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Leaving Ahibalt’s room, Otis got into the carriage and dreamt about the three days.

‘If we go to Lowens, we have to go see the lake.’

He had to also tell her that he also remembered her favorite Belkin poem.

Also, not that drab maid outfit, he would give her a colorful dress as well.

For those who attend the party, a well-dressed attendant would follow suit, and if Otis made the attendant Irene, there would be plenty of excuses for gifting the dress as a gift.

‘…Come to think of it, I have never seen Irene in any different outfit.’

She had been wearing the same clothes since she was a child.

If he had ever seen her in plain clothes, it would have been a reunion in the greenhouse a few days ago…

‘Her shoulder line was beautiful.’

Otis thought that it would look good if he bought her a dress that was fashionable these days, with a deep shoulder to the chest.

However, at the same time, it also made him feel bad to think that she was showing such a figure.

‘…I will have to buy her a coat, too.’

A pearl necklace long enough to wrap around her neck three times, a ring studded with jewels larger than a finger, and a bracelet full of diamonds the size of a thumb…

In Otis’ fantasy, Irene gradually added more adornment.

He always thought that it would be good if she added a curve to her straight hair, which was always neatly pulled up or loose, like other noble ladies.

Her hair must be curled down below her ears.

In addition, it would be good to give volume to the bangs, which were always straight, to reveal her forehead slightly.

With her hair adorned with jewels and feathers, and her earrings so luxurious and expensive, anyone in the banquet hall could not help but look back.

Since the weather was not warmed up yet, the dress had to be velvet.

Although red would be good, purple would also go well with Irene’s eyes.

…If he dressed her up more beautifully than anyone else in the banquet hall, would she give him a present

‘Will she smile at me then…’

Otis imagined Irene walking into the banquet hall and smiling brightly at him.

Her indifferent and sharp eyes drew beautiful arcs as she smiled broadly so that all her white teeth between her lips were exposed… Surely, she would be dazzlingly beautiful.

Perhaps, when anyone held her hand, they could not help but feel like a prince.

If she danced with Irene, who was delighted, and drank with her, would they be like a couple…

Otis abruptly stopped daydreaming around that time.

No matter how much he thought about it, he could not imagine Irene smiling and having fun.

In his fantasy, she was just sitting expressionlessly, like a mannequin, clad with shackles-like jewels.


“Can I get you a tea, Young Master”


…She spoke the same lines she would have at any teatime he loved.



* * *



“Young Master Otis just left, Miss.


I thought maybe she was going to the ground.”

“Oh, really”

Irene turned around, nodding her head lightly at the Footman’s words.

What Otis managed by Knox was usually directly related to Knox’s operating funds, such as usury and trafficking.

That also meant that he had to take charge of District Seven after stealing it from Lichpen.

‘…Because the casino in District Seven is one of Knox’s main sources of income.’

Then, when the sun went down, Henrietta’s hands would grasp him in her hand, and he had to go around the banquets.

So, Otis actually had no intention of staying attached to the mansion.

‘I had something to discuss.’

Thanks to this, Irene rushed to work after hearing the news that Otis had arrived about an hour ago and was a little exhausted.

Had she known this, she would not have had to run out so quickly.

‘And I would not have brought this…’

Heading inside his mansion, Irene sighed involuntarily and rummaged through her pockets in the apron.

A rather crude letter came out of her pocket.

The sender was Louise Orpen.

The recipient was Henrietta Lavrenti.

This was the letter Irene had been secretly looking at just before she heard that Otis had come to the mansion.

Since Louise always put letters on top of the desk drawer in the bedroom and she did not even put a lock on it, it was easy to access.

‘There were times when I was a little nervous about secretly reading other people’s letters like this.’

Though the feeling of guilt had already faded from watching it during her sixth lives.

There were times when she would just watch as Louise headed for her predetermined death, and Irene could not help but feel guilty about it.

Even though it took a little bit of time and her heart to adjust, she was a person who knew how to prioritize well.

‘…But, coming out with the letter was unexpected.’

With that thought, Irene glanced down again at the letter in her hand, feeling embarrassed.

A while ago, she was secretly reading Louise’s letter in the room assigned to herself and Louise.

The reason was simple.

‘Because we have to prevent the scandal from leaking out of the mansion as much as possible.’

The scandal between Otis and her was, at best, a rumor created in order to find a spy.

The servants were basically silent about what happened inside the mansion.

It could be said that it was a kind of confidentiality clause to protect the honor of the mansion.

Because of this, the affairs of the mansion usually do not leak out.

…Unless there was a spy or a maid who was too young to understand even these trivial secrets.

Louise, of course, belonged to the latter.

Of course, Louise was also aware of the confidentiality provisions of the servants.

She was not stupid enough to talk about the mansion outside.

However, if she writes down trivial things, these sentences tend to be mixed implicitly.


[ Recently, I have seen a pink atmosphere circling in the mansion.

My heart was pounding! ]


A sentence that anyone who was familiar with Lavrenti’s circumstances could only think of as suspicious at least once.

In Lavrenti, dating between servants was forbidden.

‘I am not sure about Louise, who has just come into the mansion.’

If the person planted a spy, you could not help but know.

In particular, Henrietta has a strangely good sense, not to mention.

Irene had expected that this would be written in Louise’s letter if a scandal broke out with the experience of her seventh lives.

‘Because Louise really trusts Henrietta.’

Henrietta, the mistress of Lichpen, kindly accepted Louise, who had always been broken.

Even when she made a big mistake in Lichpen, Henrietta gave her affectionate consolation and wrote her recommendation to go to Lavrenti.

‘Louise would never have imagined that she was trying to use her as a spy.’

If she had such a sense in the first place, she would not have thought of stepping into Rob, a slum, and accepting the recruitment announcement of Lichpen, which no one would do.

Any person who has worked in Rob will know very well what the relationship between Lichpen, Lavrenti, and Knox was.

So, in a way, 〈 Love or Die 〉 could be said to be a story about how foolish goodness dies.

If Louise had not been so foolish or if she had been a little tactful, she would not have had to be so entangled in such a terrible fate.

…Innocence was ruined among those who doubt, exploit, and take possession of everything.

It was frustrating and nonsensical.

This reality was brutal.


“Louise, why the hell do you have to go back to him He won’t let you go! He will definitely try to lock you up.

If you go back, you may never come out on the ground again!”

“Oh, there’s no way he would do that.

I know him well.

He really loves me.”

“But, you know it’s dangerous how much he loves you! He’ll be fine without you.

I’m sure…”

“He would be in pain without me.

And, I love him, too.”


‘…Without me, there was no one who would stay by his side.’

It was the dialogue at Otis’ Love ending.


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