”

“Why is there nothing that doesn’t change Diamonds are diamonds no matter how much time passes.

Aren’t you afraid of getting hurt because you love things that change”

“It’s scary.

However, even if I’m afraid, it’s love that reaches out and holds my hand.”

‘…Just as you, who denied love like this, did in your life one day.’

Nevertheless, Otis, who could not remember his life back then, had a very dissatisfied expression on his face.

“…I still don’t understand.

What the hell did you like about her so much Her face”

At his question, Irene began to reflect on Louise’s strengths as best as possible because she did not actually love anyone.

Still, she could not just say that straightforwardly here.

A reason why she loves Louise…

“Of course, she has a pretty face.”

“I’m confident that my face won’t lose to that.”

“So, if only her face had been taken into account, I would have loved the Young Master, right”

“Didn’t you just weigh it with her face”

…If she had, she would have loved him.

At the sound of the complaints in return, Irene burst out a small laugh for the first time.

It was funny that he acted like a child just because his temptation failed.

Those words had no sense of sincerity in the first place, so she smiled and continued.

“And, I like kind people.”

“Have I not always been kind”

“Of course, you do though I think it’s good because I’m the type of person who doesn’t have ups and downs, so with her, she laughs and cries well.”

“Then, that’s my overwhelming victory.

Have you ever seen someone who smiles as well as me If you regret not seeing my tears, I can cry now.”

It was said that these days, men who cry beautifully are popular these days.

A warning light lit briefly in Irene’s mind at the added words.

‘What if I get seduced again by doing this’

Otis was good at acting as much as he was good at seducing.

Perhaps, it was his family history that he was good at acting.

So, if she said that she liked that, Otis might burst into tears right away.

Although it could be said to be an excess of self-consciousness, Irene could not overlook what she had just experienced.

‘I need a clear difference…’

No matter how hard he tried, there must be a gap between him and Louise that could not be bridged.

What was it…

Irene thought for a moment and said, “Oh!” before opening her mouth.

“And, I liked that Miss Louise is the same on the outside and inside.

If it’s something that’s different from the Young Master, that’s probably it.”

Her calm voice made Otis’s mouth shut.

In a tone that seemed a little shocked, he eventually spoke,

“Do I look different on the outside and on the inside”

“Then, does the Young Master really want me to want you”


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