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The moment she saw the title on the front page, Irene’s breath stopped.

…The relationship between favorability and fate.

Was there a word that could explain the system of this game — that was, this worldview — as well as that In addition, the system, like Irene, was something that was never known unless it was not a deviant object, no, it was only right if it was unknown.

‘…Is Edith also a person who possessed into the game’

Irene had such doubts for a while, but they soon disappeared.

It was because if Edith were a person who possessed a game like her and knew the system of such a game, there would be no such research in the first place.

‘If there were, it would have been about researching something more using that system.’


It would not be such a basic topic of the relationship between favorability and fate.

So, if Edith knew the favorability system, this research record was too bare.

In other words, it was like someone who did not know anything about the affinity system first noticed and wrote it.

‘It’s quite thick…’

It meant that this research had started long ago.

…When did she start doing this research And, how did she find out about this system At the thought, Irene’s hand turned the page faster than expected.

‘Maybe, here’s my way back to reality…’

Her heart was pounding.

Like someone who had completely forgotten that he had enjoyed reading the notes just a moment ago, Irene flipped the cover with trembling hands.

Just then…

“I told you to clean up, I don’t think I ever told you to read it”

…A voice was heard from behind.

Irene closed the cover in surprise and glanced back.

“Ma, Madam Edith…”


I’m sorry for the bad timing.

Is it interesting that you secretly read my research material”

Still looking a bit tired, Edith was walking in with her coffee mug.

But, contrary to her cynical remarks, she did not seem too upset to witness the current offender spying on her own research.

In fact, Edith herself was also a person who did not show much emotion in the first place.

Irene put down what she was holding and hurriedly apologized.

“I’m sorry.

I didn’t know where to put this, so I looked it up.

I didn’t mean to read it secretly.”

“What is it Give it to me.

Oh, I don’t want to get angry since it gives me nothing.

You wouldn’t have been able to read it because it’s encrypted anyway.

Do you know how to read”

“Yes, I know.”

“I can see why Henrietta didn’t take you.

Well, even if she does, it doesn’t seem like you were going to go.”

Edith spoke, sipping her coffee lightly.

Of course, Irene knew the reason.

It was because Henrietta did not like the servant who could get a glimpse of her story.

So, all the people she kept close to were illiterate.

As she handed over the papers she was holding, Edith said, “Aha.” Then, she gave a light affirmation before throwing the data to the place where the research data related to Elios were piled up.

“It’s this way.

It must be questionable… a favorability study, isn’t it I believe in fate.”

The usual Irene would not have answered her, but Irene, at that time, was full of doubts as questions that pounded hard on her chest were overflowing.

She opened her mouth to the thought that Edith might have figured out how to get out of this terrible game.

“Me, too… So am I.”

“Oh, really”

Edith, who was opening the cupboard, turned around in delight.

Beyond her glasses, her black eyes twinkled.

“Then, have you ever felt a fateful attraction”

“Oh… I don’t.”

Irene’s answer repelled the twinkling light in Edith’s eyes though she still looked excited.

She was pouring out her words hard like a winding music box.

“It’s a pity, but I’m glad I met someone who thought the same anyway.

When I said this, everyone looked at me with strange eyes.

To say that it’s strange for a researcher to predict fate.

But, fate is real.

And, I’m a researcher who studies real things… What am I supposed to do”

Was it because there were a lot of things that were usually accumulated, or was it the habit of those who were immersed in one topic Edith spoke feverishly without a retort.

“I wish I had someone I could pull my research out with and discuss it with, although unfortunately, I don’t have anyone in my field to do that! Still, obviously, my research is saying that fate is real, and it’s also not one-sided… Really, I can’t sleep when I think about it.”

Irene could not hide her surprise when she heard the story.

Edith was really close to the essence.

‘The game has six endings.’

It was true that there was no single branch of fate.

“Isn’t it astonishing that there’s a certain level of favorability that determines fate I was so surprised to find this.”

“It’s amazing.”

When Irene responded dryly, Edith was excited and added her words.

The story of how she discovered that the amount and direction of favorability determine fate, and the story of where she wondered where the end of fate would be.


“I’ll have to figure it out.”

Edith’s expression, as she said, was exactly the same as the nickname of a mad researcher.

However, as she continued to speak, Irene felt her interest waning.

In the first place, Edith was not really a possessor, and although she had access to the system, she could not figure out how to break it.

Even more so, how she would return to reality.

‘…Maybe, it’s always been the case in the previous lives.’

Edith’s research came to an end without producing any significant results.

Irene would have been enthusiastic if she had had anything new, even a little, though what Edith said was something anyone who knew that this world was a game would know.

So, she quickly turned her attention to Edith’s studies.

She thought of course that it was not a very useless time since she was able to use the information she had read at that time to utilize the luminous material recently.


“Charlotte Eunice said that she was using a love potion.

That crazy researcher couldn’t have created something like that.”


The moment she heard Ahibalt’s words, the memory of that time flashed through her mind with an intuition that this might not be just a variable but, perhaps, a way to really find a way out of this game.

‘I didn’t really want to see Charlotte again, though…’

Thud, thud.

Irene’s steps echoed through the cold corridors of the dungeon.

Since the soles of her shoes were worn out, they were not really good at hiding the sound of footsteps.

There was a rattling sound of metal from the inside of the prison.

“Pl-please, let me go! I’ve told you everything. Heuk, heueuk…!”

As her steps drew closer, the voice seemed unable to hide the growing fear and finally began to cry and pant.

At the same time, the shrill voice and the bloody smell grew thicker.

Her steps stopped in front of a grate.

Inside the prison, a face drenched in tears recognized the person who was in front of her, her expression tinged with surprise.

“You, the maid…”

“My name is Irene.”

“Whatever it is, why are you here… Huu, are you trying to free me”


‘She dreams big, too.’

Taking the key from her pocket, Irene opened the grate.

As she entered, Charlotte’s face grew even brighter as she continued her words.

“I-I told you everything I really know.

They also said that Young Master Rodion is also safe.

Can I go back now, huh”

“Well, you won’t be able to get out until we find out what you gave to the Youngest Master.”

Irene answered, sitting in the chair opposite her.

When she heard the words of infidelity, Charlotte cried, “No way! I told you everything! Are you really going to kill me I hate this, I hate this—! I didn’t mean it in a bad way! I don’t want any more torture…!”

“Calm down.

I’m not trying to torture you.”

Irene’s calm voice broke the commotion.

“I’m just here to talk.

I’m trying to help you.

If things go well, you may be freed soon.”

“Re, really…”

“Of course.”

‘…Of course, that is not to say that you can live.’


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