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Rodion’s berserk was all a planned conspiracy by Lichpen.

It was because of the consensus that it would be better to destroy a dangerous weapon like Rodion if they could not have him.

And, through that, the Lavrenti brothers would be agitated, so it would be killing two birds with one stone.

Because of this, this scheme appeared in most routes as the main episode of 〈 Love or Die 〉

…Ironically, the most in the Love ending.

Because of that, there were only two cases where Rodion survived.

Either avoid the conspiracy altogether or receive the love of Louise, who could stop him.

Otherwise, the only thing that awaits him is death.

It was because the blackened Rodion was too dangerous.

Remember, Rodion is a human being remodeled by his mother, Edith.

It was not just his body that she remodeled — she raised all his abilities as high as possible.

Besides, Rodion also had Elios, a weapon that no one could handle.

At least, as far as Irene knew, there was no one in this world who could win a one-on-one fight with Rodion with Elios.

Of course, one on one.

Knox’s executives were extremely wary of him after learning the power of Rodion with Elios.

It was scary because it was enough to double the sealing device.

They could not be completely relieved even with the double sealing, so they asked Edith to present a weapon to neutralize Elios, and she surprisingly meekly offered it.

…A sleep anesthetic gun.


“No matter how strong Elios is, what are you afraid of when someone who can use it falls Of course, it can’t be a general sleeping pill or anesthetic, though it’s a different story if it’s made by me.”


Edith, who knew about Rodion’s body better than anyone else, came up with a sleeping anesthetic gun that could put him to sleep in an instant…


“It’s so strong that I don’t know if he can get up again after getting hit with it.”


…With the addition of something more.

Her explanation was as unkind as her ruthless nature, although what she meant was clear… To stop the berserk Rodion, there was no choice but to kill him.

And, Irene did not realize what this meant until she saw it with her own two eyes.

“What, what’s this…”

The scene where blood spattered in all directions like a shadow in the dark, and shallow breaths were scattered all around.

It was Ahibalt who stood, and Rodion who fell.

Irene noticed before the gentle wind tugged the hem of her skirt that this was Rodion’s death, which was written in a few lines in the game story… So, she knew it was going to be like this.

…The end that will come to a young man who could not even get out of bed every morning.

She clearly knew.

However, when I saw the scene with her own two eyes, it was as if a thumbtack had been stuck in her eyes.

How could she describe that moment when even the blink of an eye was as sharp as though it had been a razor blade…

She could not move her joints as if her body was a cogwheel.

The time when the lungs that had forgotten to breathe felt like an empty beehive…

Until just a few days ago, he was still standing up, holding her hand.

…A few days later, Irene remembered a constant cry weeping over the door instead.

Realizing that he had been completely abandoned by his mother, who had longed for it, Irene knew what he looked like.

Still, she could not hug Rodion.

She could not say any words of consolation.

Rodion had to die on this route.

Only then could the Ahibalt, who had been embroiled in this incident, could slaughter Lichpen.

That way, Louise could comfort him as he was grieving after losing his brother and build affection for him… Because Rodion’s death was, for example, an awakening event.

Only for him did Rodion have to die…

So, Irene was silent.

It was an unavoidable choice that could not be helped as if saying, ‘It is not my fault that fate makes him die here.’

…The result had to be this.

Irene took a step forward without realizing it and murmured.


She did not know anything.

How Rodion would die, and how she might react when she witnesses it… She really did not know anything.

She could feel death on the ground on her skin.

It was not clear what to mourn over or what to weep over, so she did not know what to say.it was not clear what to say… That Rodion would have to die such a tragic death The fact that a young man who smiled like a boy with forsythia in a hug would have such a terrible ending…

One thing was certain.

…The fact that this spectacle was now created after she had been sitting on the sidelines.

Before Irene realized anything, she could see something running down her cheek.

Without realizing it, she stepped forward.

She was out of breath with every step.

She could not believe that the person in front of her was still alive until this morning.

It seemed more appropriate to call it a hunted beast… Rodion’s constricted breath and heavy toss and turns were reminiscent of a ladybug with a crumbling shell.

The thought of holding that hand suddenly ran through her mind.

‘…Was it because he was lying down’

Even thinking about it now, she could not figure it out because it was a piece of thought that could not fit like a broken mirror.

Irene took a few steps without hesitation like a moth leaping into the fire.

“Irene, didn’t you hear me say to back away”

And, she was stopped.

It was rare for Ahibalt to call her by her nickname, so normally, she would have heeded his warning.

However, Irenea was not rational.

“…But, First Master, the Youngest Master is over there.”

“Leave him alone.

He’ll fall asleep soon.”

“Then, why couldn’t he get up”

Ahibalt’s face was crumpled after being hit on the nail on the head.

“How do you…”


At that moment, Irene could hear a voice behind her back.

She shook Ahibalt away and ran to Rodion.

Kneeling next to him, she did not care whether there was blood on her skirt or not.

Rodion, whose corner of his mouth twitched weakly, stretched out his arms toward her, fumbling for her.

“Rea… I can’t put strength in my hands.

Can you help me up

“I want to kill… I have to kill, but my body does not move at all…” He then murmured to himself.

It was a vague intention — to kill who or was to be killed, and even the subject was unclear.

But, in the end, he returned to being a young man again.

“If that’s too hard, just give me your hands…”

Instead of answering, Irene took Rodion’s hand.

It was the best thing she could do right because she thought she would burst out sobbing if she opened her mouth.

After that, she heard more mumbles from Rodion, although she could not understand what he was saying because his pronunciation was already muffled.

…Eventually, Rodion fell asleep very slowly.

Death was neither slow nor fast.

It was infinitely short to those who hold on, infinitely slow to those who let go — An event that seemed to meet the broken time axes.

Irene wept for a long time… Longer than the moment that Rodion died.

It was probably from then that she began to care about the tragedy of the main characters in this game.

At first, she had comforted herself that she had to return to reality, but as the days passed, her hopes faded.

What was left of her was Lee Ha-na, who had not been able to handle the misfortunes of the main characters, even though she was worn out by the repeated life.

As Irene hurried to the tearoom, she grabbed hold of her trembling heart.

‘…Anyway, Rodion will not die in this life.’

As long as Louise started the Rodion route, he was safe.

Still, she wanted to prevent unnecessary misfortune even if she left when she did leave.

It was in the same vein that she wanted Louise to live this life on the warmest route.

…So, please.

‘Please let nothing happen…’

The moment Irene opened the door to the tea room while repeating those words in her head—

“What, what is this”

As the tea table lay on the floor and a messed up tea set, she could see the fallen Rodion.

And, the only woman in the tea room where everything was messed up, who got up hastily by his side, was a woman with neat cherry-colored hair…

Charlotte Eunice

She had a face as if the disturbance had nothing to do with her.

Nonetheless, Irene saw it clearly before the door was completely opened…

The figure of her slowly bringing her head closer to Rodion’s face.

It looked like it was trying to steal Rodion’s lips by taking this opportunity.

When the word about the accident reached her, Irene’s mind was a mess.

“…Now, what did you do”


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