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When Su Yayan heard this, she became even more confused.

“Why did he do this”

“For revenge.”

“Revenge” A thought flashed through Su Yayans mind.

“Because of what happened back then”

Back then, Mrs.

Qin was forced to break up with her boyfriend.

She did not want to accept the marriage arranged by her family so quickly, so she took the initiative to seduce Qin Jinghong so she could disgust Qin Fangde.

Later on, Qin Jinghong failed to seize power.

Although he survived, he was paralyzed from then on.


Qin immediately abandoned him and turned around to run into Qin Fangdes arms.

This was the only thing that made it impossible for a man with a little bit of pride to forget the humiliation that this woman had brought to him.

It was not surprising that Qin Jinghong would do such a thing.

Su Yayan pursed her lips.

Karma was a cycle, and retribution was unpleasant.


Qin would never have thought that the bitter fruit that had been brewed back then would be tasted twenty years later.

“Since Qin Jinghong pushed that lover out, he must be confident that this matter will not involve himself.

Then why is Mrs.

Qin still…”

“Have you heard of a saying”


“The mantis stalks the cicada, but the oriole follows behind.” Huo Chenhuan pinched his wifes confused little face and said with a smile, “The lover was pushed out by Qin Jinghong, but Qin Jinghong was pushed out by Ning Siyuan.”

Su Yayans eyes suddenly widened.

“You mean…”

“Thats why I said that guy is an old fox in sheeps clothing.

He knows everything and didnt do anything on the surface.

He only pushed them when necessary and let them kill each other.”

After figuring out the true identity of the person behind this, Su Yayan instead heaved a sigh of relief.

“This shows that he did put in some effort.

But…” Su Yayan furrowed her brows.

“Did Mrs.

Qin do something to Xiaoqi”

Out of caution, she had reminded Ling Xiaoqi that day not only to keep an eye on Qin Fangde, but also to be on guard against Mrs.


Now that Ning Siyuan was so cruel to her, it was highly likely that Ling Xiaoqi had gone back and told him what she had found out, which was why she was so cruel to her.

As the saying goes, killing a persons heart is fatal.

It was more cruel to strike a person who was forced into a desperate situation when he thought that he could finally abandon the past and start over.

Su Yayan should have had sympathy for her, but when she thought of Ling Xiaoqis tragic ending in her previous life, she felt that this bit of sympathy was a luxury.

A pitiful person must have something hateful about them.

She was wrong from the start, and it was a huge mistake to involve an innocent person in this.

Now, she only got such an ending because she had to pay the price for making so many mistakes.

She could not blame anyone else.

Just like that, the curtain fell on Ning Siyuans strategy.

The only winners were Ning Siyuan, the mastermind who had been hiding until the end, and Ling Xiaoqi, who had never been involved in this.

After hearing the gossip of the Qin family for a few days, Su Yayan finally noticed the commotion on Dou Tianyis side.

“The person-in-charge of the Dou Corporation suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized.

The corporations stock plummeted because of the companys leaderless situation”

Su Yayans first reaction when she saw the news was that it was impossible.

Dou Tianyis condition should not have deteriorated so quickly.

Moreover, he was clearly… the male lead of the world!

“Its true.”

Su Yayan was startled when she heard a voice behind her.

She turned around and realized that it was Huo Chenhuan.

“Is it true”

“Yes, Dou Tianyi was hospitalized a week ago.

He hasnt come out since then.”

“He doesnt want to come out or… he cant come out”


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