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Irene closed her eyes, feeling the frantic breath entangled by an unfamiliar breath.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Had it been any other time, it would have been more pleasant.

If only this unrequited love had remained…

The kiss with Ahibalt tasted salty.

The long loneliness also reminded her of the kiss in her fourth life, which caused her to crumple… Neither was sweet to Irene.

Ahibalt’s Love ending route.

This was the last route Irene witnessed out of the three Love endings.

There was no reason.

It was because Irene liked him… The person she often referred to as her unrequited love.

It was Ahibalt.

The reason was also irrelevant because Ahibalt was charming and handsome.

Since he was one of the male protagonists in the romance game, she could feel her heart pounding the moment she first saw him.

It was when Irene struggled to adjust to her life in Lavrenti, she saw the male protagonist, Ahibalt, who had left for Lichpen, returned…


“Is she the new maid”

“She’s not new.

She’s been working here for a while, but recently became a chambermaid.”

“Is that so It wouldn’t be easy to change what you’ve been doing.”


While the butler introduced him to Irene, he unbuttoned his suit one by one.

Emerald cufflinks rolled in a fan shape on the tabletop, and a dark green tie turned into a string of ribbon before falling silently beside it.

As he was about to take off the blazer, Irene approached and received the clothes.

Making eye contact with her, Ahibalt handed over his clothes.




“What’s your name”

“It’s Irene.”

“Irene… Well, Irene.


Irene, nice to meet you.”


He repeated Irene’s name three times as if engraving it.

It was his habit that she later found out.

Because of his perfectionist temperament, Ahibalt tended to immediately memorize the names of employees he had to be close to.

Nevertheless, she was elated at that moment because she did not know.

Acting kind and affectionate to her, he uttered her nickname in every episode.

Because of that, sometimes, Irene would think that she was a little special.

And, sometimes, when they talked, it would keep her up at night.

Of course, she was in a position to receive special treatment as the only chambermaid.

It was also common that Otis, who smiled at all the employees, gave her papercrafts, and Rodion to cling to her side every morning.

However, the way Otis and Rodion treated her was slightly different from how Ahibalt treated her.

…To put it bluntly, should she say that she felt like she was treated as a human being

Ahibalt was frugal — to the extent that all that the employees were educated about as the master’s tool seemed to be insignificant.

So, it would not have been too unreasonable for Irene to have Ahibalt in her heart at some point.

For that reason, she tried both Otis and Rodion’s Love endings before proceeding with Ahibalt’s Love endings.

If she had to add to it, it could be that it was because of her naive heart, which did not want to see him give his love to others…

Even though she had the desire to see the ending of Die instead, Irene was slowly getting exhausted as she entered the third life.

If she went back to reality, she would have to forget about Ahibalt anyway, so she opted for his Love ending to just quickly give up her heart and end it.

Then, finally, the incident occurred that broke her unrequited love.



゚· : * ✧ * :· ゚



What happened was an episode heading towards 〈 The Petals of the Rose 〉, which must be passed through for the Love ending.

The words were grandiose, though to summarize the content, it could be reduced to one line.

Louise being kidnapped.

It was a romantic story that involved a crime.

On the Ahibalt’s route, Lichpen tried to drive a wedge between Louise and Ahibalt.

So just before this episode, in an episode called 〈 The Color of a Rose 〉 Louise met a mysterious man in the mansion.


“Don’t you want to know more about the person you love You know he has something he is hiding from you.”


Louise was in conflict at this suspicious remark.

It may be a silly story, though it was because Louise had a lot of anxiety about her relationship with Ahibalt.

First of all, he had a crush on someone before her, and he did not even trust her too much… That also meant that he had a lot of secrets.

Because of this, she had a conflict over whether to listen to the man or not.

At this time, if you choose to listen to the man, you would be estranged and proceed to the Die ending.

On the other hand, if you chose not to listen, you would go to the Love ending.

However, the road was not as smooth as it was because when the separation failed, Lichpen pushed through the plan to kidnap Louise.

A holiday that was given after a long time…

On her way home from downtown with her colleague maid, Louise was kidnapped.

And, at this time, the fellow maid who was going home together with her was Irene.

In the game’s story, Louise’s kidnapping happened like this.

On their way home, it suddenly started to rain, so Irene rushed to the store to buy an umbrella.

Meanwhile, Louise was waiting for her under the awning of the other shop, avoiding the rain.

People who jumped out of the alley next door grabbed and kidnapped Louise, and Irene, who was buying an umbrella, witnessed this and reported it to Ahibat.

Ahibalt already knew that.

He knew that Louise could always be in danger as long as he was with him.

With the possibility of taking advantage of the fact that Louise was in danger, he always attached a person to her side… along with the order not to intervene no matter what.

While playing the game, Irene was a little tired of this part.

…While your loved one was being kidnapped, you left it alone to take advantage of that

It was a little strange, considering his usual friendly personality.

‘But, I knew from my own experience…’

…What kind of person Ahibalt was, and what kind of situation he was in.

At this time, he was turning evil, so to speak.

It was because he killed Rodion, who was on a rampage in the previous episodes.

Moreover, he was far from a mere friendly personality.

Due to Ahibalt’s perfectionism-seeking personality, it was not easy to understand his original personality from the game dialogue alone, although he was cold-blooded by nature.

A human being as cold as he was perfect.

He was raised to become the head of Knox from an early age and had always maintained composure while calmly managing the organization even when he grew up.

If Rodion was the most violent of the three while Otis was the most vitriolic, Ahibalt was undoubtedly the most cold-blooded.

Even though he looked friendly and relaxed, it was a generosity that he could exercise because everything was in his hands.

Ahibalt only covered himself up in well-trimmed manners, but in reality, he was just as unstable as his younger brothers.

Consequently, the more there was a gap between the perfection he sought and reality, the colder and colder he became.

That in itself was an expression of anxiety for him.

And, this often made the situation worse.

‘It’s like dominoes.’

Although you were building it up well, if the things you have built up collapse even once, you will destroy everything you have built up.

It was a common feature of perfectionists.

At this time, Ahibalt was pretty much buried in the loss of Rodion.

Therefore, he did not hesitate to stand by and watch the crisis of the person he loved.

Irene understood him through the game and by watching Ahibalt from the side — what type of person was he, and why did he act that way

Still, knowingly, there were times when her body moved her own way.

“Kyaak! Please, help me!”

For example, the moment Louise reached out to her, screaming.


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