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Chapter 145: King of Herbs

The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of University A was an elderly man called Ye Qiliang.

At this age, he should be enjoying his retirement.

However, this man was a character who refused to lay still and insisted on staying in his position and continuing his work in the subject matter he was so passionate about.

Although the university was delighted that such an important person would help out in the faculty, they dared not arrange too many classes and students for him because of his old age.

Ye Qiliang taught most of the top pharmacy students and was an expert in the Western medicine section.

Ye Qiliangs only regret in life stemmed from a Traditional Chinese Medicine book passed down for generations in his family.

He had decided to study medicine because he read this book when he was young.

Until he grew up, he never imagined that Traditional Chinese Medicine would have declined.

Many Chinese herbs used were lost in the two transitions of humankind and had disappeared into the long river of history.

A TCM practitioner without Chinese herbs was like an adept housewife who wished to cook but had no rice.

Ye Qiliang had no option but to turn to Western medicine reluctantly.

Even though that was the case, he did not give up on the exploration and research of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese herbs and stuck to it through the years.

Peng Jiazhi was his most favored student among the younger generation.

Even though it had an exaggerated title, Ye Qiliang decided to view the video he sent over.

When he watched it, his reaction was more exaggerated than that of Peng Jiazhis.

As he was elderly, he nearly could not catch his breath.

After finally recomposing his breath, Ye Qiliangs eyeballs were almost glued to the screen.

He could not wait to see the gigantic ginseng up close through the screen now!

In the end, Peng Jiazhi sent a message to draw the attention of the old professor.

“Professor, did you watch the video Is the ginseng in the video the King of Herbs recorded in the ancient medical books Is it the herb that can replenish energy and blood and is a tonic for prolonging life I only found a black and white picture, so I cannot tell for sure.

I can only take the liberty to send it to you to distinguish its authenticity.”

Ye Qiliang seemed to have awakened up from a dream and could not care about anything else.

He instantly sent a video call invitation to Peng Jiazhi.

He fired a tirade of questions at his pupil as soon as the call connected.

“Where did this video come from The girl talking in it… Where is she now When did you get this video, and why did you only send it to me now!”

Peng Jiazhi was frightened by the excitement of his mentor, who looked a little wild and said tremblingly, “This video was sent to me by my sister two days ago.

She said that it is a video recording clip of a newcomer livestream host that she particularly likes.

I also just viewed it today when I had time…” He did not deliberately keep it from his mentor! Sob, he was wronged, and he felt bitter!

“The video recording of the livestream” Ye Qiliangs eyes flickered excitedly.

“Quickly ask your sister where the livestream is and give me the URL immediately.”

Peng Jiazhi finally recovered from his initial astonishment.

A guess arose in his heart as he saw the desperate look on his mentors face.

“Professor, is it possible that the thing in that video is really…”

Ye Qiliang did not answer, but his expression already gave away his thoughts.

“Thats great! My sister seemed to have mentioned that this is a gourmet livestream host.

It has been a while since she started livestreaming.

Maybe there are other similar types of Chinese herbs in her livestream broadcast room.”

Ye Qiliang was already anxious, and he could not contain the excitement in his heart when he heard this.

He was so worked up that his pitch changed as he shouted, “Quick!!! Ask her now!!!”


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