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Chapter 174: Uncle Huo

Su Yayan was delighted that Huo Chenhuan behaved so sweetly to her in front of so many people, but she also eagerly wished that they could spend some time alone.

Therefore, after Huo Chenhuan helped her wipe off her sweat, Su Yayan turned her head and looked at Ning Siyuan immediately.

“This is the end of todays treatment.

I will come back in a week.

Remember to collect the rest of the medicinal cuisine from my house on time.

The medicinal cuisine for tonight is already simmering in the kitchen, as I had taken it out before I came.

You can send someone to pick it up later, and my housekeeper will give it to you.”

Why did he have to collect it from the housekeeper instead of Su Yayan Ning Siyuan figured it out instantly.

He glanced at the two of them and smiled faintly.

“Okay, I will arrange for it to be collected on time.”

“If there is nothing else, we will leave first.”

“Okay, Ill walk you out.”

“Its fine.

We can go out by ourselves.

You can stay here and take care of your brother.”

“This…” Before Ning Siyuan could say anything, Yang Jinyou had already interjected him.

“Coincidentally, I am heading back now.

Siyuan, you can stay here with Qirui.

I will walk them out.”

“… Okay then.”

As soon as the three of them left, Ning Qirui asked his elder brother, “Brother, do you think Su Yayan can really cure my illness”

“Its an undeniable fact that your physical condition has improved again.

Even if she cannot completely cure you, theres no harm to stabilize your condition and not let it deteriorate.”

“Thats true.” Ning Qirui nodded, but he did not feel optimistic.

“But dont hold out too much hope, brother.

If she can really cure my disease, why doesnt she treat her fiancés legs”

“Maybe she wants to treat it, but it isnt cured yet Dont you have to undergo treatment for some time before you know if your illness can be cured”

“Brother, what you said is reasonable, but I just hope that she is really capable.” Ning Qirui groaned and frowned.

“I didnt expect her current fiancé to be… Brother, do you think that they have feelings for each other”

“Didnt you just see them”

Ning Qirui choked at the thought of the mouthful of dog food he had just eaten and muttered, unconvinced, “What I saw may not be true.

Maybe they were deliberately putting on an act.”

Ning Siyuan felt amused by his words.

“Who do you think you are Do they have to act in front of you on purpose Do you know who the person in the wheelchair is”

“Huo Shaofengs youngest uncle”

“You only say that because you have limited life experiences and dont understand.

The outside world has never linked him with the Huo Shaofeng family as it would be too cheap.

Honestly, even I have to call him Uncle Huo or Master Huo.”

“Is he that influential” Ning Qirui felt taken aback.

He knew that the term Master was used in the upper-class ranks, and it did not only refer to their seniority but also their position.

Ning Siyuan looked at his younger brother, who always seemed like a silly fair sweet thing, and sighed helplessly.

“I think your attitude towards Ms.

Su just now is not as antagonistic as before.

In that case, can you be nicer to her in the future

“Firstly, she is treating your illness now.

Whether its you or our family, we are indebted to her.

Secondly, you just saw how that gentleman treats Ms.


If you are still so naïve, I cant help you out here.”

Ning Qirui felt a little defiant.

He wanted to say that he already knew the truth and naturally no longer felt the need to be hostile to Su Yayan.

On the other hand, he was surprised that this Uncle Huo could make his brother so wary even though his legs were lame.


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