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Yin Zhihong frowned slightly.

Under the probing gazes of his family members, he did not know what to say.

“Actually, its nothing much.

There are so many people in a drama, and there will always be a few weirdos.

Its good that its resolved.”

Luo Baogeng knew that there were many twists and turns, and he also knew that this topic was not good to discuss in front of the parties involved.

Thus, he opened his mouth to end this topic and gave Grandpa Li a look.

Grandpa Li instantly understood and pulled his wife, who was about to continue asking, he smiled faintly and said, “Old Luo is right.

How can work things go smoothly Its good that its resolved.

Today, we came here to thank Miss Su and confirm with Miss Su about Nannans further treatment.

Thats more important.”

Since Grandpa Li had said so, Grandma Li naturally could not say anything else.

Yin Zhihong heard Luo Baogengs derogatory remarks with a hidden nature and subconsciously wanted to open his mouth to speak up on behalf of Wen Jingping.

However, when the words were about to reach his mouth, he unexpectedly met Su Yayans half-smiling gaze.

His mind was muddled again, and for some reason, the words that were about to reach his mouth couldnt be spoken anymore.

Su Yayan saw Yin Zhihongs conflicted and confused expression.

She only felt that the sense of dissonance was getting stronger, and the gaze she looked at Yin Zhihong with also became more inquisitive.

[System, is there any way to find out the reason behind Yin Zhihongs strange attitude towards Wen Jingping Wasnt Wen Jingpings female protagonist aura already very weak How could she still make these people lower their intelligence Is there something that you and I dont know about her]

[Is the Host suspecting that Wen Jingping used some unspeakable special methods on Yin Zhihong]

Su Yayan was silent for a moment, then asked tentatively.

[Can you find out]

[Host, you can scan past experiences and memories of potential threats to confirm whether he has been corrupted by the female protagonists aura.]

Su Yayan was shocked.

The system actually had such a function.

She had thought that the systems skill points were all in Chinese medicine!

Before she could finish being happy, she heard the system add-on.

[As long as the host pays the corresponding favorability points.]

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“…” She knew that this dog system was not that easy to talk to!

[How much]

[One million favorability points.]

Su Yayan was stunned for a moment.

She opened her mouth, but before she could react to the huge number, she heard the system faintly spit out another two words!

[Each time.]

[… When did you learn to bargain like this]

[The system doesnt know how to bargain, thank you.]

Su Yayan was speechless.

She was so angry!

[A million favorability points for each time Are you trying to rob me]

Previously, when she exchanged for that one-time lucky halo, she only had 1,000 favorability points.

Although leveling up was a little expensive, the unlocked seeds were basically in the range of a few thousand favorability points.

No matter how expensive it was, it was only in the tens of thousands.

Now, she can only perform the scan once, yet it was already 1,000,000 favorability points.

Su Yayan felt that she had the word “Sucker” on her head, she could be ripped off at any time.

[I suspect that you are raising the price and inflating it on purpose.

I want to complain!]

[The system has not unlocked the complaint function.

The choice is in the Hosts hands.

If the Host does not accept this price, and you can choose not to exchange.]

The hidden meaning was, whether she wanted it or not, there was no way to lower the price!

Su Yayan listened to the systems stiff answer and looked at her favorability points.

She gritted her teeth and made a decision, “Ill exchange!”

Even with Su Yayans current condition, a million favorability points could only be gained by one more livestream.

However, when she heard the sound of a deduction from the system, Su Yayan felt a little heartache.

She kept feeling that she had been cheated!


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