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The same argument would be followed by the same precautionary statement: after plastic surgery, there would be scars.

It was just like how she had been badly burned and had to undergo skin grafts, resulting in injuries all over her body.

She did not look like a person, but more like a broken doll that had been stitched up.

The so-called cosmetic surgery was nothing more than to make her, who looked like a ghost, look less like a ghost.

“Are you talking about the problem of scars after the surgery This is indeed unavoidable.

After all, the burns on your body have already penetrated deep into the subcutaneous tissue.

You cant recover to be exactly the same as before.

“However, the scars still have some room for manipulation.”

Li Annans entire body trembled.

Her eyes widened in surprise and anticipation as she looked at Su Yayan.

“You mean, you can help me remove these ugly scars”

“I cant guarantee that it will be completely removed.” Su Yayan looked at the scars on her face.

“However, it should be able to fade away.”

“Fade away” Li Annan subconsciously tightened her grip.

“To… what extent”

“Im not sure about the specifics.

It should be able to fade to the point where makeup can cover it up.”

Li Annan finally could not hold it in anymore when she heard this.

She stood up with a whoosh and stared at Su Yayan with burning eyes.


Su Yayan rolled her eyes.

She could not be bothered to broach this topic with Li Annan.

Even an experienced old doctor could not guarantee that all illnesses could be cured.

All illnesses would definitely be effective, especially an irreversible external injury like Li Annans.

“If you think that Im boasting and fooling you, you dont have to believe me.”

Li Annan was silent for quite a while.

Just when Su Yayan thought that she would refuse to cooperate or seriously consider for a period of time just like how she did not want others to look at her face before, she suddenly heard her ask in a hoarse voice, “You helped treat Qirui and Jinyous illnesses, right”

Su Yayan was stunned.

She did not expect that she knew Ning Qirui, but…

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“Jinyou” Was there anyone she knew by that name

Seeing Su Yayans confusion, Li Annans expression was a little subtle.

He coughed lightly and said, “Jinyou and Qirui are good friends.

He once looked for you in the hospital.

You helped him treat… that.”


“Thats right.

He wasnt good at that for a period of time.”

Su Yayan spent a few seconds figuring out what the so-called “not good at that” meant.

She finally remembered who Jinyou was that Li Annan mentioned.

“Oh, its him.” Su Yayan seemed to have thought of something and could not help but laugh.

“How is he now He can even… cough cough…”

Li Annan and Su Yayan were unusually calm when discussing this topic, with a calm expression, she said, “Hes pretty good.

He used to be very flirtatious and changed girlfriends like he changed clothes.

If he did not have clothes, he would at most run naked.

If he did not have a woman, he might die.

Qirui often scolded him for being a playboy.

After this incident, he suddenly changed his mind and cultivated his character.

In the past one to two years, he did not have many girlfriends.

It was rare… for him to keep himself clean.”

If not for that, they would not have realized that something was wrong.

Su Yayan raised her eyebrows when she heard Li Annans words.

She said with a faint smile, “Are you on good terms with him He even told you this kind of thing.”

It was a matter of a mans dignity.

Most people wouldnt even have the time to hide it.

Why would he tell it to his female friends so openly

“We grew up together.

It was a slip of the tongue.”

Su Yayan nodded in understanding.

“So, youre willing to look for me because you learned from them”


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