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Chapter 181: You Are My Miracle

“Do you like it”

Su Yayan was startled and thought that he was asking if she liked this manor.

“I like it.

This manor… is very beautiful.”

Huo Chenhuan was noncommittal and pressed on.

“Do you like the flowers inside”

Su Yayan blinked twice.

Only then did she understand that Huo Chenhuan was referring to the flowers in the courtyard.

“I like them.

However, how did you know that I like blue roses”

Huo Chenhuan did not answer her question but gave an ambiguous reply.

“If I wish to find out, I will know it.”

As long as he had the heart and was willing to learn about it, there was nothing in this world that could be concealed.

If he did not even know how the person he loved was like or what her habits and preferences were, it only showed that he did not care enough for her and did not love her deeply.

Su Yayan broke into an uncontrollable smile and pushed Huo Chenhuan into the manor.

It seemed to be prepared for their arrival tonight.

The gate of the manor was wide open as though welcoming their entry.

Su Yayan looked around but did not see anyone in sight.

Seeing her doubts, Huo Chenhuan kindly reminded her.

“Tonight, there is no one else here except for us.”

“Theres just the two of us”

“Yes, dont you like being alone with me”

“No, just the two of us is perfect.”

Su Yayan wheeled Huo Chenhuan to the flowers and asked with a smile, “You know I like blue roses, then do you know the reason why I like them”

“Why do you like them”

“Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, and it is clean and beautiful.

The flower language of blue roses happens to be a miracle and attaining the impossible.

I like miracles.

They always bring me different surprises, just like you.”

She thought that she could not cross paths with him but unexpectedly returned to the past.

It was an impossible thing in her past life, and it was a miracle that she had not expected.

“You are a miracle to me.”

Huo Chenhuans expression moved slightly, and he reached out to hold Su Yayans hand.

“You are also my miracle.”

Su Yayan pursed her lips.

Just as she was about to say something, she suddenly heard fireworks outside the manor.

“Is someone setting off fireworks” Su Yayan was instantly drawn towards the fireworks.

Colorful fireworks shot up from both sides outside the manor.

Some of them poured down like a waterfall, and some danced in the sky like snowflakes.

Su Yayan thought that the fireworks were just deliberately set off by people nearby until those fireworks burst into blue rose patterns, one after another…

“Did you prepare these fireworks”

As soon as Su Yayan spoke, a familiar figure suddenly shot out from the manors gate.

It was a fat dog wearing a pink lace dress with a massive pink bow on its head.

As it dashed towards her, its fleshy body was trembling with its movement.

The blue rose that was dangling from its mouth appeared slightly tattered by the force of the wind.

“Dun Dun” Su Yayan was about to squat down to receive her fur kid, but it suddenly turned around and ran to her side instead.

Huo Chenhuan carefully removed the rose from Dun Duns mouth and patted its head encouragingly, leaning forward to look at Su Yayan with a smile on his face.


“Yes” Su Yayans heart jumped sharply, and she felt strangely nervous.

The next second, she heard him ask her in a hoarse voice.

“Will you marry me”


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