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Huo Chenhuans face darkened.

“Do you want to go If you dont, we dont have to go.”

It was just a desperate struggle on their part.

It was the same whether they saw each other or not.

“No, I want to go.”

Su Yayan turned to look at her mans disapproving expression and smiled.

“Lets go and hear what these two weirdos can say.

We can also anger these two until they become green-eyed monsters.


Huo Chenhuan immediately guessed Su Yayans plan.

A hint of helplessness and indulgence flashed across his eyes.


The meeting was scheduled for the afternoon, and he had considered the possibility that the two of them would be locked up in the same place in the future.

To let them get used to it as soon as possible and to save time, Huo Chenhuan had the people over there arrange for the two of them to meet in the two rooms next to each other.

Song Yunyuan and Cheng Fenglangs faces darkened when they looked at each other across the cell.

However, they also knew that they had no way out now.

If they made a scene here, they might not even be able to see the person they wanted to see for the last time.

When Su Yayan and Cheng Fenglang entered, Song Yunyuan and Cheng Fenglang were in the middle of a weird argument.

When they heard the sound, the room suddenly fell silent.

Song Yunyuan was the first to react.

She stood up immediately and rushed to the front.

She held the pillar by the cell tightly and stared at Huo Chenhuan with burning eyes.

“Youre here.”

Huo Chenhuan frowned slightly.

Disgust flashed across his eyes.

Then, he quickly withdrew his gaze and turned his attention to Su Yayan.

The impatience and coldness between his brows melted in an instant, leaving only a strong sense of warmth and love.

This obvious contrast was like a sharp knife in Song Yunyuans eyes.

It stabbed into her heart, piercing through her self-righteous dignity and self-indulgent pride.

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“You shameless b*tch, thief!” Song Yunyuans face became ferocious and twisted, and her eyes were full of blood.

It was as if she wanted to swallow Su Yayan alive and tear her into pieces.

“Thief” Su Yayan raised her eyes and found it funny, “What right do you have to call me a thief What did I steal My mans heart”

Su Yayan touched Huo Chenhuans chest as she said, “Then Im really sorry.

My mans heart has always been mine.

It only belongs to me.

I dont need to spend any effort to steal it.

Only those pitiful people who want but cant get it will think about other peoples things every day and end up with nothing.

They deserve it!”

“You! Youre talking nonsense!” Song Yunyuan had been provoked by the intimate relationship between the two of them.

Now, hearing Su Yayans words, she was even more furious, “He likes me, he likes me!”

Su Yayan burst out laughing, her eyes were filled with ridicule.

“Are you a worm in his stomach How would you know if he likes you or not Or did he do something to make you misunderstand that he likes you If thats really the case, now that were here, we dont mind if you dig up some old and useless account.

Tell me, why does he like you”

Song Yunyuans expression suddenly froze.

Although she was so confident, she really could not say anything.

After all, whether it was back then or now, Huo Chenhuan seemed to have always avoided her, let alone treated her well.

She thought of the last time she returned to the country with joy and finally found an opportunity to secretly sow discord between Su Yayan and her husband.


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