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Chapter 148: This is Indeed a Bossman

Su Yayan felt taken aback and quickly realized that this viewer was the old professor from the Faculty of Pharmacy who spoke for herself on the Internet not long ago.

Other viewers in the livestream broadcast room also saw this message and started to discuss it.

[The Dean from the Faculty of Pharmacy of University A Is he a superior bossman He sounds intimidating.

Can any friends bring me up to speed]

[Me, me, me! I am a student at the Faculty of Pharmacy of University A, and our dean is a genuine industry leader.

Its a bit difficult to list out his achievements here.

If you dont understand, you can search for the nameYe Qiliang, and you will be surprised by your discovery!]

Many people went on to search because of his comment.

They discovered a series of blinding achievements, awards, and titles.

[Damn, its amazing! This is a genuine bossman!]

[Hahaha, I saw that the bossman had shredded the fallacious female host on the public platform.

His words and the momentum made me really excited watching it.

Hes such a bad*ss! Its a pity that the old professors post was inundated by the diehard fans and the water army of that female host, and they have scolded him rather terribly.]

Ye Qiliang was an academic who was predominantly behind the scenes, low-key and unknown.

Fans of Wen Jingping and the water army had never heard of him.

They thought that he was just a popular public account, and it was all over if they attacked him.

They did not realize that they accidentally hit another iron plate.

[Hahahaha, isnt that why they are called diehard fans They mindlessly attacked this kind of bossman who has made countless contributions to the medical industry.

This group of people is afraid that they dont understand what is called bad karma!]

[Am I the only one who thinks that the hosts cooking ingredients had lured this bossman over So, was what the host said before true Can the food she cook really cure illnesses]


A single sentence had triggered a massive reaction among the viewers.

When it came to consuming food that could cure illnesses, even if others spoke highly of it, people who had never personally tried it would always be skeptical.

However, in this situation, did it require an official seal

Many messages on the screen quickly appeared, and Su Yayan naturally saw it, especially since the commenter was attacked by the water army and diehard fans speaking on her behalf.

“Oh, so its Professor Ye.

Thank you for speaking up for me, Professor Ye.

I am also sorry that Professor Ye was on the receiving end of the cyber-attacks because of me.

Some of the ingredients used in my livestream broadcast room are indeed Chinese herbs recorded in ancient medical books.”

[Can I see them]

Su Yayan felt kindly toward the old professor and readily agreed.

“Of course you can.

All the ingredients used in my livestream broadcast room are public.”

While talking, Su Yayan pushed the Chinese herbs she was using to the front of the camera.

They consisted of Poria mushrooms, Codonopsis, Astragalus, Cordyceps flower…

Although Ye Qiliang had anticipated that this livestream broadcast room might not only have Chinese herbs like ginseng, when he saw the herbs that had prior to this only existed in past records, he held his breath and could not stop his hands from trembling.

After studying them through the virtual image for a while, and even after turning on the taste simulator to gnaw on these ingredients, Ye Qiliang confirmed that these things indeed were the Chinese herbs recorded in his familys medical book!

His eyes grew slightly hot, and he tremblingly typed a message.

[Can you show me the ginseng that appeared in the livestream broadcast room before]

“Sure.” Su Yayan did not refuse his request and took out the gigantic ginseng from the bottom of a cupboard.

When Ye Qiliang saw that, he almost had a heart attack on the spot.


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