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Su Yayan smiled when she saw the message.

“Yeah, it just so happens that we have a few days off.

Im bringing the baby back to visit the elders.”

When she said that, the comments on the screen were all begging for the baby to make an appearance.

Su Yayan smiled.

She did not have any intention of letting the child appear on the screen.

Fortunately, more viewers soon flooded in.

These comments were also covered by the new messages.

The several medicine packets that Su Yayan had previously sold in the live broadcast room had been selling very well recently.

Of course, it was not that there were not one or two people who had followed the trend and had an accident.

It was just that Su Yayan had already considered this point.

Just like the Chinese herbs that were sold previously, the medicine packets were written in bold characters with the main uses and the things to avoid clearly written on them.

As long as people came to cause trouble, they would ask them to issue an inspection report.

If it was a problem with the right medicine, they would pay for it.

If they knew that they could not eat it and insisted on eating it, then they deserved it.

They did not care.

Reality proved that Su Yayan was very prescient.

After that, there were indeed a few people who ate the medicine packs in their restaurant and caused trouble.

In the end, all of them were in the wrong and paid for it out of their own pockets.

Not only did it not affect the reputation of the medicine restaurant, but it also made more people pay attention to the restaurant and the medicine packs.

The sales did not decrease but increased instead.

After the medicine packs became popular for a while, the ones that should have been bought and the ones that should have been posted had already been bought and posted.

Today, the viewers in the live broadcast room were more curious about the new scar removal ointment that was on the shelves in the medicinal cuisine restaurant.

[Host, host, host, can the new scar removal ointment that is on the shelves in your shop really remove scars Is it also made by the host using Chinese medicinal herbs I accidentally fell a few days ago, and there was a large gash on my chin.

The doctor said that it would definitely leave a scar.

Although it is not easy to see the scar on my chin, it is still very ugly to leave a scar on my face!]

[Host, host, is that scar removal ointment of yours useful for burn scars I have a younger sister who accidentally burned her thighs and calves when she was young.

She has such a big scar, and even now, she still doesnt dare to wear a miniskirt.]

[Host, host…]

Su Yayan looked at the screen filled with questions and pondered for a moment, she deliberated and made a conclusion, “The scar removal ointment in the restaurant is indeed a private product of our store, and it can indeed remove scars.

It is basically suitable for both large and small scars.

Its just that the effect of small scars is faster, and there are more treatment courses.

For large-scale scars such as burn scars, it may take a period of time to take effect compared to other scars.

“Other than that, new scars that have been left recently will take effect faster because the skin texture is still relatively active.

If its an old scar, it will take a longer time to recover.

For scars that may be the same size, if someone else uses one bottle, you have to use two bottles.

If someone else uses it for one month, you have to use it for two months.

Thats the difference.”

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The audience members who had received the notification were all very excited.

It was not surprising that they were suspicious of the scar removal ointment.

Most of the things Su Yayan had sold in her restaurant before were related to food.

Even if it was those medicine packets, they had to bring them back and stew them together with other ingredients to eat.

Suddenly, a scar removal ointment appeared, and many people suspected that their host had started to bring goods to sell other peoples things like other internet celebrities.

In addition, some anti-fans and competitors who sold scar-removing beauty products deliberately led the pace and questioned the efficacy of this ointment.

This resulted in the ointment being on the shelves for two days and its sales were mediocre, it was not as popular as the previous few medicine packs.


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