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Chapter 114: The Second Skill

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Yayan suppressed her inner excitement and said excitedly, “Yes.”

[Congratulations, Host.

Leveling up to Level 3.

The level-up gift pack has been sent to your email, please take a look.

In addition, a progress bar for seizing the original female main characters golden touch has been added.

Please continue to work hard and get the worlds luck as soon as possible and change your destiny.]

“Golden-touch progress bar” Su Yayan was stunned, only to find a light green progress bar had appeared under the shop panel where she had exchanged the seeds earlier.

Furthermore, was the position of the progress bar now at 5%

“Does the 5% mean that I have grabbed more of the golden-touch that originally belonged to Wen Jingping”


However, since she was reborn, she had not seen Wen Jingping in person….

“Is it because of my livestream” Su Yayans eyes flickered slightly.

As she had anticipated, it was the right decision to choose the same livestream platform as Wen Jingping.

[The livestream is part of the reason.]

“Its only part of the reason Does it mean that there are other reasons” Su Yayan narrowed her eyes.

“Could it be because of… Huo Shaofeng”

[The fortunes of the male and female main characters are interconnected.

If something goes wrong with the male main character, the female main character will also be affected.

The system has detected that the male main characters Likability has been reduced due to his injury.

The male main characters familys Likability towards the female main character also had continued to decline…]

The news had caught Su Yayan by surprise, as she had beaten up Huo Shaofeng.

At this time, Wen Jingping should be by his side and clamoring for the affection and Likability from Huo Shaofeng and his parents.

So, why had it reduced instead

However, although Huo Shaofeng was seriously injured that day, he did not hit his head.

He should have identified her as the culprit.

However, after so long, neither he nor his family came to confront her.

Su Yayan did not think that his family was that tolerant nor forgiving, and he was not the type to suffer in silence either.

The only possibility was someone had stopped them.

There was no surprise as to who this person was.

Su Yayan pursed her lips and was more determined to find a way to treat Huo Chenhuans legs sooner.

She also did not care about the so-called progress bar at that moment and could not wait to open the familiar level-up gift pack.

Su Yayan stared at the rotating circle on the familiar landing page and subconsciously held her breath for fear that the contents would disappear in a blink of an eye.

Finally, there was a burst of light, and the systems notification prompt alert followed.

[Congratulations, Host.

You have gained The Encyclopedia of Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

It comes with a complete set of acupuncture needles from the ancient earth, which has been sent to your email.]

“Acupuncture!” Su Yayan exclaimed and immediately opened her mailbox.

The next second, a small white briefcase appeared in her hand.

As soon as she opened it, rows and rows of silver needles, large and small alike, came into view.

It was a magnificent sight to behold.

At the same time, the systems notification prompt sounded again, delivering another piece of good news to Su Yayan.

[Congratulations, Host.

You have gained Conviction Points 8.

The system has detected that the total Conviction Points of the host have reached 20, and the supportive skill of acupuncture—Meridians and Acupoints Diagram is automatically unlocked.

The host can pair it with Observation to get twice the result with half the effort.]

Su Yayan tightened her hand that held the briefcase, and she fell into a state of excitement.

With these, could she start trying to treat his leg

Su Yayan, who was overwhelmed by excitement, immediately sent a video call invitation to Huo Chenhuan.

The moment they connected, she could not stop the rising sob in her voice, “Chenhuan…”


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