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Chapter 123: I Am Your Boss

That may be what she was thinking, but she certainly did not show it.

“You overestimate me, Young Master Ning.

I may be able to tell by his looks, it doesnt mean that I know how to make him better.”

Ning Siyuan saw how calm and composed Su Yayan was and his eyes darkened.

He did not believe what Su Yayan had just said.

“Others may be at their wits end, but I dont think you fall in that category, Ms.


If youre able to advise my silly brother, a complete stranger to you the first time you met him to get a health check-up, it means that youre kind and considerate enough to not want to see my brothers life ruined by this sickness so much to be chained to the hospital for the rest of his life, right”

What sounded like a compliment felt suspiciously like emotional blackmail.

Su Yayan was silent, she did not say a word in response to that.

Ning Siyuan continued, “Also, I heard that Ms.

Su has taken charge of East City Entertainment recently.

East City had spent a lot of resources on my brother to bring him up to where he is today.

If Qirui was sick, he wont be able to continue working, and I reckon that East City would suffer quite a substantial loss.”

Su Yayan was not alarmed that Ning Siyuan knew about the change of ownership at East City Entertainment.

How could someone with a hidden brother complex not know anything about the company his brother was signed to

Ning Qirui on the flip side looked like he had just gotten to know the news.

He was dumbfounded.

“What! She took over East City Does it mean that shes…” now his direct boss!

Su Yayan was tickled by how spooked he was.

She smiled at him and said, “Youre right, East City is a family business and Ive officially taken over two days ago.

So, youre my artist, and Im your boss.

Youd better watch your step from now on, dont be like how you were, or else, when Im unhappy, you best believe that Ill ban you!”

Ning Qiruis face was a mixed palette as he flushed with frustration yet paled with fear.

Su Yayan chuckled but stopped teasing him and returned her attention to Ning Siyuan.

“Its true that East Citys spend a lot of time and resources on Ning Qirui.

But now that hes sick and unable to repay all that the companys done for him, according to his contract, this loss is to be borne by the artist.

Im sure the Qi family and Ning family could easily afford to pay off the compensation amount, right”

Ning Siyuan narrowed his eyes as his expression was clouded.

He tried to lure Su Yayan with profit but was outwitted by Su Yayan instead.

Thoughts from intimidation and bribery, to pleading wholeheartedly, to repaying with a large sum of money flew through Ning Siyuans mind.

Just as he was preparing himself for the worst possible outcome, Su Yayan spoke once more.

“Well, me being the kind and considerate person that I am as per what President Ning has said, its true that I cant bear to see a life diminishing before me, even if its a puny life.”

Ning Qirui, “…” Are you for real Dont you know that self-praise is no praise

‘Also, what did your last sentence mean He, the great Young Master Nings life is puny in her eyes Is she looking down on him

Ning Qirui sulked, looking like a pufferfish once more.

Xia Junsheng, who was close behind her, was flabbergasted at Su Yayans level of shamelessness.

He could not help but sigh.

This little girl was just about as thick-skinned as her brother!

The innocent brother Su, “”


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