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Was he complaining or chiding her

Ravia laughed as she realized that she was on guard pointlessly when he said he hated being left alone by her.

But his childish whining was not an issue now.

He guessed correctly that she had tried to run away.

However, as it wasn’t something she could say outright, Ravia patted Tidwell on the back and uttered, “I’m not running away….I went to check the window.

The sun is already up this high…what if the servants caught us”

“We’ll be caught anyway if you come out with my marks all over your body.”


Listening to him, she belatedly realized that her body would not be much different from his.

Tidwell had bitten her skin so tenaciously, it wouldn’t be surprising if there were hickeys all over her skin.

With Ravia lost for words, Tidwell pulled her into his embrace as he lay on bed again without missing a moment.

“The servants won’t come anyway.

It’s okay to stay a little longer.”

“How can you be so sure A maid sneaked up on you last time.”

“She sneaked up on me, for sure.

I was aware of that.

So at dawn, when you were very tired after staying up all night with me, I told that maid to not let anyone come in until I called her.”

“When did you do that”

“I did it when Sister fell deeply asleep.

It didn’t take long, either.”

In other words, even after Ravia passed out asleep, Tidwell dealt with a lot of things alone.

He was in no way a weakling, but how did he acquire such immense stamina

‘I guess a male lead is a male lead, after all.’

Ravia was puzzled.

She quietly glanced at Tidwell, who hugged her with a satisfied expression, and her mind immediately spiraled back to the novel [His and Her Spring].

She didn’t recall the novel was written explicitly because it wasn’t rated-R, but she couldn’t remember the latter part as well as she thought.

Surely, there was a scene where the male lead and the heroine spent the night together.

How was Leticia in the novel

‘Oh, right.


Ravia recalled one thing she had forgotten.

It was the last of the three Amnesia flowers that Crow had acquired.

The last flower for Leticia.

After she found out how much Tidwell wanted her, Ravia didn’t forget Leticia while preparing for her meeting with Herod.

Not because Leticia is the heroine, but because she’s a very important pawn to Ravia.

Moreover, she’s a pawn easily swayed by others.

‘I guess it’s because she’s the heroine.

Leticia is a character whose sole role is to get taken advantage of.’

Even Ravia considered her as someone easy to manipulate to some extent.

First, she’s naturally kind and likes to believe in people.

Not because she’s dumb, but she believes that there is good in people.

It was also written as a characteristic of spring users.

‘The more you use your ability, the more you assimilate into your season.’

The penalty that follows every time they use their ability also meant that they would soon assimilate into their season.

Ravia was still unaware of this, but in the case of Rette, her penalty was getting younger.

Summer is an immature season.

A cycle following the spring where life blooms and leading up to autumn, the season of maturity.

Therefore, summer’s ability is to give out prophecies for the immature people to prepare for their future.

Each time they use this ability, they’ll get closer to immaturity, and their age will decrease correspondingly as they regress farther from maturity.

It would have been nice if Ravia could have known all of this, but unfortunately, there was not much written in the novel.

People with season ability will assimilate into their respective seasons the more they use their ability.

As for the spring user Leticia, she had the ability to heal everything.

Because Leticia used her ability often, she basically harbored a very high compassion toward people.

But that wasn’t the only thing that made Leticia an easy target.

Even if she was full of compassion, it didn’t mean she couldn’t recognize personal interest.

Leticia’s biggest problem was that she had many weaknesses.

Mainly, her status and fame as Primadonna.

Someone loved by the public could easily lose a lot of things.

Not to mention her huge debt and her drug-addicted father.

‘How can you be such a perfect heroine of a tragedy novel’

So Ravia needed to turn Leticia into someone difficult to exploit.

For her own purpose and for Leticia.

‘I told Herod that I would tell him about the spring user.

But that doesn’t mean he’s free to enslave her.’

There were definitely penalties for each season’s user, and although Ravia didn’t know for sure about Leticia’s penalty, it couldn’t have been a good thing.


To make a long story short, “Her ability to cure is limited.”

So Ravia wanted Leticia to, at least, have no external weaknesses.

It couldn’t be helped that she slowly resembled spring characteristics, but at least her life would be a lot easier without her drug-addict father and his huge debt that he left for her.

Although Ravia gave a tediously long explanation for her action, she secretly knew that, perhaps, there was a small compassion in the corner of her heart.

‘Because I no longer want to see anyone else driven to death by external situations.’

Ravia didn’t want others to suffer like she did.

But the problem was that Amnesia, the antidote to Dark Flower, was very short-lived.

‘Before the flowers wither….I must visit Leticia tomorrow.’

And before visiting Leticia, she had to stop by Cheshire Cat to meet Crow.

Had it been a different item, Ravia would tell Crow to bring it to the mansion, but she couldn’t bring Amnesia to where Tidwell lived.

Therefore, even if the servants didn’t come in, she shouldn’t waste more time in bed.

Even if she wasn’t in a hurry, Ravia was uncomfortable with this situation.

She was already doomed to fall into dangerous fantasies ever since Tidwell caught her.

The happier she was with Tidwell, the more frightened she became.

Herod’s voice last night kept floating in her head.

-Tidwell may seem infatuated by you right now, but his feelings will cool down one day.

There was only one fatal mistake Herod made when he first confronted Ravia.

He focused on the external part.

He said that Tidwell’s love was temporary and how it may bring threat to Ravia’s position and life.

Of course, Herod said that because he didn’t know anything.

Ravia already had enough ways to deal with it, and such words could not shake her.

Herod didn’t realize until the end of their deal that Ravia no longer entrusted her safety to Tidwell’s heart.

Even so, she didn’t want Tidwell’s heart to leave.

The reason was simple.

It was the answer to his question.

Why didn’t Ravia use a simple method to kill Tidwell Why didn’t she ask about the earrings

So Ravia answered this,

-But there’s no point in knowing that now.

-Why is that so

-I’ll kick Tidwell out of the family anyway.

Our deal is about not intervening until then.

To be precise, any form of intervention is only allowed after Tidwell’s expulsion.

-Still, it’s a little bit concerning.

I know because I hang out with him a lot.

Tidwell is very obsessed to step his foot into Leontine.

-Did he tell you the reason

-All I know it’s just a personal reason.

But did he really need a big reason to yearn for a higher position It seemed like something he wanted to hide, so I didn’t want to ask either.

That was a pretty thoughtful answer.

Maybe because he felt Tidwell wouldn’t answer even if he asked.

In the original novel, Herod had no idea that Tidwell was preparing for revenge.

So Ravia responded moderately.

-Tidwell has a goal.

He needs Leontine to meet his goal.

-Wouldn’t it be harder for him to give up on Leontine if he has a goal he wants to achieve so badly

-Therefore, I paved the way for him to reach his goal.

If his goal can be achieved without Leontine, his obsession will cool.

‘….Today I’ve heard all sorts of amazing things from you.

And these are things that Tidwell wouldn’t be very happy with.’

Herod paused for a moment to organize his thoughts, and asked.

-So if Tidwell finds out about one of these things, wouldn’t he turn his back on you

‘You don’t seem to want that.’

But the words didn’t really need to be said between them.

It was something everyone in that place knew.

-But it’s kind of…you both were tied under the name of family, right And Tidwell has a lot of feelings for you, too.


-… That’s right.

-So…will you be able to turn your back to all that


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