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Chapter 100: The Proud Old Man


Su Yayan was shocked when she received the news and immediately rejected Huo Chenhuans offer to send her home, hurrying back alone.

What a joke! Her grandfather originally had a lot of opinions towards this marriage.

If she did not do any groundwork and allow the two of them to meet, she might explode on the spot being the middleman.

Su Yayan hurried back home, and the first thing she saw was the serious old man sitting in the middle of the hall.

Su Yayans eyes reddened instantly, and she rushed over without thinking, sobbing as she hugged her grandfather.

Before Grandpa Cheng came, he had already decided to teach a lesson to this unruly and mischievous granddaughter of his and let her know that she could not joke about her lifelong happiness like this.

No matter how much he had mentally prepared himself, he had thrown all thoughts of teaching her a lesson out of the window when he saw the tears streaming out of his baby granddaughters eyes.

All that was left was distress and worry for her.

“Why are you crying Did the Huo family scumbag bully you Tell grandpa what happened.

Grandpa will settle it for you!”

Su Yayan felt her nose becoming sensitive when she heard the old mans words, and she hugged her grandfathers hand and choked up.

“No, he treats me very well.

He did not bully me at all.”

Grandpa Cheng looked at her in disbelief.

“Why are you crying like this if he did not bully you Dont be afraid, grandpa is here.

Tell grandpa what happened.

Grandpa has your back.”

“He really didnt.

I am crying because I miss grandpa too much.

Now that I can finally see you, I cant hold back…”

“You miss me” This sudden sugar-coated cannonball had caught Grandpa Cheng off guard.

He looked at Su Yayan for a while, and after he was sure she did not suffer from any mistreatment, he snorted and said huffily, “If you miss me, why didnt you go back to see me You have even changed your fiancé without even telling me.

Grandpa has no place in your heart at all.”

Su Yayan hurriedly spoke when she heard this, “How could Grandpa not have a place in my heart It was a sudden situation.”

“Yes, that is true.

Not only you, dad, but we all were also in shock when they put us on the spot back then.”

When Grandpa Cheng heard his daughters words, he immediately shifted his anger to her.

“What shock were you in Yanyan is young and inexperienced, but are you not sensible as adults You just let her go wild!”

“Yes, yes, its our fault.

We did not stop Yanyan and let her have her way.

We are to blame.”

“Listening to your tone, do you feel that I have wronged you Yanyan used to be so good and obedient when she was by my side.

But this time, such a big thing happened.

It must be you adults who stood aside and let her have her way.

Who should I blame if not you”

Cheng Xiuqin, “…” Sure enough, now he had a granddaughter, his daughter fell out of favor! She really did not want to take the blame for this at all!

“Grandpa, please dont blame my parents.

It was my own doing.

The Huo family made such a scene out of the blue, and my parents were so mad…”

“They were mad, so you went mad too You acted rashly and chose that one…”

“Grandpa!” Su Yayan quickly interrupted him by raising her voice.

“I dont like that word.

I know Grandpa has some prejudices against him because of me, but I hope Grandpa can show him some respect on my behalf.

Is it okay”

Grandpa Cheng choked and got angrier and angrier.

“I dont have any prejudice against him, but I simply think he is not suitable for you.”


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