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Anxiety swept over Irene’s body.

Ahibalt was by no means a person to look over to his younger brother, who had committed a mutiny because of compassion.

Even now, he squinted his eyes as if doubting his ears at Rodion’s words.

Still, he did not rush forward because he did not know if something was wrong with Rodion.

As he frowned at the unpleasant tone, Ahibalt opened his mouth.


Do you think what I’m thinking right now is right”


The only difference from usual was that he looked very stable and was very gentle against Irene… No, rather than being gentle, it was more that he was acting cute.


‘…Or, should I say he is obsessed’

Rodion hugged her tightly as if he did not even want her to talk to Ahibalt.

Thankfully, this was at least a green light.

It meant that they still had a way to control him, who was now nothing more than a time bomb.

Thinking that, Irene opened her mouth, patting his head slowly so that Rodion could calm down.

“I don’t think it’s as dangerous as I thought.”

“I… I don’t know.”

Ahibalt’s eyes narrowed again before turning to normal, and he continued his words, “If the problem is that Rodion is more agitated than necessary, I’m willing to put him to sleep until he’s calmed down…”

His words were clouded over.

It was because even though he wanted to, there was a reason he could not do that.

The fact was that they did not yet know what drug was used on Rodion.


“I just used the medicine that Madam Edith gave me! If I had known it was poison, I’d never have used it! I’m telling the truth! Believe me…!”

“What kind of drug is that”

“Madam Edith said that it was… a love potion.”


As she said that, she bit her lip as if embarrassed by the fact.

It was in contrast to Ahibalt, who burst out a sharp smirk as soon as he heard those words.

…She loves that nutcase

What she said did not suit her so much that it made him chortle.

Because of that, Ahibalt took Charlotte’s words as a lie or that she was deceiving them.

Still, the truth about the drug was still unknown.

‘It must have been a trick from Lichpen to bring her here.’

The important thing was that it was not clear what drug Rodion suffered from, and they could not get a prescription for it.

It was because even if he was not compatible with the drug, he may end up taking a drug that acts as a poison.

And, in the midst of such instability, Rodion is now obsessed with Irene.

Needless to say, Ahibalt was not very happy with the situation.

Moreover, from the perspective of him, who saw how she was a while ago.

However, Irene, who heard about Charlotte’s story, patted Rodion on the head as she pondered before opening her mouth.

“First Master.”


“What if I met Miss Eunice”

What came out of her mouth was unexpected.



゚· : * ✧ * :· ゚




The door closed behind Ahibalt’s back.

While the ambiguity still lingered on his face, he quickly erased it.

Irene probably does not know though it was only in front of her that he revealed what could be called his true expression.

At other times, he always looked like the next head of Knox or the head of Lavrenti—a well-cut expression, leisure, and a light smile.

And, a slight sense of intimidation.


Concealing the familiar feelings again, Ahibalt took a slow breath.

It was because he had recalled Irene’s words a while ago.


“You’re going to meet Charlotte Eunice Why would you”

“I was the last person who was with her.

Perhaps, there might be a clue.”

“Still, Irene…”

“Of course not right now.

At least, until the Youngest Master sleeps… I’ll leave once he’s gone to bed.

Go ahead, since the Youngest Master is wary of the Young Master.”


As it is said, Rodion was not openly upset at Irene’s pat though he did not hide his aggressive eyes toward Ahibalt.

It was often said that furious dogs do not bite, but it was more concerning since Rodion looked like he was barking and biting.


“Are you really okay The guards are outside so you can call them if anything happens…”


The Youngest Master is sensitive to deceptions, so I’ll stay here alone.

Nothing’s going to happen.”


Even though she said it would be fine, Irene had a somewhat anxious expression painted on her face, or perhaps an impatient look.

Still, just like a while ago, when she heard Rodion’s story, she even had a brief hyperventilation… So, how could Ahibalt not worry


His face darkened as he remembered Irene at that time.

‘I just shut her mouth.’

It means that she knew to some extent what kind of condition Rodion was in.

In addition, that meant that Irene had experienced it a few times.

‘I think something similar like this has happened in the past.’

When was it…

Ahibalt, in a strange sense of déjà vu, stopped trying to ruminate through his memories.

He would rather have asked the person concerned, though Irene did not answer anything that he was really curious about.

Because his maid was more inclined to shut her mouth than to say no.

‘…Even if I want to ask, she doesn’t tell me anything at all.’

As he thought that, his eyebrows, which had been stretched out at best, were wrinkled again.

When he kissed Irene to calm her breathing a little while ago, he had to work tirelessly to contain himself.

If it had not been for that, he would surely have squeezed through the gap between her lips until those violet-colored eyes, which always had a contemplative appearance, were drenched in haze and slightly clouded.

In fact, he had always wanted to do that.

It was a lot more difficult than he thought to love someone who cared about so many people.

More than that, he wanted to capture her, who had been busy keeping an eye on his younger brother, struggling and breathless in his grasp.

He wanted her to place herself on top, who was always industrious, and give her a rest.

He wanted to clasp her hands, which have calluses.

Towards Irene, he had too many things he wanted to do.

‘…But, she always looks at the other guy…’

He would rather not have to feel this unpleasant feeling if he could easily kill those bastards.

Ahibalt, who recalled the scandal between Otis and Irene, made an impression.

His unrequited love was not always smooth, but recently, it had been particularly difficult.

Even though he kissed her impulsively and impetuously, Irene was the person who was dating his brother.

Recalling the taunt that had provoked him when he met Otis during the day, he clenched and unfolded his left hand.

‘Is it really time to stop doing this’

As far as he was concerned, if he could kill and remove the obstacles, there was nothing to worry about.

However, Ahibalt was quite fond of his younger brothers.

In fact, it was more like caring for children rather than caring for his brothers, subordinates, or property.

Anyways, to cherish was to cherish.

‘There are so many things I wanted to ask Irene, but in the end, I couldn’t ask any of them.’

From the story of the spy, to the story of traveling to Otis and Lowens, to the story of the scandal.

On top of that, Rodion was also in this shape, so Ahibalts thoughts became complicated.

But still, with an outward appearance, he turned the hallway and headed for the stairs.

As he went down the stairs on the first floor, Amer, a servant of the mansion and member of Knox’s organization, saw him and bowed slightly.

“First Master.

I see that you’re here.”

“Oh, Amer.

Did you finish your conversation with Charlotte Eunice I was going to listen.”

“Yes, though I haven’t gained anything.

It’s not much different from what she told the First Master when you were there.”

“Then, it seems like there’s nothing to see.”

Charlotte trembled, revealing everything she knew after she had been captured, perhaps because she had a strange conviction that she would be killed after being caught—The story that she was given the love potion that Edith had given her, and a story that she did only what Veronica and Henrietta had told her to.


“I’ve said everything, so please spare me.

I’ll never come here again…”


It was true that she and Ahibalt were getting married, though she even confessed that she fell in love with Rodion.

It was surprising that she did not make any excuses while trembling so much.

If there was one thing she had overlooked, it was that Charlotte would be killed by Lichpen the moment she would be released from here.

Because when they sent her, Lichpen would have already thought of abandoning her.

Charlotte might still think that it would be a waste for them to throw her away, whom they had brought.

‘They will be able to find a replacement, anyway.’

Besides, from their point of view, they could use her to cause a disturbance in Lavrenti, so it would not be a very low trade.

“…I don’t know why Rodion drank it in the first place.”


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