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Chapter 102: The Livestream Preview

Su Yayan had successfully diverted Qin Xuerus attention, and she answered her with a faint smile, “The old man is in a hurry to come over.

There are still many things happening back home, so Uncle Cheng had to stay back to settle those matters.

After arranging the follow-up matters, he will come over in two days.”

“Two days…” Su Yayan muttered to herself and suddenly asked, “Aunt Qin, is your anemia better The weather has been cold recently.

Are your hands and feet often cold Did you bring more clothes this time If not, Ill ask my mother to prepare more for you later so you wont freeze.”

Cheng Xiuqin did not have any doubts and agreed.

“Yes, our Yayan is very thoughtful.

The weather has been a lot colder these days.

You must not have brought many clothes with you when you changed your plans to come earlier.

I will send someone to get more thick clothes soon.

Let me know what else you lack.

We are a family, so you dont have to be considerate.”

Qin Xueru was taken aback when she heard Su Yayans words and was a little surprised that Su Yayan knew that she was anemic recently.

Her anemic condition had started a month ago.

At first, she felt dizzy and could not muster the energy to do anything.

Later, it evolved into dizziness, besides being constantly accompanied by abdominal pain.

It was impossible to find out the reason with the body health test machine.

She was frustrated from trying for a baby.

Her body was always so unwell, and her appetite was poor.

However, after only half a month, she had lost nearly ten kilograms of weight, which scared her husband and gave him the idea of sending his wife off for a holiday to lift her spirits.

After her initial surprise, Qin Xueru thought that her husband had told Su Yayan about her matters and smiled as she said, “Recently, I am a little bit anemic.

Maybe it was from running around with Uncle Cheng some time ago.

Bless your heart for worrying about me.

Im fine now, so please dont worry.”

Qin Xuerus words indirectly affirmed Su Yayans guess.

She checked her remaining Likeability Points, and she was relieved.

“It is rare for Grandpa Cheng and Aunt Qin to visit.

I shall cook dinner tonight for both of you.”

Qin Xueru was taken aback.

“Yanyan can cook”

“Isnt it so” Cheng Xiuqin heard that Su Yayan was going to cook for them and said testily, “We also didnt know when this kid learned new skills because she kept it from us.

If we didnt catch her tinkering around in the kitchen previously, we would still be in the dark!

“But fortunately, the food she cooks is not bad.

Its just a pity that she doesnt cook for us more often, so we have only eaten it once.

Thanks to you, I can try her culinary skills again tonight.”

Cheng Xiuqin spoke bitterly, but Qin Xueru assumed that she was mentally preparing her for the worst outcome, so she secretly decided that no matter how Su Yayans cooking tasted like, she had to pretend to enjoy it.

Since the child had poured her heart into it, her thoughtfulness must not be unappreciated.

Su Yayan was not aware of Qin Xuerus inner thoughts.

She made a preview two hours in advance and published the topic of her livestream today in the livestream broadcast room.

As Su Yayan had previously updated over her livestream the day before, the next livestream would be impromptu.

However, she would announce it in the livestream broadcast room once it was confirmed.

Many viewers stayed in the livestream broadcast room permanently to wait for her notification.

Their efforts were rewarded when they saw the livestream preview! They eagerly viewed the content of the preview.

Many people were stunned and went crazy!

Not only could this host cure dysmenorrhea and premature ejaculation, but now she is reaching her magic hands toward infertility!


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