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The ending where Louise finally accepted her love for Otis and stayed with him.

‘Was it the first life…’

It was definitely the early lives, seeing that she remembered saying it out of anger without realizing it.

The cruelest thing about 〈 Love or Die 〉 was that even the Love ending, which was a good ending in its own way, was not a very happy ending from Louise’s point of view.

This was because no matter which route you took, the fundamental deficiency of the male protagonists was not met, which led to obsession.

So, Louise was imprisoned in the basement, even on Otis’ Love ending route.

‘Fortunately, she gets to come up to the ground…’

When she left the mansion, she had to go out with Otis.

And, even in the mansion, when Otis was not there, she had to be locked up in a room.

Knowing all this, Irene was worried about what Louise would have to go through after she saw the ending and returned to reality, so she gave her advice not to go back… However, she eventually saw Otis’ Love ending.

For Irene, the ending credits still passed in front of her eyes.


〈 Love Ending — The Lark in the Cage.


It was the first time she had witnessed a ‘game system,’ so she remembered being amazed.

An ending title that passed before her eyes with the sensation of the whole world flickering.

In addition, the gloomy and old-fashioned background music is unique to the game.

‘…Then, I came back right away.’

It was an experience that Irene could feel with her hands and feet that this world had come to an end once.

Not long after that, she, too, gradually lost consciousness.

‘I thought I was going back to reality.’

Unfortunately, that did not happen, and when Irene opened her eyes, she was fifteen years old again.

And so, she lived the next life again and again…

‘I don’t know what will happen this time.’

In her last six lives, Irene had always been in the ending scene.

But, once she leaves this mansion, that will not happen… Then, would she still see the ending credits

Would she have to wait for the world to vanish one day without any warnings again…

Nothing was certain now that everything was different from her previous lives with variables.

Reading Louise’s letter was also an extension of that.

‘I didn’t mean to steal…’

Irene sighed and carefully opened the letter she had already taken with her.

What she now holds in her hand was not just a letter but a prop used in the episode.


〈 Letter to Lichpen.


An episode that created an opportunity for Henrietta to start interfering with Lavrenti in earnest.

‘It was just a passing episode.

There was nothing special about it.’

Surprisingly, this episode penetrated a very important part of the story.

The important thing was that rather than the letter sent to Lichpen, it was what was written in the letter sent to Lichpen.

It was Louise’s confession.


[ …So, without knowing it, I felt a throbbing feeling.

Is this love I’m not ready to like someone yet… ]


Louise, who had nowhere else to confide in Lavrenti, confided in the letter all about the new love in the mansion.

Even though it was not clear whom she was talking about, some clues were given.

For example, a tail hair or liking a dog — those who know Rodion, such as him having a hard time waking up every morning, could guess it easily.

It was a part that showed how much Louise trusted Henrietta.

The problem was that she trusted too much and spilled a little in the letter about Irene’s scandal.

Because of that, she originally intended to confirm that the letter contained the scandal.

Since she could not completely intercept the letter anyway, so if it was written on it, she wanted to delay the sending of the letter.

‘If she sends the letter after I leave for Lowens, it would not be too much of a hindrance to figuring out the spy.’

So, Irene checked it with the intention of delaying it for at least three days.


“Miss Irene! The Second Master is back!”


At that time, Louise suddenly came in without knocking.

Unknowingly, Irene was startled and tucked her letter into her pocket in the apron.


“The, the Second Master…”

“Yes! He came about an hour ago! I just found out because I was serving guests!”


“Knowing that, I was the first to run to Miss Irene!” As she added, Louise raised her thumb with great pride.

She also did not forget to send tacit cheering glances as if to tell her to run to her lover.

Thanks to that, she did not really wonder what Irene was doing while sticking in their room on a busy day.

That was a good thing.

‘I accidentally took it out with me, too…’

Folding the letter back, Irene put it in her pocket on the apron and sighed.

It was not too late for her, though.

She just had to put it back in a hurry.

With that thought, Irene hurried back to the mansion after her weary steps.

In fact, she could have quickly sent Louise out from the beginning and put the letter back.

However, she was in a hurry when she heard that Otis had come back to the mansion for a while already.

It was because she had something to discuss with him.

That was, she reduced the spy candidates to three.

…One was Housemaid Miriam, and the other was Footman Joseph.

Lastly was Ethan, a temporary servant who worked as an assistant to a painter who was painting the portrait.

These three were the ones who had the luminous substance on their hands when Irene tried it again one more time after a few days after that.

‘And, there is some circumstantial evidence.’

First of all, in the case of Housemaid Miriam, she was a maid who worked as long as Irene did, and although she did not go to Lichpen, she was on quite good terms with Henrietta.

‘Henrietta captures the hearts of the employees very well.’

Besides, since she was the maid that cleaned the studio, she had plenty of opportunities to interact with the painter.

Of course, thinking the other way around, she could have got the luminous substance on it because she cleaned the room.

The second candidate, the Footman Joseph, actually appeared in the story for a treacherous role.

In Otis’ Die ending, Louise colluded with Knox’s rival, Delton, and it was Joseph who built the bridge.

‘He had an older brother who is a member of Delton’s organization.’

So, as the story progressed, it was a setup that was persuaded by his brother who was from Delton.

Consequently, Irene could not help but feel suspicious to find him with the luminous material on him with such a subject.

‘But, without question, it was Joseph who gave power to Delton.’

It was not a day or two that Delton and Knox were at odds.

Obviously, Lichpen and Delton joined hand in hand in the later part.

Nevertheless, that was a story that would come later.

It was not right now.

Then, the last remaining candidate was the temporary employee, Ethan.

He was only seventeen, and shortly after entering the mansion, he was a servant who did chores.

Originally, he took charge of the house’s chores, such as fetching water and chopping firewood all day, and after the painter came, he also served as the painter’s assistant.

‘Therefore, he has a lot of opportunities to be with the painter and to go out.’

Moreover, he had only recently entered the mansion, so it was mostly going to be him.

Hence, Irene was watching Ethan most closely.

Even though a guest came today, the fact that she sent out Louise rather than being there herself, as usual, was also an extension of that.

‘It is almost time to draw the portrait soon.’

Before Ethan went to the studio, Irene was going to check the letter for a moment and keep an eye on him.

That was not the only reason, of course.

It was also because the guest who visited Lavrenti was Charlotte, not anyone else.


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