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Chapter 159: Was She Deceived, or Were You Deceived

Ning Qirui was stunned, and it was long before he could find his voice, and then he said, “Maybe… Maybe they knew each other before, but they met again this year”

Ning Siyuan scoffed.

“Okay, lets say this was the case.

She said that Ms.

Su once went to her school to bother her.

In a public setting like a school, someone would have seen her if Ms.

Su had gone to find her.

Did you investigate this”

“I…” Ning Qirui choked and looked ashamed.

Ning Siyuan sighed and said helplessly, “You just said that Ms.

Su has feelings for Huo Shaofeng, and the Su family is unwilling to withdraw from this marriage.

Huo Shaofengs parents also looked down on Ms.

Wens family background and insisted that Huo Shaofeng marry Ms.


This is why they had to resort to such dirty tricks and withdraw from the marriage in public.”

“My sources tell me that Huo Shaofengs parents are capable of doing these things, but the Su family cant possibly tolerate this behavior.”

“They cant tolerate this behavior Why so”

“Because the Huo family begged the Su family to agree with the marriage first.

If Ms.

Sus mother and Mrs.

Huo werent old friends, the Su family couldnt care less about the marriage with the Huo family.

How could they allow it, knowing that Huo Shaofengs heart belongs to another”

Ning Qirui was stunned, and his heart was shaking.

He whispered, “So, did he lie to Jingping”

At this point, Ning Siyuan was pissed off by his foolish brother.

He had seen all kinds of characters throughout the years of running the company and knew better.

When Ning Qirui brought it up, Ning Siyuan had already seen through Ms.

Wens motives.

Even though some small details in this matter were slightly different, the events of the past few months had triggered a chain of messy effects.

If anyone told him that Ms.

Wen was in the dark and as pure as snow, he would not believe it!

His foolish brother was cheated and even helped his deceiver willingly.

There was no cure for his stupidity!

“Was she deceived, or were you deceived Think about it yourself!”

Ning Siyuan left in a huff without a backward glance at his brother.

He was afraid that if he stayed, he would be so furious that he would forget that Ning Qirui was ill and beat him up!

After Ning Siyuan left, Ning Qirui fell into deep thought.

He knew deep down that his brother would not lie to him.

There might be something wrong with Wen Jingping.

However, a voice at the back of his head made him believe in Wen Jingping.

Even if someone was lying in this matter, he felt that it might not be her.

Coincidently, Ning Qirui received a call from Wen Jingping.

“Bro Qirui, how are you doing lately You havent contacted me for several days.

Are you busy”

Ning Qirui listened to her familiar and gentle greeting with mixed feelings.

He said in a low tone, “I recently… got ill.”

“Youre ill Is it serious”

“Fortunately, Im receiving treatment.”

“Thats good.”


Ning Qirui gave her a short response, and their conversation came to a halt.

Wen Jingping frowned and felt disgruntled.

Ning Qirui was always very enthusiastic when the two of them chatted.

He would initiate the conversation and update her about his schedule and things that had happened at work.

He had never been this cold to her.

Wen Jingping originally planned to let Ning Qirui vent his frustrations and then steer him to ask her about her current situation.

She had calculated it this way, so she could subtly disclose the online incident to him and let him volunteer to help her out.

Now that there was an awkward silence after a few words, how could she continue her act


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