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“Thats not right!” After the initial shock, Su Yayan quickly realized that something was wrong, “Wasnt Mrs.

Qin rumored to be having an affair with Qin Fangdes brother Where did this first love come from Could it be that the information at that time was wrong”

“Its not considered wrong.

From the information, Mrs.

Qin should have been forced to break up with her current lover back then.

Not long after that, her family arranged for her to meet Qin Fangde, hoping to set her up with Qin Fangde.

They didnt expect that this would incite Mrs.

Qins rebellious mentality.

She didnt follow her familys arrangement to develop a relationship with Qin Fangde.

Instead, she took the initiative to hook up with Qin Fangdes brother.

“However, because of the internal power struggle in the Qin family, Qin Jinghongs accident left the Qin family with only Qin Fangde.

She had no choice but to follow her familys arrangement and marry Qin Fangde.”

After listening to Huo Chenhuans explanation, Su Yayan felt shocked and sarcastic.

“Rebellious mentality Her rebellious mentality really came too late.”

If she was really so unwilling, she should not have broken up with someone at that time.

They had already broken up, so who was she trying to disgust

Humans were sometimes so contradictory.

They had clearly made a choice, but because they did not want others to think that they were weak and hence they were the first to betray.

Therefore, they covered their ears and made a series of confusing actions that touched them.

Little did they know that these actions just proved that she was guilty.

“They divorced”


That lover of hers is quite capable.

He forced Qin Fangde to pay a large sum of blood and didnt let Mrs.

Qin suffer any losses.”

Su Yayan snorted when she heard that.

“This is called the saying that the wicked will be tortured by the wicked.”

“Thats not the most infuriating part.

The most infuriating part was that after Qin Fangdes divorce, he found out that the adulterous couple had already begun to transfer their assets.

Not only did he lose most of his assets to Mrs.

Qin in the divorce, but their joint funds had also been completely emptied.

In a fit of anger, he suffered a stroke and were hospitalized.”

Su Yayan did not know why, but she suddenly felt that it was a little unreal.

This man, who had been haunting Ling Xiaoqi for more than 20 years, had actually suffered a stroke and collapsed just like that

“If he had a stroke just like that, then his company…”

Huo Chenhuan did not answer directly.

Instead, he said the truth in a tactful manner, “Even if he did not have a stroke, he would not be able to protect his company.”

It was just that this stroke of his had indirectly accelerated the fight between the various forces.

Not long after, Su Yayan received news from the other side.

After Qin Fangdes stroke, he was admitted to the hospital.

The various forces were busy dividing up his company.

Those lovers who had been kept by him only wanted his money and the position of the Qin familys first wife.

Now that Qin Fangde had collapsed, they could not even escape in time.

How could they walk right into the trap

Due to Mrs.

Qins actions in the past, Qin Fangde did not have any other illegitimate children.

His only daughter hated him even more.

After staying in the hospital for a few days, Qin Fangde did not even see a single person who came to visit him.

He only relied on the caretakers to eat, drink, and defecate.

If he did not die at this time, he would easily become a target for the other people who were fighting over the family assets.

Qin Fangde would not even get this last bit of decent treatment.

Of course, there was nothing to be happy about.

When the dust settled over the family assets, he, now a cripple, would be completely useless.

His good days would come to an end.

Just when Su Yayan thought that the familys troubles would come to an end, and Qin Fangde, who had lost all his support, would definitely be in a miserable situation in the future, there was another huge turn of events.


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