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Chapter 147: Are There More Tycoons

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

MulberryTreeInTheMountains message sent Su Yayan into shock.

However, the other viewers in the livestream broadcast room were also in disbelief.

Before this, the notable leaderboard champion daddy would only leave a warning message when he banned users.

At other times, he would only give rewards and not send a slew of messages.

Many people regarded him as a cool older brother (or sister), and now this cool person was openly acting cute and blowing rainbow farts for the host.

Was it possible that they had always misunderstood him Could the leaderboard champion daddy be a cute girl and not a cool older brother or sister

As a result of the sudden cute act of MulberryTreeInTheMountain, the real-time comments that had flooded the screen cleared temporarily.

A few seconds later, a comment flashed out.

[So, does the host have a sugar mama (Smug dog meme) (smug dog meme)]

The surrounding audience, “….”

Su Yayan also suddenly came back to her senses and tried to squeeze a smile out.

“Thanks to the livestream admin for the comfort.

Im fine.

I know they want to make me angry.

If I fall for that and get angry over it, it will be me who is suffering.

If anyone needs to be angry, it should be them.

They have had so many accounts banned that I dont even know how much money they have lost.”

The water army, who had many of their accounts banned, “…” They were so angry!

Huo Chenhuan, who was watching the livestream, could not help curling his lips when he heard Su Yayans words.

He gave another order to Yu Ziyan.

He ordered him to send a lawyers letter to all the companies behind the water army.

They needed to know that they had offended someone they should not offend.

“Livestream admin” As an old antique who worked behind closed doors all year round, Ye Qiliang really did not know much about the habits of these young people.

Peng Jiazhi, who was urgently summoned to the office and watched the livestream with his professor, tried to explain to him.

“Uh… The one who just gave the host a gift…”

“A gift”

“Its this.” Peng Jiazhi opened the gifts tab under the livestream broadcast room and helped his professor teacher understand the concept.

“This is a gift.

You need to spend money to buy it so you can give it away.

The better the gift, the higher the price.

The host and the platform will split the earnings and can get part of the money.

Sending a gift means that you are willing to spend money for the host and appreciate the hosts work.”

Ye Qiliangs eyes lit up.

“Then if I send more, will she answer my questions and even agree to show us those Chinese herbs”

Peng Jiazhi was unsure, so he gave a vague answer, “It should be.

Generally, if you give enough rewards and the request is not too excessive, the host will try to satisfy the audience.

Do you want to try”

“Yes, lets try.” Ye Qiliang was a determined person.

With the help of Peng Jiazhi, he doled out a few luxuriously furnished mansions on the spot.

[ Theres another tycoon]

[Is the Host playing the role of a tycoon magnet How come the audience in the livestream broadcast room is competing to show off how rich they are Poor old me, I feel that I am not on the same level with these tycoons in the livestream broadcast room.]

[I am jealous of the loaded tycoons! I also want to take care of the host QAQ!]

Su Yayan raised her head and glanced up when she heard the sound effects of gifts coming in.

She saw a message from the new tycoon in the audience just as she was about to thank the person who sent her the gifts.

[Hello host! Im Dean Ye Qiliang from the Faculty of Pharmacy of University A.

May I ask if all Chinese herbs used in your livestream broadcast room have healing properties]


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