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Xia Ningxis expression suddenly froze.

After a while, she seemed to have found her voice again.

“So, he knew you were the host”

“I think so.” Even if he had not noticed it before, after the barbecue, he had taken the initiative to ask for food from her.

No matter how slow he was, he should have noticed it.

Su Yayan did not dwell on this topic.

She raised her head and asked Xia Ningxi, “Didnt he tell you”

“…” Tell her what

Did he tell her that he knew that his boss was the host that she had admired and wanted to meet, but he had never thought of telling her the hosts identity after so long

Or tell her that this b*stard had used her name as an excuse to swindle her and even lied to her that he had spent a lot of effort to buy those things from the hosts shop and share them with her.

Back then, she was so moved that she refused to accept it.

Xia Ningxi was so angry that she wanted to grind her teeth when she thought about how someone had chosen not to tell her the truth even though he knew the truth.

He had deliberately seen her act foolishly.

Seeing that she did not say anything, Su Yayan frowned and said, “Oh, I forgot.

You found out from Miss An.

In that case, he didnt tell you.

Maybe he forgot.”

How could he forget such an important thing! Xia Ningxi felt as if her heart had been stabbed!

Su Yayan did not seem to notice, she continued, “Speaking of which, Qirui can be considered a pillar of our company now.

Youre his girlfriend.

Strictly speaking, youre also considered an employees family member.

You can also enjoy employee benefits.

If you just want to jump the queue, you dont have to enter the company.”

If it was half an hour ago, when Xia Ningxi heard Su Yayans words, she would have been so happy that she would have jumped on the spot.

These words were like adding fuel to the fire in Xia Ningxis heart.

With a coax, the fire in Xia Ningxis heart was ignited!

This liar, he was dead meat!

“Achoo!” The night breeze in the mountains was cool and brought with it waves of creepy whimpers.

Ning Qirui crossed his arms in front of his chest and shivered uncontrollably.

“Thats it.

Its so cold in this ravine when it gets dark.

If I stay here all night, Im afraid Ill catch a cold tomorrow.”

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At the thought of this, Ning Qiruis face instantly fell.

So, why was he so stubborn Why did he come to this remote place to suffer when he could lead a comfortable life

Not to mention that Ning Qirui, who was experiencing a tragedy, did not know that there was an even more terrible tragedy waiting for him two days later.

Su Yayan was in a good mood after successfully scamming the guy who said “bad things” about her behind her back.

She hugged her son and kissed him hard, making him giggle.

This was what Huo Chenhuan saw when he returned home.

The corners of his mouth that had been flattened could not help but curl up a little.

He slowly walked behind the two and hugged them.

Su Yayan was shocked.

She turned to look at him and smiled faintly.

“Youre back.”

“Mm.” Huo Chenhuan responded in a low voice and leaned over to kiss Su Yayans forehead naturally.

The baby in Su Yayans arms looked at the scene with his big eyes.

He suddenly raised his hand and cried out, trying to attract the attention of his parents.

As expected, when Su Yayan heard his cry, she immediately looked down and chuckled, “Are you jealous of your parents”

“Wah…” The little guys chubby hands clenched into fists and shook as if he agreed with his mothers words.


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