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“Yanyan met Fenglang at the banquet.

Not long after that, Fenglangs mother sent this to Chenhuan…” Qin Xueru muttered, “Could it be that he was provoked by the two of you and went back to spout nonsense on purpose, causing his mother to really think that you…”

“Not necessarily.” Su Yuxuan rubbed his chin and looked at Huo Chenhuan.

“Before Chenhuan…”

Su Yuxuan paused.

He knew that his sister did not like others to say that Huo Chenhuan was disabled, so he had to find another word.

“His legs were not very good before, but now it has recovered.

According to what Yanyan had just said, this family, especially Cheng Fenglangs mother, could not bear to see others living a better life than them.

Maybe she gossiped about Chenhuans leg and heard Cheng Fenglang talking about the two of them.

Once he heard that Chenhuans leg was fine, wouldnt she think more about it”

Cheng Xiuqin felt that it was ridiculous.

“Are they idiots Why dont they think about it If Chenhuan is really a man who Yanyan is keeping outside, how could she casually bring him out to show off in such a public place like our Little Porridges full moon banquet Do they really think that everyone is as shameless as them”

“Who knows The thoughts of idiots are always more unexpected than we think.” They were unexpectedly stupid.

After listening to her big brothers analysis, Su Yayan felt that it was very possible.

Wasnt Cheng Fenglangs mother the kind of person who could not see the good in others and used the worst ideas to think about others

It was her own family that was insatiably greedy, causing her life to become worse day by day.

However, in her eyes, it was others who were indebted to her.

Not only did she have a one-sided enmity with others, but she also kept thinking that other people had to live a bad life.

As long as they did not live a good life, she would be happy.

For such a person to think that she cheated on her husband with just a few words from Cheng Fenglang, she supposed it was normal.

“How did you know that she sent you these things is that woman really so stupid to report it in her real name”

“Thats not true.” A cold glint flashed in Huo Chenhuans eyes.

He chuckled and said, “She reported it anonymously.

But since she sent me so many things, I have to know who is behind it.”

“So, you got someone to investigate Then, after youre done…”

“Since weve already found out who did it, its not going to be easy to get away with it.”

Su Yayans heart trembled, but she understood a little.

“What did you do”

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“Doesnt she like to gossip I got someone to use some tricks to poison her so she cant speak.”

When Huo Chenhuan said this, everyone was shocked.

Even Su Yayan was a little surprised.

She knew that Huo Chenhuan would not let the culprit off so easily, but she did not expect him to be so ruthless.


“Theres more”

“Not only did she gossip, she also slandered you.

Its too easy a punishment for her to be poisoned.”

Cheng Xiuqin and the others felt that what he said made sense.

To put it nicely, some people were sour and could not stand the sight of others.

They deliberately gossiped behind peoples backs to sow discord between husband and wife.

However, if it was serious, it was considered deliberately spreading rumors to tarnish Su Yayans reputation and breaking up the relationship between the two of them.

Fortunately, Huo Chenhuan was by Su Yayans side that day.

If it were any other people, they might have been able to talk about the things that happened without a trace.

When they thought of this, they immediately did not think that Huo Chenhuan had gone too far.

They even felt that he should have gone even further!

However, Su Yayan felt that he must have done something worse than poisoning her.

“What did you do”


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