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Chapter 136: You Will Grow a Stye

The visit of the “two elders” of the Huo family ended with them being chased away by dogs.

After that episode, Cheng Xiuqin did not feel like she had vented her anger enough, so she called and complained about the security guards in the residential area.

She complained that they had allowed strangers in the residential area without seeking the residents permission.

This oversight could threaten the safety of the residents.

If the person who got in was mentally ill or a suspected killer, would it not endanger the lives of the residents

When the security guard she had complained about received the call, he subconsciously glanced at the two people who were ambushed by four dogs from the corner of his eye.

He twitched his mouth and quietly bemoaned that it was unclear whose safety was being threatened!

However, they upheld the principle that the customer is king.

Since he was also responsible for this matter, the security guard asked a passerby for the video of Huo Qihan being bitten by dogs and sent it to Cheng Xiuqin to redeem himself.

The four dogs that Mr.

Su borrowed were all meticulously trained hounds.

They were strictly disciplined and would not easily hurt people without the permission of their owners.

Therefore, although these dogs tackled Huo Qihan and his wife, they did not hurt them but only tore their clothes.

The dogs that were half the height of an adult were physically strong and were almost as strong as a grown man.

Two of the dogs tugged Huo Qihans trouser legs on the left and the right.

Huo Qihan could not get rid of them at all.

With a tearing sound, his belt was ripped apart, and the bottoms of his trousers were also torn, revealing his somewhat amusing-looking auspicious red underwear.

At that time, there were several people around, and they could not help laughing.

The few people who sympathized with him did not dare to step forward to challenge these ferocious dogs and could only stand on the side helplessly and watch this scene sympathetically.

Huo Qihan had lived for more than forty years and had never been as embarrassed as this.

In his annoyance and anger, he kicked the dog closest to him.

The dog had heeded its owners instructions and did not hurt anyone.

Otherwise, Huo Qihan would have been torn into shreds by it.

Huo Qihans kick hurt the dog and enraged it.

Since it was upset, it did not obey the rules anymore.

The hound unleashed its bloodthirsty nature, and it howled before sinking its teeth into Huo Qihans fleshy butt!

“Hahahahaha… It will be the death of me! How satisfying! It serves them right for being bullies.

Now, if someone shares this video on a public platform, their family will be famous.

Hahahaha…” Cheng Xiuqin watched the scene in the video, and her body was shaking as she laughed.

Although Mr.

Su was also filled with satisfaction when he saw the video, he wrinkled his brows and covered Cheng Xiuqins eyes.

“Hey, what are you doing Why are you covering my eyes”

“Dont look.

You will grow a stye.” Although he could excuse his wife for looking at another man in front of him for such reasons, Mr.

Su could not control his growing jealousy.

Cheng Xiuqin, “…” She was no longer a kid, so why would she grow a stye

Su Yayan chuckled when she heard her father grouse.

“This is a good thing worth keeping as a souvenir.

Mom, forward me a copy later.”

As soon as Su Yayan said these words, Grandpa Cheng gave her a telling-off before Mr.

Su could say anything, “Nonsense! You are an unmarried girl! What impression would you give if you have a video like this!”

“…” Fine, whatever you say.

The scene downstairs had settled, and the few people dispersed to return to their affairs.

Su Yayan turned around and went back upstairs.

Just when she reached the door of the room, she heard a familiar voice from her chest, “Yanyan”


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