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Su Yayan was just asking casually.

She was not very interested in the Song familys matters.

Very quickly, she turned her attention to a young man who looked strangely familiar to Li Annan.

Other than Grandpa and Grandma Li, who had come with Li Annan once before, there were also her parents.

Other than that, there was this young man who had a subtle expression on his face.

He would look at her from time to time.

“This is…”

When Mrs.

Li and the others saw Su Yayan take the initiative to ask, she quickly introduced him to her, “This is my nephew, my sisters child.

He grew up together with Annan, his cousin sister.

They have always been very close.

When he heard that we were coming over today, he had to come and take a look.”

As she spoke, Mrs.

Li waved at the young man.

“Zhihong, say hello to Miss Su.”

“Zhihong” Su Yayan was stunned.

“Yin Zhihong”

Was he Wen Jingpings newly-hooked-up young actor It couldnt be such a coincidence!

Yin Zhihong was also a little surprised when he heard Su Yayan call out his name in its entirety.

He frowned slightly.

“You know me”

Su Yayan did not expect that the person she helped treat on behalf of Song Linghua and her husband was Yin Zhihongs cousin.

Wasnt this a coincidence

“Youre an actor in the entertainment industry.

I have an entertainment company under me.

Isnt it normal to know about you”

The Li family also remembered Su Yayans identity.

They knew that she was not only Huo Chenhuans wife but also ran a management company that came from her parents dowry.

There were many well-known male and female artists in the entertainment industry attached to her company.

Song Linghua and Luo Baogeng got back together with her and the Huo family because of their cooperation in this area.

“Id forgotten if Miss Su didnt mention it.

Zhihong, didnt you always praise the performance ofPrima Donna That drama was invested by Miss Sus company, and your Grandpa Luo personally shot it.”

After Hai Yis Empress had received terrible ratings, Prima Donna by East City could be said to be the complete opposite.

The ratings were both very high.

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Even in the later stages of the broadcast, the ratings did not decrease.

On the contrary, they were on the rise.

One had to know that many TV series nowadays had a bad ending.

The first ten or so episodes of the series attracted the audience first, and then the next ten episodes began to flood the audience with water, this made many viewers who just wanted to watch the ending of a character feel like they had a fishbone in their throat.

It was a pity to abandon it after eating it.

They could only vent their dissatisfaction by getting low ratings, so the ratings of the series naturally dropped.

As for Prima Donna, because of its high quality throughout the entire process, even in the middle and late stages of the series, it did not lose any viewership.

It was also deeply loved by the audience, and in just one or two months, it had become this years popular drama.

East City, the biggest investor in the series, had unsurprisingly become the biggest winner of this blockbuster.

Just this drama alone had earned back more than half of last years investment.

It made a solid start for Su Yayans IP plan.

Yin Zhihong had indeed praised this drama before and even tried his best to promote this drama to his relatives and friends.

Not to mention other things, many members of the Li family were dragged into the pit by him.

However, in the month since he joined the crew, his family members had been chasing the drama happily.

As someone who watched this drama at the beginning, Yin Zhihong, on the other hand, mentioned this drama less and less.

No one thought too much about it.

They only thought that Yin Zhihong was busy with filming and had no time to watch the drama, so they naturally couldnt discuss the plot with them.

However, the truth seemed to be different.


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