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“What did you say Qin Fangdes sons death is related to Mrs.

Qins lover”

“To be more precise, its related to those people from the Qin family and her lover.”

Although Su Yayan had guessed that Qin Fangdes sons death might be intentional, she was still a little shocked when she confirmed it.

“Forget about those people from the Qin family.

Qin Fangdes son is the heir he chose after all.

If they want to seize power, killing him is the best shortcut.

What about that lover”

“Didnt I say it before This lover is deeply in love with Mrs.


When they met again many years later, he still remembered her and wanted to be with her.

However, Mrs.

Qin never agreed to be with him because she cared about her son.”

Su Yayan was stunned.

“So, he caused her son to…”


The fastest way to reach the finish line was to get rid of all the stumbling blocks on this road.

This man wanted to get Mrs.

Qin, but Mrs.

Qin was unwilling to accept him because of her son, he would not rest until he smashed the stumbling block that was Mrs.

Qins son into pieces.

He was ruthless and stupid enough to not realize that he had become a knife in someone elses hand when he was doing this.

After listening to Huo Chenhuans explanation.., after a long silence, he sneered, “A deep love Knowing that the child is a piece of meat that fell from the mothers body, yet he was still so ruthless as to kill people just like that.

Im afraid that Mrs.

Qin would not dare to want such a deep love, right”

When Su Yayan said this, she seemed to have sensed something and asked, “Does Mrs.

Qin know about this”

“She already knows.”

“Then she…”

“Shes crazy.”

Thats right, Mrs.

Qin was crazy.

This woman who had finally obtained a divorce certificate and thought that she could live happily ever after with her lover suddenly found out the bloody truth.

She went crazy.

She stabbed her lover with a knife and ran to see her other old lover, Qin Fandes fourth brother, Qin Jinghong.

After stabbing the two culprits, she even drove her car to hit Qin Jinghongs two sons.

Su Yayan was dumbfounded when she heard this.

She guessed that Mrs.

Qin would not let these people live well for her son after she found out the truth.

She did not expect that she would go crazy after finding out the truth and kill them all by herself.

She was not giving those people any chance to live, and neither was she giving herself a chance to live!

“Are… Are they all dead”

“Her lover and Qin Jinghong are dead.

Of the two sons who were hit by the car, one was in a vegetative state and the other had one of his legs amputated.”

Su Yayan gasped, “Then Mrs.


“She is also dead.”


“The rear compartment of the car was leaking oil.

She lit the fire on her own initiative.”

Su Yayan pursed her lips and did not say a word.

Huo Chenhuan saw that she could not bear it and took the initiative to ask, “Do you know who leaked this to Mrs.


Su Yayan was stunned.

She only reacted a moment later.

They must have thought of a way out before doing these things.

Moreover, it had already been two to three years.


Qin would not have discovered it herself if it was revealed now.

“Who is it”

“Its Qin Jinghong.”

“Qin Jinghong” Su Yayans eyes narrowed slightly.

“How is this possible He would expose his own shortcomings Is he crazy”

“Of course he wouldnt reveal that he was the mastermind behind the scenes.

He only revealed the truth that Mrs.

Qins son was in an accident because her lover arranged it behind the scenes.

He revealed it to Mrs.

Qin by accident.”


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